Stay Connected to Your Home

Interact with your security system from anywhere using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Remote Arming & Disarming

With connected services, you can use our encrypted connection to arm or disarm without being at home.  If you forget to arm the system before leaving the house, you can use the app to do it! This feature also makes it possible to allow people (such as babysitters or housekeepers) into your home without giving them your security code.  You can also use connected services to control your thermostat, lightslocks, and doorbell.

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Event Notification Text/Email

Easy-to-use and highly customizable, with connected services you can set up text and/or email notifications when certain events occur in your home.  You can choose to receive notification when there is a power failure, low battery or arm/disarm of the system.  When used with heat, temperature or water sensors, this service can alert you to potential problems like floods, temperature changes or fire.  You can even set up notification for liquor, medicine or gun cabinets to alert you when they are opened. The convenient app lets you stay connected to your home from wherever you are.


Video Services

With the addition of cameras, connected services can be even more useful in securing your home.  You can view streaming video from cameras, ideal for keeping an eye on kids, pets, and in-home workers.  Log in to see if that package you’ve been waiting for has arrived or to make sure the kids are doing their homework.  You can set up notifications to receive an email of video clips and still shots of events at home.  If you know your elderly mother is usually up and around by 9 am, get a video of her when she passes by the camera in her hallway.


Geo Services

Connected services can also be set up to include Geo Services. With this feature, you can set reminders based on where your phone is. Get an arming reminder once you are 1 mile from home or automatically adjust the thermostat before you get home from work. It’s also a great feature to use with locks, garage doors, lights, and cameras.