Neighborhood Cameras

Homeowners Associations are beginning to realize the value of having neighborhood cameras. In some cases, having cameras can be a deterrent for crime, however, when crime does occur, they provide evidence to prosecute criminals. From overview cameras that capture wide views to license plate cameras that record entry/exit, more subdivisions choose to protect their residents with video.

License Plate Cameras

A license plate camera is a specialty camera that can capture valuable data such as make, model and license plates as vehicles enter and exit a neighborhood. Video from these cameras are time-stamped, so entries or exits of vehicles can be compared with time/day of suspicious incidents. License plate cameras even pick up clear images after dark (as seen in the test image). Custom Security Systems also provides custom-built housing to protect license plate cameras from environmental elements and vandalism.


Neighborhood Cameras Services

Custom Security is a full-service company for neighborhood cameras and can handle each stage of the process.

  • Design & Planning
  • Ground Preparation
  • Installation of Posts & Cameras
  • Manufacture of Camera Housing
  • Calibration and Setup of Cameras
  • Software Setup
  • End-User Training
  • Video Retrieval for Associations & Law Enforcement
  • Maintenance and Service of Cameras

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