finger scan lock

Biometric Security System

Are you looking for a Biometric Security System?

By adding a biometric security system to your security plan, you can simplify coming and going. You can configure your system to arm and disarm by using your fingerprint or other biometric data. There is no longer a need to carry a key with you or to give copies of your keys away. Fewer keys mean a more secure home since you’ll never have to worry about how many keys you’ve given out to people.

No More “Hide-a-Key”

These smart locks can contain as many as 30 users which can be changed or deleted once they are no longer valid. The auto-lock feature can be activated for households with children or seniors so they never have to remember to lock doors. Some locks also come with a privacy feature that turns the coded lock entry off temporarily. The lockout mode can be set up to use when you are away from home for an extended period.

Some feature a voice notification for added convenience. You can even use your smartphone to remotely lock and unlock the door for in-home workers, children or house/pet sitters.

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