Stay Connected to Your Business

With Custom Security’s Connected Services, you have a valuable tool that can keep you informed about your business from anywhere using your phone, laptop or tablet. Now you can know what’s happening in your business even when you can’t be on-site.

Notification Features

Our app sends texts/emails to notify you of security events, low batteries, or breach of protected zones.  Set up multiple users to receive different notifications, too.  Custom Security Systems can also configure your alarm system to work with environmental sensors for climate control or doors to limit access to restricted areas.  For those who manage multiple sites, there’s only one login needed to see what’s happening at each location.


Video Services

When paired with cameras, our app offers even greater value to businesses. Get snapshots and video clips sent directly to you by email or text. And, for those with multiple locations, you can use this feature to view each one, without having to log into separate accounts.  When you’re away, use remote-view to check on store traffic and employees. To avoid making late-night visits to your business, you can also use the app to verify alarms.


Business Insights Reports

As part of our commercial plan, you’ll receive Business Insights. These handy reports provide data that allows you to make smarter decisions around staffing, business hours, employee management and more.

  • Know who’s accessing certain sensitive areas
  • Check open/close times
  • Monitor store traffic
  • Be alerted to extreme temperature changes or floods
  • Be notified of alarms and issues
  • Get notification of unexpected activity