False Alarm Reduction


False Alarm Reduction

As a company that sells security systems, we know that having law enforcement respond to our subscribers’ alarms is essential to our success.  However, as citizens of the Baton Rouge community, we are aware of the burden false alarms put on our officers.  For these reasons, Custom Security Systems has made reducing false alarms a high priority.  Our company is taking steps to be proactive in educating subscribers about false alarms, following up with those who have false alarms and in servicing alarm systems to become more efficient.


What is a False Alarm?

Many people are under the impression that anytime the alarm is set off accidentally, it constitutes a false alarm. This may make them wary of using their systems for fear they will be “charged” with a false alarm. In reality, a false alarm is one where responders arrive at the scene and discover there is no emergency. For subscribers, this means that if you call to cancel a dispatch before the officers arrive, it is not a false alarm.


What Causes False Alarms

A number of things can contribute to false alarms, including issues with your system.  In this case, we can send a technician to your home or business to resolve the issue.

Besides system error, other known false alarm causes:

  • Pets’ movements (compensate by using pet-immune motions)
  • Fans/heaters that move objects like curtains or decorations in front of motion detectors
  • Renovation work done on windows, doors, floors or attics
  • Service work done on electrical or phone system
  • Users not knowing alarm code or how to cancel an alarm



What We Do to Reduce False Alarms

In an effort to help reduce false alarms, Custom Security encourages subscribers to opt for Enhanced Call Verification (ECV). This procedure simply gives our monitoring station the approval to call at least one phone number beyond the premise number. By adding just one number, using ECV has proven to reduce false alarms by as much as 40%. If you want to add ECV to your account, call our monitoring station at 927.5535. Custom Security also has an internal education program for employees to learn about false alarms. Every new employee is required to complete the training so they can be helpful to subscribers.



How You Can Reduce False Alarms

  • Educate all users of the system on procedure for arming, disarming and cancelling accidental alarms.
  • Test your system once a month by calling Custom Security’s Monitoring Station
  • Opt for Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) (See above section)
  • Be sure your call list is up to date.
  • Call us when you have any work done in your home that involves phone lines, electrical, windows, doors, ceilings or floors.
  • For more tips on reducing false alarms, watch our video



Have questions about your false alarm citation or your alarm permit?
Call Alarm Enforcement Division

Baton Rouge City Police – 389.3805
Download City of Baton Rouge Alarm Permit 

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff – 389.7838
Download East Baton Rouge Parish Alarm Permit

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