Automation for Your Business

Automation from Custom Security Systems is a business management tool that enhances your security and adds the convenience of lighting, locks and thermostat control – all in one place.  Using Z-Wave technology, you can seamlessly combine several devices to work with your security system. Disarm/arm the system, turn on lights, unlock the door, and adjust the thermostat from your smartphone or remote key.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Users of programmable thermostats could save up to 20% a year on their energy costs.

For business owners who use automation, saving on energy costs is as easy and routine as using your security system. When employees arm the alarm, the system turns off lights and adjusts the thermostat to a set-back temperature. When employees turn off the alarm, lights will turn on and the thermostat will return to a comfortable setting. You can also use the lock-out feature so employees can only adjust the temperature by a few degrees.


Automation = Convenience

For anyone who’s ever had to go back to the office to turn off the lights, the smartphone app is for you! Instead of going back to the office, use the app to turn out the lights with the touch of one button. Business owners can also use the app to set up scenes for routine tasks, such as conference room presentations. This scene might include dimming the lights, lowering window shades and setting a comfortable temperature for a group – all with one button.

When the app is combined with cameras, you can save time. Instead of walking to the warehouse to see employees, you can look in on them from inside the main office. Cameras are also helpful in verifying alarms when you’re away from the office.


Total Control Touchpad

The Total Control Touchpad can serve as a network by linking up to 232 Z-Wave devices and up to 4 IP cameras. The keypad has a 7″ graphic touchscreen with an easy-to-use display to show product images, videos or your company’s logo. And, the Touchpad has a built-in web server to give you local control throughout your business from your tablet, smartphone, smart TV or computer.