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No one wants to imagine their home being invaded or experiencing a fire, but in today’s world, these threats are all too real. At Custom Security Systems, we understand the importance of safeguarding your loved ones and your property. That’s why we offer tailor-made security solutions designed to meet your specific needs. From basic wireless home alarm systems to cutting-edge smart home setups with app control, we provide a range of security services and devices to offer the level of protection that’s right for you.

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Building Layers of Security

Think of a home security system as an onion with multiple layers of protection. Each security device you add creates an additional layer to protect your home. As security devices are added to home alarm systems, users gain further layers of protection. 

  • Have floor-to-ceiling windows? Enhance your security with glass break detectors. 
  • Concerned about your pets accidentally triggering the alarm? We have pet-immune motion detectors.
  • Need to protect valuable possessions like jewelry, artwork, or firearms? Our asset protection devices can detect any unauthorized access to these items. 
  • If you worry about what happens when you’re away, our home security system camera systems allow you to watch your home from anywhere via your smartphone.


User-Friendly Home Alarm Systems

An advanced alarm system is only effective if the residents utilize it. At Custom Security Systems, we understand this crucial factor in providing genuine security. Therefore, we offer user-friendly features such as remotes, arming reminders, voice assistance, and smartphone-disarming options. Making it easier to use your alarm system is the first step toward better protection for you and your family.


Cut Out the Noise With Custom Security’s Video Analytics Technology

Custom Security offers the latest video analytics and customized alerts to inform you about what truly matters. Our artificial intelligence home alarm systems detect people, vehicles, and animals while filtering out irrelevant footage. Focus on specific areas and times with personalized alerts, ensuring you only receive critical information. So say goodbye to sifting through hours of footage or unnecessary notifications. Instead, prioritize efficiency and peace of mind with our video analytics technology with a smart home device from Custom Security System.

Identify intruders with video analytics technology

Complete Home Management

A burglar alarm system can provide peace of mind, but we take it a step further at Custom Security Systems. We integrate energy and environmental management functions into your security system. Imagine receiving an alert that your A/C pan has overflowed before you even get home, preventing a flooded hallway and ruined hardwood floors. With an environmental sensor, home alarm systems can warn users about extreme temperature changes in their homes.

Our professionally installed security system lets you control your thermostat, lights, locks, and more. Using Geofencing, your system can turn on lights and set thermostats back automatically when you are near the house. No more coming home to a dark, unwelcoming home or running up your energy bill by leaving lights on all day. Users can create schedules that reflect their unique lifestyles to streamline their routines.


Perimeter Guard™: Unmatched Protection for Your Home

Perimeter Guard™ delivers exceptional security to safeguard your property. Powered by advanced technology, it combines outdoor camera video with attention-grabbing sound alerts and a flashing LED light to deter unwanted behavior and protect your home. When sensors are activated, the system emits a loud sound alert and triggers a flashing LED light, instantly capturing the attention of potential intruders. Customize Perimeter Guard™ to fit your needs with zone-based recording rules. Users can adjust the sound alert tone, volume, and duration of the sound and LED flash. 

With expert installation and support from Custom Security, you can trust that Perimeter Guard™ home alarm systems are set up correctly for optimal performance. Experience peace of mind knowing that your home is protected by cutting-edge technology and reliable support.

 Deter intruders with Perimeter Guard™!

Monitor Your Assets With Flex IO

Flex IO is the ultimate solution for securing areas outside the coverage of in-home security systems. This revolutionary cellular sensor is designed to withstand all weather conditions without range limitations and provides reliable monitoring for workshops, garages, sheds, and more. Receive alerts for openings, closures, movements, tampering, and touch events.

With the latest LTE-M technology, Flex IO operates independently of panels, hubs, and Wi-Fi connections, offering long-range capabilities. Plus, the battery life lasts over two years, ensuring worry-free monitoring. Attach Flex IO to doors, sheds, gates, or freestanding possessions like bikes. Pair it with a contact to operate gates remotely and receive notifications when opened. Users can even set up Flex IO on areas like gun safes and liquor cabinets to know if they are ever accessed.

 Protect your bike, car, and other items outside of the home with Flex IO!

Baton Rouge-Based Monitoring

Custom Security Systems is the only Baton Rouge-area security company that owns and operates its own 24/7 monitoring station. Our UL-listed station can monitor your security, fire, and medical system. Your alarm calls are answered 24 hours a day, and you’ll never get an answering machine. When you partner with us, you also get over four decades of experience and people who are highly responsive to your needs.

Protect what matters most to you with advanced home alarm systems. Contact Custom Security Systems today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward a safer and more secure home.

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