Protecting Your Assets With A Prairieville Alarm Company

Protecting Your Assets With a Prairieville Alarm Company

It would be impossible to stand guard over your precious assets at all hours of the day. It can be especially tricky with items that lay outside the perimeter of your in-home security system. With security technology advancing every day, you can go about your day while still monitoring the things that matter to you most with the help of our Prairieville alarm company. These options can help you keep your assets safe, no matter where they may lie. Learn how to keep an eye on your belongings from afar with Custom Security Systems

Monitor Your Assets With Flex IO

The future is now as has developed the first cellular sensor to monitor your valuables designed to withstand the weather without suffering range limitations. With this new technology, you can receive alerts if something is opened, closed, moved, tampered with, or touched. The extreme versatility of the device creates an endless array of potential uses. Truly, with the long-range capabilities and versatility, there is nothing else like it on the market. It’s the solution for tricky security situations outside the coverage of your in-home security. Now, you can relax knowing places like workshops, garages, and sheds are under the watch of Flex IO

Flex IO uses the latest LTE-M technology, meaning you don’t have to worry about panels, hubs, or even WI-FI connection. All it needs is to be anywhere with LTE cellular coverage. With an expected battery life of over two years, you won’t have to worry about that either. 

Interested in the other amazing aspects of Flex IO? The setup takes only a few seconds and can be attached to whatever you want, like doors, sheds, gates, and freestanding possessions, like bikes. You can also pair it with a contact to make a gate operable away from home and get notifications when the gate is opened. This can be used on doors for sheds and RVs for the same purpose. 

Other Ways a Prairieville Alarm Company Can Protect Your Assets

While Flex IO has been a revolutionary addition to the home security industry, there might be safety concerns that cannot be remedied by the device, like car safety or gate access. Connected Car helps you become one with your vehicle for optimal safety. With the app, you can access vehicle diagnostics, enhanced security, and family safety features. This can be useful when younger members of the family borrow the car and you can’t tag along. You can monitor speeding, hard braking, and location. 

A cornerstone of an excellent security system is advanced surveillance. You can expand your security beyond the walls of your home with the use of gate intercoms and cameras for large properties and neighborhoods. Merely having cameras can be a major deterrent to crime. Video from these cameras is time-stamped so you can properly look into and file suspicious incidents if the need arises. To protect the whole neighborhood, license plate cameras can pick up crystal clear images even in the dead of night. Gate intercoms and cameras can be a great addition to improving your security outside the perimeter of the home. 

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Custom Security Systems has been serving Louisiana with dedicated security solutions since 1977. We are proud to provide our community with the assets they need to feel safe in their homes and businesses. If you have questions about ways to expand your security beyond the home to protect the things that matter most, call us at 225-927-5535 or schedule an appointment online. Why wait when you increase your security today?