Business Alarm Systems

At Custom Security Systems, our business is securing your business, a job we’ve taken seriously since 1977. We specialize in professionally designed, state-of-the art business alarm systems for life safety, security and surveillance. We offer a wide range of services to provide you with the level of security that best fits your needs, whether it’s a managed access system for a large corporation or a camera system in a family-owned retail shop.

Baton Rouge Monitoring

Custom Security Systems is proud to be a part of the Baton Rouge business community and has a distinct advantage over other security companies – a locally-owned-and-operated monitoring station with 24/7 service. When you protect your business with Custom Security, you can be sure that your company’s confidential information stays in one location. You always know who’s coming to your business, because we never subcontract our work. All of our technicians are drug-tested and background-checked by the Louisiana State Police.


More than just Security

Custom Security Systems understands that deterring and detecting criminal activity is only part of the challenge of running a successful business. The security system is the starting point for managers who need alerts for employee activity and equipment monitoring. Adding connected services to your security monitoring will allow you to verify when employees are opening/closing the store.

With specialty sensors, Custom Security Systems can monitor areas of your business for:

  • Temperature Changes
  • Environmental Changes
  • Flooding
  • Equipment Power Outages
  • Smoke and Heat

By adding an access system, business owners can limit employee and visitor entry to certain areas of the building. With remote-view cameras, managers can observe store foot traffic and employee behavior, even when they are off-site.