Access Control Systems

Working with Baton Rouge businesses for over 46 years, Custom Security Systems knows that every company can benefit by adding access control to their security plan.  Access systems are about more than just door security.  They provide an easy, cost-effective way to track employee activity, reduce inventory loss and limit visitor movement. Custom Security System’s Commercial Division designs access systems that work with alarm systems while also maintaining life safety requirements of fire systems.

Card Reader Access Systems

For small offices and stores, a system using swipe (proximity) cards is suitable to control entry into the building. It can also phase out keys. Getting rid of keys will also get rid of the issues that arise because of them such as copying and non-returns from former employees.


Managed Access Systems

For mid-sized companies, a computer-based access system can track employee hours, making time cards unnecessary.  This access system allows owners to give permissions to certain employees for certain areas, like file rooms or inventory spaces. For the ultimate in identification, enhance the system with biometric fingerprint scanning.  This option deters employees who use a co-worker’s identity for the time clock, or worse, theft.  And, for owners who are not on site, a managed access system gives them the convenience of remote log-in from anywhere. Additionally, Custom Security Systems also manages access systems for companies.


Gate Entry

Gated entry systems not only limit entry onto the property but also keep unwanted visitors away. And, just like indoor entry systems, gates can also track employee activity. Electronic arms paired with gates are perfect for businesses like apartment complexes that need to limit access or for businesses that need to control traffic flow. Access systems are controlled by remote, keypad, telephone, smartphone, or intercom. Businesses that want to maintain records of vehicles can also add license plate cameras to their gate entry systems.