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Let’s face it. No one wants to think about home invasion, burglary or fire. But, today these are realities that could affect your family at a moment’s notice. Custom Security can help protect your home and family with a specially designed system to fit your individual needs. We offer everything from basic wireless alarm systems to cutting-edge smart home systems with app control. Custom offers a range of security services and devices that can offer whatever level of protection is right for you.

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Layers of Security

A home security system can be thought of in the same way as the reference of an onion having multiple layers.  Starting with a basic system gives you the first layer of security.  With every security device you add, you add an extra layer of protection to your home.

  • Have a home with multiple floor-to-ceiling windows? Add glass break detectors
  • Worried about pets setting off the alarm?  Add a pet-immune motion detector
  • Want to secure valuables like jewelry, artwork or guns? Add an asset protection device to detect the opening of a door that houses these items (like a gun cabinet) or attached directly to the item (like a flat screen TV).
  • Concerned about what is happening while you’re away? Add cameras to your system and view them from your smartphone.




User-Friendly Alarm Systems

No matter how advanced an alarm system is, it will not provide security unless residents actually use it.  Whether it’s a key fob remote, arming reminder, or Bluetooth disarm from your smartphone, Custom Security knows that making it easier for you to use your alarm system is the first step in better protection for you and your family.




Home Management

There is no denying that having a burglar alarm system offers a sense of security and peace of mind to homeowners.  Custom Security can take that peace of mind a step further – by integrating energy and environmental management functions into your system.  Receive an alert that your A/C pan has overflowed before you get home instead of walking into a flooded hallway with ruined hardwood floors.  Add an environmental sensor to your security system to warn you to extreme temperature changes in your home – a valuable tool for pet owners. You can even use your security system to control your thermostat, lights, locks, and more.




Baton Rouge-Based Monitoring

Custom Security Systems is the only Baton Rouge-area security company that owns and operates its own monitoring station.  Our UL-listed station can monitor your alarm and fire system through phone lines, cell phone towers or the internet.  Your alarm calls are answered 24 hours a day – and you’ll never get an answering machine.  When you partner with Custom Security, you not only get a security system and plan to fit your needs, you get over three decades of experience in a company based right here in Baton Rouge that knows the market and is incredibly responsive to your needs.

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