Business Alarm Systems

At Custom Security Systems, safeguarding your business isn’t just a service we offer — it’s our commitment. With over four decades of experience, we understand the importance of having reliable security measures in place. Our professionally designed, state-of-the-art business alarm systems are custom-built for the safety, security, and surveillance of your enterprise. Whether you operate a large corporation or a family-owned retail shop, we have the solutions to meet your specific security needs.

Baton Rouge Monitoring

Custom Security Systems proudly serves the Baton Rouge business community with a locally owned and operated monitoring station. Unlike other security companies, we never subcontract our work. All our technicians are vetted, drug-tested, and background-checked by the Louisiana State Police, ensuring reliability and trustworthiness.

Our 24/7 monitoring station keeps your business under constant surveillance, providing peace of mind. If your business alarm systems are triggered, our team will reach out to you and alert first responders of the situation.


More Than Just Security

We understand that effective business security extends beyond deterring criminal activity. That’s why our alarm systems for businesses offer a range of features designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your operations. These connected services include:

  • Temperature and Environmental Monitoring: Detect fluctuations in temperature, environmental changes, flooding, equipment power outages, smoke, and heat.
  • Access Control Systems: Restrict employee and visitor entry to specific areas of your building, enhancing overall security.
  • Remote-View Cameras: Monitor store foot traffic and employee behavior remotely — even when you’re off-site — using the latest in NDAA-compliant camera technology, including AI, analytics, and heat mapping.

Specialized Sensors: Keep a close eye on critical areas of your business for early detection of potential threats or issues.

Businessman accessing business alarm systems remotely

How Do Smart Business Alarm Systems Benefit Different Industries?

Our smart business systems offer tailored solutions for various industries, providing unparalleled security and operational efficiency.

K-12 Security

Enhancing school security is crucial for K-12 institutions. Here are some key actions that can be taken with your alarm system:

  • Enhanced Student Safety: Video surveillance allows you to keep an eye on school grounds and parking lots to prioritize student safety and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Rapid Emergency Response: Identify unusual or potentially dangerous activity quickly and notify key personnel to secure the building and ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Life Safety: Commercial fire systems promptly detect and prevent danger with voice-evacuation systems, sprinkler monitoring equipment, tamper notifications, and more.

Property Maintenance: Detect smoke, carbon monoxide, fire, water leaks, and floods in real-time, safeguarding school buildings and students.

Food and Beverage Services

Business alarm systems for food and beverage services offer a range of essential features, including:

  • Temperature Monitoring: Keep track of temperature-sensitive assets to prevent loss or spoilage.
  • Occupancy Management: Intelligently manage crowds, monitor foot traffic, and track wait times efficiently.
  • Employee Access Control: Streamline access management for multiple employees and locations.

App control for business alarm systems

Industrial Security

Alarm systems designed for industrial businesses can help improve worker safety, employee management, and vendor tracking. Let’s explore each of these in detail:

  • Worker Safety: Remain compliant with safety regulations and monitor employee activities near hazardous machinery.
  • Employee Management: Efficiently track attendance and behavior while adhering to protocols.
  • Vendor Tracking: Monitor deliveries and vendor access to business locations.

Office Security

Enhance office security with the following features: 

  • Time and Attendance Tracking: Keep tabs on employees and cleaning crew attendance and task completion.
  • Heating/Cooling Management: Smart thermostats allow you to set partial lock-outs so temperature adjustments can only be made with a few degrees, as well as smart away for automatic setbacks when the alarm is set to “away.”
  • Data Protection: Safeguard confidential business information, including intellectual property and customer data.

Employee using phone credentials with business alarm systems.

Enterprise Security

Our Enterprise Dashboard provides comprehensive security management across multiple locations, allowing you to:

  • Monitor All Locations: Get real-time status updates and access reports for all properties from a single interface.
  • Streamline Management: Organize locations into groups for easy access and efficient management.
  • Enhance Security: Implement automatic updates, encryption, and two-factor authentication for consistent security across all sites.
  • Gain Insight: Receive actionable insights through multi-site reports and real-time notifications.

Find Alarm Systems for Businesses at Custom Security Systems

Protecting your business is our top priority. Contact Custom Security Systems today to discuss your security needs and discover how our comprehensive business alarm systems can keep your company and employees safe. Schedule an appointment online or call us at 225-927-5535 for personalized assistance. With Custom Security Systems, your business is in safe hands.