Smart Home Automation Systems

Incorporating smart technology throughout your home is more affordable than ever. Thanks to cutting-edge Z-Wave technology and other intelligent systems from Custom Security Systems, you can seamlessly integrate smart home devices and more to improve your home’s security, energy efficiency, and overall convenience. Turn on outdoor and indoor lights, unlock doors, disarm your system, and adjust the thermostat—all with just a few taps on your smartphone or smart device.

Smart home devices and home automation systems offer numerous advantages, such as improving your home’s security, enhancing energy efficiency, and making your life more convenient. By using intuitive automation, you can create a home that not only suits your needs but anticipates them, too.

Enjoy the Convenience of Smart Automation

With the help of smart home technology, you can easily control multiple aspects of your home automation system from your phone or tablet. Download our app to your smart device to monitor your video surveillance and control your integrated smart home system. Here are just a few of the ways that upgrading to smart home systems offers convenience, safety, and peace of mind.

  • Set up commands for routine tasks, such as a scheduled nighttime function that locks all doors, turns lights on and off, and arms the system.
  • Give temporary access for certain days/hours to housesitters, visitors, or dog walkers. 
  • Use the “Smart Away” feature to control your thermostat’s settings by automatically adjusting them when you leave home.

Upgrade to smart home systems today and experience convenience, safety, and peace of mind right at your fingertips.

smart home app on tablet

Enhance Home Safety

When it comes to home automation systems, one significant benefit is enhanced home security thanks to smart lighting technology and exterior sensors. Control lights from your smartphone by installing outdoor Z-Wave plugs around pools, play areas, and gates. Turn lights on or off from the smart app and set specific times for your lights to turn on at night and off in the morning to help save energy. 

In addition, technology such as Flex I/O Sensors and Perimeter Guard™ can trigger a whistle to warn children and animals when they get too close to unsupervised areas. These systems can also send real-time alerts straight to your phone. This intelligent technology can help prevent dangerous situations before they occur, giving you peace of mind knowing that your family and pets are secure.

Perimeter Guard™ triggers an alarm to ward off intruders.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Home automation systems can help you save on energy costs by improving the overall energy efficiency of your home. With programmable thermostats, you can set up automated routines to control the temperature of your home based on your schedule and preferences. And if you ever need to make any changes to the temperature, you can adjust the thermostat remotely using your smartphone. These smart thermostats can help you save considerable money too—up to 33% per year on energy costs—by reducing energy waste and optimizing your energy consumption.

With Z-Wave technology, you can also integrate smart devices to work seamlessly with your security system to control your lighting and thermostat. When you arm the security system as you leave, all lights will turn off, and the thermostat will automatically adjust to the designated temperature. When you disarm the system, specified lights will turn on, and the thermostat will return to a comfortable setting. You can even include other smart appliances like ceiling fans in this automation.

Smart thermostats help to reduce energy costs.

Protect Children & Pets With Video Surveillance

Whether you are at home, running errands, or out of town for vacation, incorporating video surveillance with your smart home system can protect your loved ones and belongings from harm. With Wellcam interior cameras, you can monitor children and pets from wherever you are. Set up cameras in playrooms and living rooms to check on your loved ones when you can’t be there in person. These are just a few benefits of Wellcam video surveillance:

  • Easily monitor living spaces with 180-degree, 1080p video capture and easily adjustable camera angles. 
  • Zoom in on the video without losing clarity and take clear screenshots. 
  • Speak directly to your child or pet through your phone app with voice control features.
  • Get alerts for unexpected behavior, like motion after bedtime.

In addition to these benefits, this camera also offers additional convenience with easy portability. We understand that the areas you need to be monitored within your home can change. Simply move this camera to another area as needed. No rewiring or new installation necessary!

Monitor loved ones with the Wellcam portable interior camera!

Keep an Eye On Elderly Loved Ones

In addition to video surveillance, you can integrate personal security solutions to provide the highest level of protection for your elderly loved ones. Our medical and wellness alert systems don’t just monitor for medical emergencies or falls. These sensors also alert you to unusual behavior. Wearable, water-resistant medical alert devices can save lives by transmitting real-time wellness updates, such as elevated heart rate or a lack of activity. 

Not only will you receive a medical alert, but our 24/7 local monitoring station will also be alerted to this activity. In the case of an emergency, we can reach out to local first responders. By investing in personal security solutions like these, you can ensure that the most vulnerable members of your family are safe and secure, especially when you’re not around.

Get convenient health alerts for elderly loved ones.

Extend Your Smart Technology Beyond Your Home

Not only does this intelligent automation protect your home, but it can also provide an extra layer of security for your car and belongings outside your home. Use Flex I/O on bikes, RVs, garages, workshops, and sheds. This cellular sensor withstands harsh weather conditions and sends alerts when your outside belongings are moved, opened, or touched. And, our Connected Car technology also helps to protect your vehicle. Keep an eye on the family car with usage updates, vehicle diagnostics, and family safety features. 

Protect outdoor belongings with the Flex I/O sensor.