Access Control Systems

Custom Security Systems has served as a trusted partner in business security for more than four decades. Our commitment to excellence shines through our advanced access control systems. These systems offer a blend of technology, convenience, and superior security, all designed to meet the specific needs of small to large-scale businesses. By redefining access control, our innovative systems elevate your business security standards.

Access Control Systems Elevate Business Security

For over 46 years, Custom Security Systems has collaborated with Baton Rouge businesses to enhance their security measures. We firmly believe that every company can significantly benefit from incorporating access control into their security plan. Access systems offer more than door security. They provide a convenient and cost-effective solution to monitor employee activity, minimize inventory loss, and regulate visitor movement. 

At Custom Security Systems, our Commercial Division focuses on delivering access systems tailored to your company’s specific needs. Our top priority is seamlessly integrating these systems into your workflow with alarm systems and ensuring they comply with the life safety requirements of fire systems. With our expertise and experience, you can trust us to protect your business.

Full Control Over Business Access Control

Take complete control of your access control system with Custom Security’s reliable and trusted solution. Partnering with, we offer the business access control platform, which gives businesses comprehensive control over code management, user permissions, and more. This cloud-based software seamlessly integrates with other security and video systems.

The user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage crucial operational details. Plus, you can configure the platform on enterprise systems to oversee multiple locations. Access control processes are streamlined and efficient with features like bulk user upload and automatic card deactivation.

Choose from a range of security access options, including traditional cards, key fobs, and advanced biometric and mobile credentials. This system allows employees to conveniently arm or disarm the system using their smartphones, improving operational efficiency.

Managed Access Control Through Custom Security Systems

Custom Security Systems managed access control offers businesses a seamless and hassle-free access management and security solution. This service is fully managed by Custom Security Systems, eliminating the need for dedicated personnel or the burden of software maintenance and updates. With no licensing fees or additional computer expenses, it provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative.

Like, our managed access control gives businesses complete control over their access points through traditional cards or key fobs. Furthermore, it incorporates advanced features like biometric and mobile credentials, benefiting all levels within the company. Users can achieve complete control over employee movements by granting specific roles access to areas like file rooms and inventory spaces. 


The system also provides comprehensive reporting capabilities for tracking trends and access history, contributing to informed decision-making and security protocol. With the added convenience of remote door control, Custom Security Systems managed access control is a reliable, trustworthy, and robust solution for your business’s security needs.

Upgrade Your Entry System With Card Reader Access

Traditional keys are no longer sufficient in the dynamic landscape of business security. Our Card Reader Access Systems modernize entry management, providing security without the usual inconveniences associated with traditional keys. This smart, keyless solution ensures secure access and mitigates the risks of unauthorized key duplication or unreturned keys from former employees.


The Ease of Keyless Entry

Access control systems are pivotal in streamlining employee workflow and ensuring safety during work hours. For employees who choose to work outside the standard hours, either arriving earlier or staying late, these systems provide an added layer of security.

The efficiency of our card reader access control systems lies in their ability to expedite entry and lock-up procedures. With swift and secure access through swipe cards or key fobs, employees can bypass the time-consuming process of unlocking doors with traditional keys. 

With a simple card or mobile swipe, users can unlock doors, disarm the security system, turn on lights, and adjust thermostats. The integration of access control with cameras provides a comprehensive solution. This enables users to view images of individuals using the card, helping to identify any instances of card sharing or unauthorized access. Cameras can also play a crucial role in verifying visitors, allowing them to be buzzed in using the mobile app.

This allows for a more seamless start to their day, eliminating unnecessary delays and enabling them to focus on their tasks immediately upon arrival. Furthermore, these systems eliminate the cumbersome reliance on time cards, providing a seamless way to track employee hours and enhance workforce management.

Employee Abbi using mobile access control systems at office

Moreover, the safety of employees is paramount, especially for those working at unconventional hours. The access control systems offer reliable security, allowing only authorized personnel to gain entry. This means employees working late into the night or arriving early in the morning can feel safe, knowing that access to the premises is strictly controlled and monitored.

In addition, these systems can also track entry and exit times, providing valuable data for management regarding staff working hours. 

Customization for Your Business Needs

Custom Security Systems recognizes that one size does not fit all regarding business security. Our access control systems are highly customizable to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our security experts can help you tailor your business’s security features to align with your unique security needs, ensuring a personalized and effective solution that safeguards your business assets.

Mobile App Convenience for Remote Management

Integrating a user-friendly mobile app adds extra convenience for business owners. Manage your access system remotely, providing flexibility for those off-site. This seamless remote management capability ensures that you have control over your business security from anywhere, at any time.

Gate Entry Systems: Comprehensive Security Beyond Interior Doors

Extend your security perimeter beyond interior doors with our advanced gate entry systems. Whether you operate a small business or a large-scale enterprise, these systems offer an additional layer of secure access control. From restricting entry onto your property to protecting residents of a gated apartment community, our gate entry systems provide a versatile solution that goes beyond traditional access control.

Diverse Access Control Methods

Our gate entry systems allow you to control access through various means, including remote, keypad, telephone, smartphone, or intercom. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor the access control methods to suit the unique needs of your business.


Enhancing Security Through Surveillance

Incorporate License Plate Cameras into your gate entry systems to enhance security further. These specialized cameras capture essential data, including vehicle make, model, and license plates, providing invaluable information for enhanced security. The time-stamped video footage offers a meticulous record of vehicle entries and exits, serving as a critical tool for investigating suspicious incidents.

Why Custom Access Control Systems?

Access Control Systems offer more than just security – they’re a strategic investment for your business’s success. Protect your assets, improve workforce management, and look to a future where access control exceeds traditional standards. Simplify entry management with card reader access systems, enhance workforce efficiency with our managed access systems, and broaden your security measures beyond interior doors with our innovative gate entry systems.

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