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Business Access Control: Go Beyond the Card Swipe

Business Access Control: Go Beyond the Card Swipe

Your business is home to confidential information and valuable inventory. Add greater security measures to your company with business access control systems from Custom Security Systems! These security platforms can be essential to ensuring that your network and physical building remain safe from breaches. With features like authenticated access, locking schedules, and more, you can help to keep your employees, documents, and vital assets safe from the wrong hands. Learn more about secure accessibility solutions and how your business can benefit from blended access control and security systems.

Set Your Own Locking & Unlocking Schedule

You don’t want your company left vulnerable to unauthorized individuals. This is where authenticated gate and door access and regular locking schedules can help! With business access control systems, you can easily set schedules to lock and unlock your doors. Authorize administrators, IT staff, and security management within your digital portal to monitor daily activity, grant access, or edit your daily locking schedule.

This automated feature eliminates the need for employee keys. Your workers can enter the building with a simple access code or swipe of a card. And since these codes are controlled from within your business access control system, you can delete codes in the case of an employee leaving the company or being dismissed. This provides an added layer of security to keep your business safer. Reception areas can also be set up for approved entry or easy unlocking through the smartphone application. And, you can also access your locks and security system remotely through our application. Arm your system and lock your doors easily whether you are onsite or remote.

Cut Down on Unauthorized Entries

Many businesses, such as hospitals and authorized buildings, have doors that automatically lock once they close. This is a great measure for added security. But, there are still ways that this feature can be overridden. The door may be left cracked or propped open, or multiple people may enter at once regardless of whether they are authorized. Business access control systems can help to cut down on this piggybacking! With our automated systems, you can be alerted when a door is left ajar or held open for longer periods. This system can also keep note of when a wrong code has been entered or an unauthorized attempt has been made to enter your building. 

Business access control systems pair well with security systems. Together, these systems can help to protect your business, employees, and inventory while also cutting down on unwanted visitors or foot traffic. With computer-based management, you can track data such as employee hours on- or offsite. If you are interested in finding the right security features for your business, contact the professionals at Custom Security Systems today!

Find Your Perfect Business Access Control System Today

Custom Security Systems can help your business reduce security risks with customized access control systems. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our comprehensive services, from card readers to managed access systems and monitored gate entry. Make an appointment with us online or call us at 225-927-5535. We look forward to discussing our many security solutions to help your business stay secure and function optimally!

4 Holiday Safety Tips To Keep The Season Merry

4 Holiday Safety Tips To Keep The Season Merry

The holidays are a busy time full of merriment, joy, family time, and fun decorations. But with so much going on, sometimes our normal home security practices can get lost in the shuffle. This can lead to devastating results, such as a home burglary or a fire. But you shouldn’t have to worry about these issues this holiday season. Take a look at these holiday safety tips and see what can be done to keep your home and family safe this holiday season. 

Have a Fire Extinguisher on Hand

Having a fire extinguisher in the home is essential to your family’s safety. But how should you go about getting and setting up your fire extinguisher? It’s actually a little more complicated than you may think.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the location of your new fire extinguisher is important. Take a look at your home. What’s the chance of a fire starting in this room? A room with brick walls and little-to-no electrical sources should be a less likely place for a fire to start. On the other hand, a room with wooden walls, several electrical outlets, and candles scattered around is looking pretty toasty. The same goes for kitchens, attics, and other places where a fire can start easily. 

In addition, did you know that there are actually four different types of fire extinguishers? Specifically, Class A, B, C, and D. 

  • Class A: Puts out fires fueled by average combustible materials, such as wood.
  • Class B: Used on flammable liquids such as oil or grease.
  • Class C: Only good for electrical fires.
  • Class D: Made for use on flammable metals.

It’s imperative to keep this information in mind when you’re choosing the right fire extinguisher for your home or rooms.

Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

The holiday season has us all using candles more. Either for heat or just the holiday spirit! But unattended candles can have devastating consequences. It’s smart to just keep these lit for a few hours at a time, where you can see them, and away from anything flammable. Or for a safer alternative, use flameless candles! From a distance or within a candle holder, these artificial candles offer a realistic appearance without the worry of a safety hazard.  

Keep Your Tree Safe

Both real and fake trees can find themselves in flammable situations. We all know how flammable wood is, especially when the tree begins to dry out. But on the other hand, artificial trees aren’t 100 percent safe either. Unless the tree is made out of flame-retardant material, electrical failures and lighting issues can cause a fire. This is why it’s also smart to keep your tree lights shut off regularly and when no one is home. If you opt for a fake tree, look for a “fire resistant” label on its packaging.

Watering your Christmas tree regularly can also prevent fire hazards. Not only will it extend the life of your tree and, with luck, reduce pine needle fallout, but it can also keep your tree from drying out and becoming even more flammable. While a dry tree will immediately catch on fire, a well-hydrated tree will not ignite as easily. This will either successfully prevent a house fire or give you enough time to alert your local fire department.

Get the Right Security Company on Your Side

Fire isn’t the only concern this holiday season. There are also a few grinches out and about, looking for homes to hit on the holidays. But with the right security system in place, you can keep your home and family safe this winter season! 

Luckily, Custom Security Systems is here to help. Our smart systems can tie together your alarm system, fire system, doorbell, locks, and more! Contact us today and let’s begin putting together your security system.

Follow These Holiday Safety Tips and Stay Safe This Winter!

Staying safe during the holidays is everyone’s priority. Take a look at our blog for more holiday safety tips like this, or give us a call at 225.927.5535. We’re more than happy to have a conversation with you about your family’s safety.

6 Thanksgiving Safety Tips from Custom Security Systems

6 Thanksgiving Safety Tips from Custom Security Systems

Nothing puts a damper on a Holiday meal like a visit from first responders. To avoid fires and injuries, it is important to put safety measures in place before guests arrive! And don’t worry—these don’t add extra stress to your day or pull you away from guests. These simple Holiday safety tips from Custom Security Systems are just what you need for a stress-free and emergency-free holiday!

Six Holiday Safety Tips For Your Thanksgiving

Don’t let a fire or other safety hazard steal the joy from your holiday season. With just a little extra precaution, you can keep your holiday events running smoothly and without a visit from the fire department. And with the help of our home security and fire alarm systems from Custom Security Systems, you can feel even more secure during the holiday season. These safety tips from a trusted home security company can help to keep your family and holiday plans free from emergencies!

1. Don’t Leave Your Stove Top Unattended

Spending time with company is one of the many joys of Holiday. But, don’t forget about items on your stove or in the oven while you’re busy catching up! Not only could your dish burn, but it can also become a potential fire hazard. Something as simple as setting a timer on your phone or your Amazon Alexa can do the trick. If you still have dishes to prepare after your company arrives, make sure that you or another adult is free to keep an eye on your cooking. And don’t forget to turn off all burners after you’ve finished cooking!

2. Keep Children Away from the Stove and Cooking Utensils

In the midst of holiday excitement, curious children may wander into dangerous situations. Make sure to keep all possible hazards away from roaming hands. Keep handles of skillets and pans turned to the side out of reach. If possible, keep all pots on the back burners of your stove to keep them even further away from small children. And, make sure that an adult is monitoring your pots, pans, utensils, and appliances at all times. 

3. Keep Lit Candles in Rooms with Supervision

Fall scents can add to the holiday ambiance, but don’t let a candle go unsupervised! Light candles in rooms where your company will gather. Not only will they get to enjoy the pleasant scent of the candle, but they will also notice if the candle falls, breaks, or ignites other materials in the room. And as with other breakable, sharp, or flammable materials, make sure to set candles out of reach of children. Consider flameless candles as a safe alternative.

4. Test Your Fire Alarms to Make Sure They Are Working

Our home fire system can protect your family from fires and carbon monoxide when you’re home or away! If an emergency strikes, we alert your local fire department for fast assistance. Just make sure that your detector is working. When in doubt, switching to a set of fresh batteries is never a bad idea. 

5. Clean Your Oven Before Cooking

Cleaning out any grease or charcoal in your oven doesn’t just prevent unwanted smells from wafting throughout your home. The extra prep can also prevent house fires! Food particles and oil can ignite with the heat in your oven. This can quickly grow out of hand, especially if you are not keeping an eye on your oven. With a little pre-cleaning, you can avoid dangerous fires. And don’t forget to keep an eye on the food in your oven in case any food spills over.

Along with cleaning your oven, make sure that your floor is clear of any items that could cause trips or slips. Area rugs, loose floorboards, or wet spots can be dangerous for those in your house. Keep toys and bags out of walkways to avoid falling. This also makes it easier to vacate the house in case of an emergency!

6. Keep a Fire Extinguisher, Just in Case

It never hurts to have a fire extinguisher on hand. Class B fire extinguishers can be safely used in the kitchen on flammable liquids, like kitchen grease. Keep this stored under your kitchen sink or in your closet for easy access in case of an emergency. And, check your extinguisher monthly to ensure it is still up to date and pressurized. If a kitchen fire breaks out, pull the pin in your extinguisher, aim the nozzle at the fire, and slowly squeeze the level to spray. Move side to side in sweeping motions to catch all of the flames. 

But remember: If you attempt to fight the fire, make sure that all other occupants are quickly making their way out of the house. And, make sure that you have a clear path to exit as swiftly as possible. If your fire cannot be controlled, vacate the premises immediately and contact your fire department. Close the door to your oven if this is where the fire is, and close the door to your home to keep the flames from spreading.

Contact Custom Security Systems For an Added Layer of Safety

These Holiday cooking and safety tips can help to protect you and your loved ones this holiday season. For extra safety, get in touch with Custom Security Systems for integrated home security and fire systems! Call us today at 225-927-5535 for a free quote. With our smart systems, you can keep an eye on your home while out of town or rest easy knowing that our 24/7 monitoring services are keeping you safe from fires, home invasion, and more. Contact us today to find the right security systems for your home!

How Security Systems Can Help With Fall Prevention

How Personal Security Solutions Help Seniors Stay Safer

When family members get older, some of the everyday tasks we take for granted can present new risks. Necessary activities such as cooking, bathing, or just walking around the house can become more hazardous. And a misstep or fall could lead to a serious injury when no one else is around. However, modern security technology can offer personal security solutions to keep seniors safer. At Custom Security Systems, we offer security services that go beyond keeping your home safe. Many understand the importance of fall prevention for seniors. And there are steps seniors and family members can take to better safeguard themselves against injuries at home. But when a fall occurs, the time it takes for help to arrive can be crucial. Learn which steps you may be able to take to prevent this situation from occurring. And, in the event that an emergency does happen, discover how Custom Security Systems’ services could help when time matters most.

What Makes Fall Prevention So Important?

According to the CDC, one out of five falls causes a serious injury, such as head trauma or broken bones. And, more than 95 percent of hip fractures are caused by falling, especially sideways falling. But there are things seniors can do to avoid becoming a part of those statistics.

One key thing to consider is the person’s current and previous health conditions. A serious fall can increase the likelihood of another serious fall down the line. And certain conditions, such as vitamin D deficiency, vision and balance problems, certain medications, and lasting conditions (such as stroke or arthritis) can also increase risk. If the at-risk individual has an in-home caregiver, it can be important to discuss these risks as well as steps that can be taken to minimize them.

How Can Seniors Safeguard Themselves Against Fall-Related Injuries?

Additionally, certain home modifications can also protect against injuries. These can include taking steps like installing safety rails and non-slip surfaces in bathrooms. Ensuring that the home’s lighting is sufficient can also prove helpful. However, even with these measures, some risk for falls and other injuries still persists. 

But personal security systems can provide enhanced protection. For example, you may be able to add a medical alert device to a home’s security system without increasing your monthly bill. In the event of an emergency, our local monitoring station can take quick action to get help. Wellness services can also enhance a personal security plan. This service can use a home’s sensors and motion detectors to recognize potential health issues. 

Enjoy a Greater Level of Safety and Security With Custom Security Systems

The key to fall prevention is to take a proactive approach. Custom Security Systems is dedicated to keeping clients safer with innovative technology and reliable monitoring services. To learn how we could keep your home or a loved one’s home safer, call us at 225-927-5535 or use our chat feature to speak with a representative. Experience greater peace of mind with Custom Security services today!

Learn how to avoid false alarms and how our home alarm company can help with further prevention.

How a Home Alarm Company Helps False Alarm Prevention

When a security system isn’t set up or used properly, it can lead to false alarms. Unfortunately, these false alarms can overwhelm first responders with unnecessary house calls. However, Custom Security Systems can help you ensure that your security system is set up correctly and educate you on proper system use. With a few at-home practices and an added layer of protection from Custom Security Systems, you can prevent first responders from losing time on a non-emergency. Learn how to avoid false alarms and how our home alarm company can help with further prevention.

How Custom Security Systems Helps Prevent False Alarms

At Custom Security Systems, we can help reduce false alarms by up to 40%. When you choose a security system from our home alarm company, you can opt into Enhanced Call Verification (ECV). This service is partnered with our 24/7 alarm monitoring station. When your alarm is triggered, our monitoring station contacts the phone number associated with the premise. If the call is not answered, our station reaches out to first responders to send emergency help to your home. Customers who add ECV to their plan approve our monitoring station to contact one more number aside from the premise number. With the help of our ECV program, our station can confirm if the situation is indeed an emergency. If it isn’t, we prevent an unnecessary visit from first responders and any regional penalty fees for false alarms.

What Causes False Alarms, and How Can You Prevent Them?

There are a few steps you can take at home to prevent false alarms. First, make sure that each member of your family knows the code for entry. Take time to train any family who enters your home how to activate and deactivate your security system. And when you leave, make sure that doors and windows are closed tightly. Not only does this ward off a false alarm, but it prevents intruders from having easy access to your home, as well. 

It’s important to make sure that your alarm system is fully functioning, both for your protection and to avoid any false alarms. Also, with the holidays coming soon, remember that certain decorations, especially moving ones, could accidentally trigger an alarm. Don’t forget to replace batteries in your system and smoke detectors, too. And, be sure to review the emergency call list to be prepared in the event of a home emergency. For additional false alarm prevention, schedule a monthly home alarm system test with our company. Our monitoring station can make sure that your system is working smoothly. And, contact us at 225-927-5535 to let us know when you have any services done in your home that may trigger your alarm system.

Get In Touch With Our Home Alarm Company Today

Custom Security Systems is here to keep your home safe and prevent unwanted false alarms. Give our home alarm company a call today at 225-927-5535 to get a free quote from our professionals. Or, make an appointment to install a home or business alarm system today. Our company can customize your system to meet your needs, from monitoring elderly family members to providing smart locks, lighting, and more. We look forward to helping increase your comfort and security!

Learn how our security camera company keeps you safe from fires, emergencies, and more.

How a Security Camera Company Helps in Critical Situations

When danger strikes, every second counts. A home security system can alert you to critical situations, giving you the time needed to protect your loved ones and belongings. But did you know that a security system doesn’t just protect your home from burglaries? With our comprehensive systems from Custom Security Systems, you can monitor carbon monoxide levels, security camera footage, and even the health of your loved ones when you’re away from home. Learn how our security camera company can keep you safe from fires, emergencies, and more.

How Do Security Systems Protect Against Fires and Other Emergencies?

Custom Security Systems keep your home safe from intruders, doorknockers, and unwanted guests. But did you know that our security camera company can also protect you from other emergencies? If you have senior adults at home, medical alert devices can help to give you peace of mind when you are out for the day. When paired with home security cameras and remote monitoring, you can keep an eye on them throughout the day and know that emergency services are easily accessible if needed. You can even connect wellness services to your Custom Security Systems smartphone application to keep track of their behavior and activity. Add these personal security solutions to your current alarm system, and rest assured that our local alarm monitoring services will keep them safe in case of an emergency.

In addition to our security cameras and medical alert devices, Custom Security Systems can supply you with detectors around your home to detect smoke, carbon monoxide, or abnormal heat. Fires, smoke, and carbon monoxide can be difficult to detect, especially during the night time when your family is sleeping. And when these emergencies occur, you need as much time as possible to get to safety. Your alarm system can alert you to the presence of a potential fire, which can help you escape before the fire gets too severe. Our monitoring station can alert the authorities to send help your way sooner.  If your home has a fire or carbon monoxide outbreak, our sensors will alert you with sirens to give you time to evacuate with your pets and loved ones. Schedule an appointment today for us to install your home fire system!

Stay Connected Wherever You Go

Even when you’re away on vacation or simply across town, Custom Security Systems keeps you connected with your home. Our security systems allow you to monitor and protect your home remotely with our smart applications whether you’re near or far. Simply pull up our app on your smartphone or computer. You can control features throughout your home with ease, like setting alarms, changing the temperature, locking your door, or watching your security cameras in real-time. These video services allow you to keep an eye on your home, pets, elderly family, or kids to make sure that everything is safe and sound back at home.

Contact Our Security Camera Company Today

Is it time to install your own custom security system? Give us a call today at 225-927-5535 for a free quote. Or, schedule an appointment online today. Custom Security Systems is ready to help you protect your home or business from harm. Let us help you determine the right systems for your needs, whether you are looking for home security or need to add medical alert devices to your plan. And, we can help you integrate our systems throughout your house for smart connection and control. From fires to home invasions and medical emergencies, we can help you keep your home, loved ones, and belongings safe.

Learn how to set schedules for your smart home security.

How to Set Schedules for Your Smart Home Security

In this age of smart technology, your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even smart TV can be incorporated into your home’s security system. With Custom Security Systems, all you need is our app and our integrated home security devices! Use our smart device app and Z-Wave devices to easily set schedules for your smart home system and enjoy greater peace of mind wherever you may be. Smart home security systems are convenient, interactive ways to protect what matters most. Here are our tips to make your home smart.

First, What Are the Benefits of a Smart Home Security System?

Smart home security systems allow you to keep an eye on your home whether you are across town or away on vacation. These systems monitor your home, your pets, and your children to ensure that your loved ones and belongings are secure. With Custom Security Systems’ Z-Wave technology, you can link your various smart devices to your home security system! This means that you can not only receive security alerts, but you can also control your lights, thermostat settings, and even lock your doors remotely.

Need Help Setting Schedules for Your Smart Home System?

Z-Wave is the hub of your smart home. With our technology from Custom Security Systems, you have options to take care of your home while you’re away. This technology allows you to control multiple devices around your home through smart technology. Through wireless communications, smart items—including locks, thermostats, televisions, security cameras, and more—can be controlled with ease through a smart application. Once you have installed these Z-Wave devices, simply download the Custom Security Systems application and further customize your security settings to meet your needs! Here’s how you can customize your home:

Smart Door Locks

Have you ever locked your key inside your home or forgotten to lock your door when leaving? Our smart door locks help to take the stress of your home security off your shoulders. Up to 30 users can set personalized key codes to manually enter into your doorknob’s keypad. Or, you can lock or unlock your door remotely. Our smart locks can also be set to auto-lock when you leave. These settings are available to provide you with extra peace of mind, especially for the security of your children or senior adult residents.

Smart Climate Control

Control your smart thermostat and adjust the temperature to a comfortable setting before you get home from work with your smart device. Set thermostat schedules for when you are home, going to sleep, waking up, and away. You can even access Geo-Services to adjust your temperature depending on how close you are to home! The best part? These smart temperature settings may help homes and businesses save up to 20% on their energy bills!

Smart Lighting Control

If you work late-night shifts or are returning to your home late at night, smart lighting control is available to greet you when you get home. Rather than entering a dark house, you can program your Custom Security smart system to turn your lights on as you arrive. You can also set them to turn off when you leave to prevent costly energy bills. Within our app, you can schedule what time of day your lights should turn on and off. With the help of our smart lighting control, you’re never left in the dark—literally.

Set Up Smart Home Security Today!

Are you ready to set up smart home security? Get in touch with us at Custom Security Systems today! Call 225-927-5535 for a free quote and to determine the right smart systems for your home. We make sure that your smart home systems are fully integrated for easy use. And for added comfort, we offer 24/7 alarm monitoring to ensure that your home is always safe and sound. Protect your home today!

Hurricane season is coming! See how you can better prepare your home and home security system with Custom Security.

Prepare Your Home Security System for Hurricanes!

We’re getting deeper and deeper into the storm season, and everyone is getting ready with sandbags, food stocking, and more. But there’s more that you should do to prepare for the upcoming weather. A good home security system can help keep you safer and more aware during a hurricane! But how? Find out what our home security system can do for you and schedule your setup today.

No Power? No Problem!

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to strong storms is power outages. And when it happens, wouldn’t your home security system go out as well? This isn’t so with systems from Custom Security! In the event that your power goes out, your security system uses a backup battery to continue the job. Most batteries last about 24 hours, so it would be helpful to have extra on hand, just in case. Once power is restored, the battery recharges. Not sure how to change the battery? Take a look at this helpful YouTube video to better understand and be ready just in case the power goes out. 

But there are other ways to be prepared with a power-related emergency. For example, you can set up your security system mobile app to alert you to power outages and restorals. This is best for the moments that you aren’t in town and can’t tell until later. Then you can send someone over to make arrangements for moving pets and perishable items.

We also suggest you add a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for your camera system. This gives you about 20 minutes of power, so your DVR keeps recording. This is a great option for both homes and businesses, especially for insurance purposes in case something happens, such as a tree falling on your building. 

Other Ways to Stay Safe

Power isn’t the only concern when it comes to storms. In order to prevent false alarms during a storm, make sure to close your storage or shed doors tightly and lock them, if possible. Heavy winds could blow them open and ruin anything inside. Additionally, we suggest that you take the time now to program our monitoring station’s number into your cell phone so you know when we’re calling. Many people these days don’t answer their phones to numbers they don’t know. 

Of course, there’s also the concern about gas, carbon monoxide, and other inhalants during a storm. Many people have chosen to get a generator, but the recent storm has also taught us that generator use can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Generators should be either outside of your home, or in the garage only if you leave the door open so that harmful gases can get out. Some other sources of carbon monoxide to watch out for during a storm include charcoal or gas grills, gas or propane-powered saws, and gas ranges. Luckily, carbon monoxide detectors are battery-powered. Meaning they will work even when the power is out so you can stay safe.

Because each home is different and has its own needs, we suggest you sit down and make a game plan with your family to see what can benefit your home, including adding a home security system. Contact us if you need any help with determining the right system for your household!

Get a Home Security System With Custom Security

No matter if it’s before, during, or after the storm—we’re here to help you! If you need help with your home security system or would like a free quote, give us a call at 225.927.5535. One of our staff members will be in touch with you shortly to discuss what we can do for you.

This Baby Safety Month, keep your kids protected with these tips.

Tips for Keeping Children Safer

Our children represent our hopes and dreams, and it’s natural to want to keep them as safe from harm as possible. At Custom Security, our specialty is ensuring the safety and security of your home and everyone in it. And because September is Baby Safety Month, we are here to help with tips for keeping your kids safe. Find ideas to protect your children at various stages of development with this guide. 


There’s nothing like the feeling of bringing your newborn home for the first time. Many people choose to keep their cribs in the master bedroom, which can make it easier to check in on them more easily and frequently. Additionally, our remote-view cameras can allow you to check in on your newborn from nearly any location. So, even if you are in another room while your baby goes down for a nap, you have the option to make sure they are sleeping soundly. And, even if you are away and someone else is babysitting, you can use your smart device to check in on your newborn for added peace of mind. So, when you finally decide to go out, your experience can be that much more enjoyable knowing that you can look in on them with the app.

In addition, children as well as parents benefit from monitored fire systems. Nearly 80% of all fire fatalities occur when families are asleep. However, with a monitored fire system from Custom Security, in-home sirens can alert you to smoke and other gases. Our operators will also contact your local fire department, helping them arrive sooner. 


As exciting as it is to see your child crawl for the first time, it can also bring a lot of worry. With a newborn, keeping track of where they are is easy. But, as soon as your child becomes mobile, they can get into all sorts of areas that may not be safe. You will want to make sure that cabinets have child safety locks on them. This can keep your toddler from getting into potentially dangerous materials, such as cleaning supplies and cutlery. Also, chimes can be enabled on your security system to let you know each time a window or door is opened. This can be a huge help for keeping your toddler safe and sound inside your home.

School-Aged Children

When children are old enough to go to school and ride the bus, they can still benefit from enhanced security. For example, many parents may hide keys to let their children enter the home if they aren’t there. However, this creates a security vulnerability for the home and the child. Criminals who want to break into a home will often check around the property to find a hidden key, and smart door locks can eliminate this risk. These locks can be opened with a code or remotely via smartphone. Asset protection detection devices can also alert you when potentially dangerous doors are opened. These can include gun storage as well as other cabinets storing items unfit for children, such as alcohol.

This Baby Safety Month, Improve Your Home’s Safety With Custom Security

Baby Safety Month is an excellent time for parents to enhance their home’s security. When you want to create a safer home for your child, we’re ready to help. Get in touch with us today by calling 225-927-5535 or making an appointment online. Put your family’s safety first with Custom Security!

Find home security tips for kids.

3 Ways Custom Security Can Help Kids Stay Safer

It’s hard to believe that summer break is over and the school season is already here. With parents working remotely last year and children learning virtually, many families had the opportunity to stay home together. However, as more children return to their schools and more parents return to the office, it means that many kids will likely be getting home earlier than their parents again. Naturally, parents may be concerned about their children being home alone. That’s why Custom Security Systems is here to help with three back-to-school suggestions for home security. So, if you are looking for home security ideas for kids, find out how you can keep them safer when they’re home alone.

1.  Know Exactly Who Is Coming In and When

One thing that can give parents comfort is knowing who is entering the home and when. It can be reassuring to know when your child arrives at home safely and see them enter your home. And, with doorbell camera services and technology, you can do exactly that! Take away the fear of the unknown and receive notifications when your child reaches the front door. Also, this technology comes with a two-way communication feature. 

The app also allows you to review photos and video clips of visitors. This can help to always keep you in the loop about who has visited your home and when they came by. And, if your kids decide to bring any friends over, you can know about that, too.

2. Lose the Latchkey

With school, homework, sports, and other activities to keep up with, it’s no surprise that kids may have trouble hanging on to the house key with everything else going on. Sometimes they may get lost or broken. And hiding them outside the house can be a big security risk since that’s the first place many intruders are likely to look. 

Thankfully, there’s an alternative to the standard system that can prevent children from being stuck outside in the heat if they lose their key. Smart door locks can deliver security without requiring the use of a key. When the kids get home, all they need to do is enter the code into the door to get in. So they can lose the key for good and stay safe with smart door locks!

3. Avoid Worrying About Whether They Locked the Door Behind Them

Again, with the many things kids have to keep track of, it’s not uncommon for them to forget a few things along the way. But, if they forget to lock the door, it provides an opportunity for potential intruders. However, our smart door lock systems eliminate the worry from this situation. The lock even has an option to enable an auto-lock feature, which will automatically lock the door after 30 seconds. This can be a huge relief for parents of children who may not always remember to lock the door behind them.

Searching for Home Security Services for Kids?

If you’re looking for home security solutions for kids, explore the excellent services and technology available at Custom Security. Call 225-927-5535 or contact us online to get started. Make this semester a safer one with Custom Security!