Neighborhood Cameras

Homeowners Associations are beginning to realize the value of having cameras in their neighborhoods. Not only do they act as a deterrent to would-be criminals, they also provide evidence to police for apprehension and prosecution of criminals who do target neighborhoods. From overview cameras that can capture activity of criminals to license plate cameras that record every entry and exit from a subdivision, more associations are choosing to protect their residents with these systems.


License Plate Cameras

A license plate camera is a specialty camera that can capture license plates as vehicles enter and exit a neighborhood. Should an incident arise, the video from these cameras can be reviewed. With the aid of a time stamp on the video footage, entries or exits of the vehicle can be compared with the time and day of an incident. License plate cameras can even pick up clear images after dark (as seen in the test image). Custom can also provide custom-built housing for the license plate cameras in order to protect them from environmental and criminal elements.



Camera Services

Custom Security is a full-service company for neighborhood cameras including planning, ground preparation for installation of camera posts, installation of posts and cameras, manufacturing of camera housing, calibration and setup of cameras, software setup and end-user training and video footage retrieval for associations and law enforcement.
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