Why Choose Custom Security Systems?

Because no other company has:

  • Baton Rouge-Based Monitoring
    Custom Security Systems is the only Baton Rouge security company that owns and operates its own monitoring station.  Our UL-listed station monitors your security system through phone lines, cellular, or the internet.  Your calls are answered 24 hours a day; you never get an answering machine.
  • Our Money Back Guarantee
    Custom Security Systems is proud to offer a 12-month guarantee on performance, materials, and workmanship on your residential security system.  If the system does not perform satisfactorily, we will replace it or buy it back at full price.
  • Over 46 Years of Experience in Baton Rouge
    Part of the Baton Rouge community since 1977, Custom Security Systems has many long-time employees in all of its on-site departments. This assures you that the most experienced local alarm company in this area is working for you.