Battery Replacement Guide

Battery Replacement Guide for Wireless Devices
Device Part # Device Type Battery
5800 PIR-RES Infrared Motion Detector CR123
5800PIR-OD Infrared Outdoor Motion Detector AA Lithium (4)
5890 Motion Detector CR123 (2)
5802MN Medical Panic CR2032
5804 Remote CR2025
5804BD Bi-Directional Remote CR2430 (2)
5808 Smoke Detector CR123 (2)
5809 Heat Detector CR123
5811 Door/Window Transmitter CR2032
5816 Door/Window Transmitter CR123
5817 Door/Window Transmitter CR123
5818 Recessed Door Transmitter AAA Lithium
5853 Glass Break Detector CR123 (2)
5870API Asset Protection Sensor CR2
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