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Our alarm company in Denham Springs delivers alarm systems that keep you up-to-date with your home's safety.

Smart Alarm Company Tips: Making the Most of Your Setup

Home security systems have come a long way from the traditional alarm system. Smart home security systems are more efficient and reliable than ever before. With endless features, smart home security systems offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind. Our alarm company serving Denham Springs can help you achieve a smarter and safer system. Explore some of the key features of a smart home security system and how they can enhance your home security with Custom Security Systems.

Stay Protected Using Unexpected Activity Alerts and a Local Alarm Company in Denham Springs

One popular smart home security feature is real-time alerts in case of unexpected activity. So even when you’re not there, you can take action when something suspicious happens in your home.

For example, suppose there’s an unusual activity in your home while you’re away from the house. In that case, you can alert the authorities immediately. Plus, with Custom Security Systems’ 24/7 local monitoring, our team is ready to dispatch first responders the second you need us. 

This feature is also handy if you’re out of town for an extended period, as you can keep an eye on your home from afar. For more information on how to keep your home safe while on vacation, check out our blog post with 10 helpful ideas

No-Show Alerts Keep You in the Loop

Setting up a smart alarm system in your home helps ensure that your property and family are always protected. You can get even more out of your alarm system with modern technology. For example, you can set up no-show alerts on your smart phone if you’re expecting someone to disarm the alarm at a specific time. If the system is not disarmed at the scheduled time, you’ll get a text notification, giving you peace of mind. 

A reliable alarm company serving Denham Springs, like Custom Security Systems, provides you with tools to stay informed and secure. So if you’re looking for a dependable alarm company, consider the security company with 46 years of experience

Utilize The Instant Alert Feature

The immediate response capability of a smart home security system is a lifesaving feature, especially during unexpected late-night events. With this feature, the alarm can be triggered instantly in case of a security breach, eliminating built-in delay time that normally gives you time to disarm the system when entering the home. This is particularly beneficial when all household members are already inside. By ensuring that the alarm system is triggered in real-time, you can be sure that your family and home have an extra layer of protection.

Stay Aware With the Chime Feature

When the system is in disarm mode, the chime feature will alert whenever a door is opened. So you can always know when someone is entering or leaving the house. This means no more missed visitors or surprise intruders sneaking into your home undetected! In addition to the security benefits, this feature can be highly convenient for families.

Families with young children often find this incredibly useful to track who is in the home. The alerts allow you to keep track of their movements and ensure their safety. For example, parents of small children can know if they open a door somewhere and keep them from wandering off. Similarly, families with special needs members can find this tremendously helpful. With the help of an alarm company near Denham Springs, you can gain a higher level of awareness.

The alerts allow you to keep track of their movements and ensure their safety. With more awareness and protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and loved ones are secure.

Come and Go Safely With Smart Door Locks and Doorbell Cameras

Sharing a house key with friends, family, or a housekeeper can be convenient. However, it can also pose a security risk. With a smart door lock installed by an alarm company near Denham Springs, you can assign unique codes to each household member. These codes allow you to control who has access to your home and when they can access it.

Additionally, you can install doorbell cameras. These cameras allow you to see who is at the door before you even open it. You can also set up notifications to alert you when someone rings the doorbell. So you can see who it is, even when you’re not home. This can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, including combating poarch pirates and other thieves

Are You Ready to Get Connected to a Smart Security System? We Can Help

These are just a few examples of how you can enhance your home security with smart technology. Integrating smart technology into your home security system gives you complete control and peace of mind. At Custom Security Systems, we are dedicated to providing top-quality services to our customers. Whether you have questions about our services or want to upgrade your security system, we’re here to help. 

As an alarm system company serving Denham Springs, we are proud to offer a wide range of security solutions tailored to meet our customers’ needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a more intelligent and secure home. You can call us at 225-927-5535 or make an appointment online. It’s time to level up your security. 

Let our home alarm company near Prairieville, LA help you develop a safety plan in case of emergency!

Making a Safety Plan with a Home Alarm Company

Home security alarms are one of the best ways to protect your home and family from intruders. But, having a home security alarm is only part of the equation. You must have an alarm safety plan in place so that you are fully prepared for any potential emergency. A professional home alarm company near Prairieville, LA, can create a plan that will help ensure the safety of your family. Learn about the best ways to create your plan with Custom Security Systems

Invest in a High-Quality System from a Home Alarm Company Near Prairieville, LA

An alarm system is one of the most effective ways to protect your home from burglaries and other safety hazards. It serves as a deterrent to potential burglars and alerts you and the authorities in case of any suspicious activity in your home. A good alarm system should include fire and carbon monoxide detectors, camera systems, and a smart home system to arm and disarm the system remotely. This will ensure your home is protected, even when you’re not around. 

When choosing an alarm system, you must consider the essential features for you and your family. For example, if you have pets, you’ll want to select a system that can distinguish between pet and human movement. For families with different schedules, consider smart door locks

Another essential factor to consider when choosing an alarm system is the included monitoring services. It’s best to select a system with 24/7 monitoring services so that you can be alerted to any suspicious activity in your home, even when you’re not there. 

At Custom Security Systems, we own our 24/7 monitoring station to help you stay safe with local monitoring. We even meet UL-Listed standards of monitoring, and we are tested with an on-site visit annually. 

Creating an Emergency Response Plan 

After investing in an alarm system from our home alarm company near Prairieville, LA, it is time to make a safety plan. After all, creating a plan for how you and your family will respond to an emergency is just as important as having an alarm system. An emergency response plan can make a massive difference when emotions run high. Everyone must be aware and familiar with the decided-upon plan. Everyone should attend the meeting or discussion about your safety plan. 

This plan should include steps for what to do in case of a fire, a break-in, or other emergencies. Having a designated meeting place outside of your home. This way, everyone knows where to go in case of an emergency.

Remember to account for the unique needs of your household. For example, if you have small children or elderly family members, ensure your plan includes steps for how they will be cared for and evacuated in an emergency.

If you are still unsure about your plan, contact our home alarm company in Prairieville. Companies like ours can help you develop an actionable plan to keep everyone safe. We would be happy to help you personalize your plan. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Monitoring and Maintenance 

Once you have created an effective alarm safety plan, it’s essential to monitor and maintain it over time. To ensure your alarm system is working properly and effectively, it is necessary to test the system regularly. Testing your system just once a month can help ensure that your system is working properly. Here are a few key times to check that your alarm system is up and running:

  • After a power or internet outage
  • After having a window repaired
  • After home renovations, such as door or window replacements
  • After having any rewiring done at home

These updates or interruptions can also affect your home security system. Simple double-checking to your alarm system can help prevent a lapse in protection. This can include checking the batteries, testing the sensors and alarms, and updating the software. You should also ensure that all your contact information is up-to-date with the monitoring service.

As you dive into spring cleaning, don’t forget to check on your cameras and motion detectors! Dust and spider webs can collect in corners of your home or on the lens of your camera. Simply wipe these away with a soft cloth to clean your screen. This can prevent the possibility of a false alarm from motion detectors and ensure a crystal clear picture from your camera feed.

Finally, keep track of the lifespan of your monitoring equipment. Smoke detectors, for instance, should be replaced every 10 years. Our security experts can help with smoke detector testing and monitor the effectiveness of your current equipment to make sure that your system is serving your home well. And when it’s time for updated equipment, we can help with your new installation.

Practicing the Plan

It’s crucial to practice your emergency plan regularly. This will help ensure that everyone in your family knows what to do and can respond quickly and calmly in an emergency. You can practice your plan by conducting drills, such as a fire drill or a break-in simulation.

Allow Custom Security Systems to Help Build Your Custom Security Response Plan  

An effective alarm safety plan is essential for keeping your family and property safe from harm. Working with a professional home security alarm company in Prairieville, LA, like Custom Security, can help you create a plan for responding quickly and effectively in emergencies. With our expertise, you can rest assured knowing your plan is up to par. We want to help you enjoy peace of mind while protecting your loved ones at all times! 

If you want to get started on your security alarm system and plan, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us at 225-927-5535 or make an appointment online. We hope to hear from you soon.

Honeywell home alarm system

4 Questions to Ask an Alarm Company When Shopping for Security Systems

Are you looking for a home security system you can trust to protect your property and family at all times? Investing in an alarm system is one of the most effective ways to ensure a safe home environment. But with so many different products and services on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which features are right for you. That’s why it’s important to ask alarm companies key questions when shopping for security systems. To help simplify your research process, here are four essential questions from our alarm company near Denham Springs. These can be helpful when finding the best fit for your needs and budget.

1. Do You Outsource Your System Monitoring?

Does an alarm company outsource its monitoring to an out-of-state station or to another company? This could potentially affect its response time. And in an emergency, this could be a serious cause for concern. Custom Security Systems offers local alarm monitoring in Baton Rouge. With our local, in-house monitoring station, we have the opportunity to cultivate working relationships with local emergency dispatchers. We are well-versed in their protocols, unlike other out-of-town monitoring stations. This means that we can provide you with the fastest possible response when an emergency strikes.

Customers can reach our monitoring station 24 hour a day, every day of the week—even on holidays. Speak directly with a person instead of navigating through automated responses. And, connect directly with local operators who can dispatch emergency services as quickly as possible.

2. Can I Purchase Security Equipment From Your Company?

There are endless options for security equipment on the market, from smart door locks to security cameras. Rather than supplying your own equipment, Custom Security Systems provides the highest quality security equipment for your system. Our equipment options incluce the Wellcam smart security camera and the Flexi IO cellular sensor. We install your motion detectors, control panels, door locks, and other integrated security equipment. And, we set up easy monitoring within your personal smart device. Your satisfaction is our top priority which is why we offer a 12-month guarantee on our residential system or equipment. If our systems don’t meet your standards, we will replace it or buy it back for its full purchase price.

While we provide top-tier security equipment, this doesn’t lock you into services with Custom Security Systems. Unlike other companies, we use non-proprietary equipment. This means that our customers are not bound to us by the equipment they choose. We want our customers to stay with us because they want to—not because they are trapped into their contract by special equipment.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind Regarding Security Equipment

Some companies use trending technology to sell alarms. Don’t let the product overshadow the service your provider can offer. And, don’t let bundle packages fool you. Cellphone and cable services are not the same as alarms. Make sure you don’t get tricked into a bundled contract that is more expensive to get out of than into. Custom Security Systems offers cutting-edge tech products and features at minimal upfront costs without compromising on reliable service. 

3. When Is the Last Time You Tested Your Response Time?

When emergency strikes, time is of the essence. If your security or fire systems are triggered, an operator calls to verify the alarm. And if an emergency is confirmed, your operator will then dispatch first responders. But what happens if your alarm company does not respond rapidly?

When shopping for an alarm system, make sure to ask the company how long it takes to trigger a call once the alarm goes off. You should also ask if the company’s panels use built-in dialer delays which prevent signals from being transmitted for a certain amount of time. We want to hear from our customers as soon as possible so that we can send help immediately if needed. The safety of your home and family is of the utmost importance. When shopping for a security system, make sure they can deliver the rapid response you need.

4. How Much of My Home Is Secured?

Some companies only include sensors on a few doors/windows and call it a complete system, and offer special packages with low prices that only provide coverage to a small portion of your home. Don’t leave parts of your home without security. We offer comprehensive alarm systems to protect your entire property. Place cameras outside your home to enhance security whether you’re home or away. Or, consider remote-view cameras to keep an eye on pets, children, or caregivers. Our company also protects your home from fires and carbon monoxide with monitored fire systems. 

Just like our name, we customize your system. We offer a free on-site visit and a custom-built package to give you exactly what you need for your lifestyle, budget, and needs. Aside from alarm systems, we also offer smart connections for your thermostat, locks, lights, and more. Get alerts from environmental sensors for extreme temperature changes or overflowed A/C pans before severe damage can set in. You can even connect your car to your system to monitor usage and safety with notifications sent straight to your phone. Reach out to our alarm company near Denham Springs to learn more about our service coverage and available features.

Find Systems You Can Trust From Our Alarm Company Near Denham Springs

Custom Security Systems is an alarm company that has been trusted by Denham Springs and other communities throughout Louisiana for 46 years. When you are searching for an alarm system, choose a provider with products, additional features, and local expertise that you can rely on to keep your home safe. If you have any additional questions for us or would like more information on our residential security systems, give us a call at 225-927-5535. You can also make an appointment with us online.

Alarm Company Serving Baton Rouge, LA For Back To School Safety

3 After School Safety Tips From an Alarm Company Serving Baton Rouge, LA

Many parents would love to be home when their children finish the school day, but it may not be realistic for their work schedules. With children alone for a few hours in the afternoon, parents may be anxious about their safety and security.  Thankfully, the experts at Custom Security Systems are ready to share a few recommendations for keeping your family until you can return home from work. Here are three after-school security tips from an alarm company serving Baton Rouge, LA.  

1. Install Locks for Smart Doors

With after-school schedules bringing kids home before parents, many households might resort to hiding a key somewhere.  Unfortunately, the first places intruders typically look for access to a home tend to be common hiding spots for keys. So your secret hiding spot might not be so secret after all. But you can minimize the risk of an emergency key by investing in smart door locks. These locks use a programmed keypad to allow individuals access to the home with a unique combination. 

Many parents are all too aware of their kids’ tendencies to lose or forget keys. Households with forgetful children can now remotely unlock and lock smart doors. With a smart lock, your child can use a code to unlock the door (or you can do it remotely for them). Some locks will even auto-lock after entry so that kids don’t forget to lock the door behind them once inside the house.

2. Remotely Check In With Security Cameras 

For families who want to check if their children arrived safely home from school, security cameras and doorbell cameras can be a huge help. Having some temporary anxiety about what’s happening at home? Quickly check the cameras to restore your peace of mind. Cameras allow you to stand guard from afar while also keeping an eye out for any rule-breaking with the app on your smartphone

3. Get Creative With Object Sensors Like Flex IO

We know Louisiana is often called the Sportsman’s Paradise. So naturally, many residents have hunting equipment like guns or other weaponry in their homes. Ideally, all firearms or weaponry should be hidden and locked away from the reach of minors. But children tend to have a curious nature as they grow up and learn about the world around them. Unfortunately, they may put themselves in danger by playing with dangerous items when no one is home to stop them. 

Luckily, homeowners can add the first cellular sensor, Flex IO, to their alarm system with the help of an alarm company serving Baton Rouge, LA. Flex IO has revolutionized the security industry because of the state-of-the-art technology used. You can now monitor your valuables without worrying about weather or range limitations. 

Your phone will notify you with an alert when even the slightest movement triggers the Flex IO sensors. So, if your child interacts with weaponry, power tools, or any other dangerous possession, you can act immediately. 

The possibilities are endless with the Flex IO. For example, you could install sensors on a pool gate or other areas of the home that may be dangerous without adult supervision. With security cameras and smart locks, you can become a fly on the wall looking out for your children until you can return home. 

Searching for a Trusted Alarm Company Serving Baton Rouge, LA? 

The stress of balancing work and family responsibilities can be intense. Don’t endure unnecessary stress when you can enhance your home security with an alarm company serving Baton Rouge, LA. Custom Security Systems wants to give you real peace of mind this school year with our security services. If you have questions or would like a free quote, please call us at 225-927-5535 or make an appointment online. Don’t wait. Enjoy feeling secure about your children’s safety today. 

Man installing alarm system

How a Home Security System From Our Alarm Company Near Prairieville Works

When you think of a home security system, front door cameras and alarm systems may spring to mind. However, this is far from the full features that you can discover from our home alarm company near Prairieville! Custom Security Systems protects your home inside and out from intruders, damage, fires, and even carbon monoxide. When you choose a home security system from our company, you can enjoy these additional safety features and more.

Internal Sensors

Disaster can strike when you are away from home or even as you sleep. With internal sensors, you can protect your home, belongings, and loved ones from harm, especially when you’re most vulnerable. Our home alarm company can equip your Prairieville home with fire systems for carbon monoxide, smoke, and heat. When these sensors detect unnatural levels, an alarm will sound to alert you to danger. When fire or carbon monoxide is present in your home, time is of the essence. These sensors can save the valuable time you need to move your pets and family outside while first responders make their way to your home.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are a fantastic addition to your home security system for outdoor safety. These sensors monitor infrared energy to detect when humans or animals are within range of your home. When a body moves within range, the motion detector will trigger your alarm to sound off the intruder, and this can also be set to alert our Baton Rouge alarm monitoring system. We even offer pet immune motion detectors, this way small creatures won’t set off false alarms.

Broken Glass Alarms

Add glass break detectors to your home security plan to detect damage or attempted home invasion. These sensors can monitor sliding glass doors, glass panels on doors, and other windows around your house. These alarms detect the sound and vibration of breaking glass. In the case of a broken window, an alarm will be set off at your home and an alert will be sent to our 24/7 monitoring system. Our home alarm company can help you figure out the best placement for these detectors in your Prairieville home and set the proper sensitivity for each sensor. 

Contact Our Home Alarm Company Near Prairieville for Your Custom Security System!

Your home protects your loved ones and belongings. Add an extra layer of safety to your Prairieville property with the help of our home alarm company! From security cameras to motion detectors and more, Custom Security Systems makes sure that your house is protected whether you are home or away. To speak with one of our experts, call 225-927-5535 today. Reach out to us to learn more about our security features and smart home capabilities. We’ll help you determine the best selections for your needs.

Protecting Your Assets With A Prairieville Alarm Company

Protecting Your Assets With a Prairieville Alarm Company

It would be impossible to stand guard over your precious assets at all hours of the day. It can be especially tricky with items that lay outside the perimeter of your in-home security system. With security technology advancing every day, you can go about your day while still monitoring the things that matter to you most with the help of our Prairieville alarm company. These options can help you keep your assets safe, no matter where they may lie. Learn how to keep an eye on your belongings from afar with Custom Security Systems

Monitor Your Assets With Flex IO

The future is now as has developed the first cellular sensor to monitor your valuables designed to withstand the weather without suffering range limitations. With this new technology, you can receive alerts if something is opened, closed, moved, tampered with, or touched. The extreme versatility of the device creates an endless array of potential uses. Truly, with the long-range capabilities and versatility, there is nothing else like it on the market. It’s the solution for tricky security situations outside the coverage of your in-home security. Now, you can relax knowing places like workshops, garages, and sheds are under the watch of Flex IO

Flex IO uses the latest LTE-M technology, meaning you don’t have to worry about panels, hubs, or even WI-FI connection. All it needs is to be anywhere with LTE cellular coverage. With an expected battery life of over two years, you won’t have to worry about that either. 

Interested in the other amazing aspects of Flex IO? The setup takes only a few seconds and can be attached to whatever you want, like doors, sheds, gates, and freestanding possessions, like bikes. You can also pair it with a contact to make a gate operable away from home and get notifications when the gate is opened. This can be used on doors for sheds and RVs for the same purpose. 

Other Ways a Prairieville Alarm Company Can Protect Your Assets

While Flex IO has been a revolutionary addition to the home security industry, there might be safety concerns that cannot be remedied by the device, like car safety or gate access. Connected Car helps you become one with your vehicle for optimal safety. With the app, you can access vehicle diagnostics, enhanced security, and family safety features. This can be useful when younger members of the family borrow the car and you can’t tag along. You can monitor speeding, hard braking, and location. 

A cornerstone of an excellent security system is advanced surveillance. You can expand your security beyond the walls of your home with the use of gate intercoms and cameras for large properties and neighborhoods. Merely having cameras can be a major deterrent to crime. Video from these cameras is time-stamped so you can properly look into and file suspicious incidents if the need arises. To protect the whole neighborhood, license plate cameras can pick up crystal clear images even in the dead of night. Gate intercoms and cameras can be a great addition to improving your security outside the perimeter of the home. 

Have Questions? Call Us! 

Custom Security Systems has been serving Louisiana with dedicated security solutions since 1977. We are proud to provide our community with the assets they need to feel safe in their homes and businesses. If you have questions about ways to expand your security beyond the home to protect the things that matter most, call us at 225-927-5535 or schedule an appointment online. Why wait when you increase your security today? 

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How Our Alarm Company is There for You

When it comes to your safety, there’s no room for error. You need a reliable alarm company that is serious about your protection. Whether you’ve been looking around for a while or you’re new to the search—it can be a difficult task to choose the right, high-quality company full of reliable employees. Luckily for you, the search is over. If you need the best alarm company for your Denham Springs home or your Baton Rouge business, it’s time to call Custom Security Systems. But what makes us different from the other companies?

What to Know About Our Call Center

Since 1977, Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and other surrounding areas have put their safety in our hands. Thanks to over 40 years of industry experience, we know how to keep our clients safe and secure by having the newest, state-of-the-art security technology to ensure we can be ready in case of an emergency. But we’re sure you’re wondering what makes our equipment state-of-the-art.  

What About a Dialer Delay?

Let’s take a look at the basics. The national companies use a dialer delay of 15, 30, or even 60 seconds. However, Custom Security is instant! This is to ensure that your safety comes first. Want to know more about why this is important? Ask Ms. Gwendolyn, who relied upon our quick response time, if she wants a dialer delay. While home alone, she was approached by a gunman. Thankfully, we were able to ensure her safety thanks to our speed and resolve.

Keeping Things Local

We know how important it is to keep things local. Our employees are your neighbors, friends, or even your own clients! Being local also helps us do our job better. Being part of the community means we maintain excellent relationships with local first responders and their dispatchers. As a local company, we know the area and people much better than anyone out of state. Lastly, thanks to our decades of experience working with Louisiana first responders, we know how to interact with them quickly and efficiently. 

Professionals at Our Finest

As Baton Rouge’s only locally operated security monitoring station, we always have your safety in mind. Because we don’t have any use for subcontractors or third-party individuals, you can be assured that every call will be answered by a real Custom employee who’s ready to help—not a recording like other companies. These employees are drug-tested, background-checked, and licensed by the Louisiana State Fire Marshall to ensure only the best care is available to protect you. Our operators are trained to handle crucial situations and emergencies. And they can assist if you need help using your system. After their initial training, our operators have a continuing education program to learn about technology advances in security, life safety, and smart home products and services. Only the best for our clients.

How Alarm Monitoring Works

Curious about our locally owned monitoring station? Imagine if someone breaks into your home or office. One of our sensors goes off, sending a signal straight to our monitoring station from the panel in your home or business. Within moments, one of our technicians calls and, if necessary, dispatches first responders immediately. This is much faster than remote, outdated monitoring systems and ensures that action is taken immediately. And thanks to the multiple forms of connection for our systems, we can assure you that our security systems and operators are ready to help in an emergency.

Trust In Our Alarm Company For Your Denham Springs Home or Baton Rouge Business

When it comes to your safety, you need the best of the best when it comes to alarm companies for your Denham Springs home. Thankfully, Custom Security is only a call away! For a free quote or to ask us any questions, give us a call at 225.927.5535. Our team is ready to help you get what you need.

If you’re ready to begin your Custom Security experience, make an appointment with us! We can assist you with a new system or other security additions as soon as possible.

Learn how to avoid false alarms and how our home alarm company can help with further prevention.

How a Home Alarm Company Helps False Alarm Prevention

When a security system isn’t set up or used properly, it can lead to false alarms. Unfortunately, these false alarms can overwhelm first responders with unnecessary house calls. However, Custom Security Systems can help you ensure that your security system is set up correctly and educate you on proper system use. With a few at-home practices and an added layer of protection from Custom Security Systems, you can prevent first responders from losing time on a non-emergency. Learn how to avoid false alarms and how our home alarm company can help with further prevention.

How Custom Security Systems Helps Prevent False Alarms

At Custom Security Systems, we can help reduce false alarms by up to 40%. When you choose a security system from our home alarm company, you can opt into Enhanced Call Verification (ECV). This service is partnered with our 24/7 alarm monitoring station. When your alarm is triggered, our monitoring station contacts the phone number associated with the premise. If the call is not answered, our station reaches out to first responders to send emergency help to your home. Customers who add ECV to their plan approve our monitoring station to contact one more number aside from the premise number. With the help of our ECV program, our station can confirm if the situation is indeed an emergency. If it isn’t, we prevent an unnecessary visit from first responders and any regional penalty fees for false alarms.

What Causes False Alarms, and How Can You Prevent Them?

There are a few steps you can take at home to prevent false alarms. First, make sure that each member of your family knows the code for entry. Take time to train any family who enters your home how to activate and deactivate your security system. And when you leave, make sure that doors and windows are closed tightly. Not only does this ward off a false alarm, but it prevents intruders from having easy access to your home, as well. 

It’s important to make sure that your alarm system is fully functioning, both for your protection and to avoid any false alarms. Also, with the holidays coming soon, remember that certain decorations, especially moving ones, could accidentally trigger an alarm. Don’t forget to replace batteries in your system and smoke detectors, too. And, be sure to review the emergency call list to be prepared in the event of a home emergency. For additional false alarm prevention, schedule a monthly home alarm system test with our company. Our monitoring station can make sure that your system is working smoothly. And, contact us at 225-927-5535 to let us know when you have any services done in your home that may trigger your alarm system.

Get In Touch With Our Home Alarm Company Today

Custom Security Systems is here to keep your home safe and prevent unwanted false alarms. Give our home alarm company a call today at 225-927-5535 to get a free quote from our professionals. Or, make an appointment to install a home or business alarm system today. Our company can customize your system to meet your needs, from monitoring elderly family members to providing smart locks, lighting, and more. We look forward to helping increase your comfort and security!

Get excellent home automation in Baton Rouge.

Keeping Your Home Safe On Vacation

Summer is here and things are starting to return to normal, so for some it means it’s time for a vacation! But after spending a year at home, many people have concerns about leaving their houses unattended even for just a few days. But you shouldn’t worry. Thanks to the professionals at Custom Security Systems, you can use our home automation and security services to keep your Baton Rouge home safe. 

Security at Every Corner

At Custom Security, we provide high-quality security options for you and your family. Of course, the most traditional way is with our alarm systems. But this isn’t just a one-and-done type of security, especially when you choose an alarm system from Custom Security. Our alarm system is only the beginning to building your ideal network of security.

One great way to add to it is with our security cameras. Now, cameras are more affordable and easier to use than ever before. On top of that, they can be placed practically anywhere, inside or out. Now you can watch for danger in the street or from your own door. More subdivisions choose to protect their residents with video, and with our neighborhood cameras, you can clearly see license plates even in the dark. 

Of course, cameras aren’t the only way you can add to your home security system. You also can add fire alarms, garage openers, locks—you name it! But you may wonder, “How does it help me if I’m not home?” and “How can I take care of everything while I’m away?” Thanks to modern technology, this is easier than ever!

What IS Home Automation?

The idea of Smart Homes is you can control different aspects of your home from wherever you are with your phone. With Custom Security, we have an app available for you to take control of your home security system. Instead of worrying about whether or your security system is armed or even if you left the light on, you can just open the app. Home automation is also about awareness of what’s going on at home, and with devices like flood sensors, you can be alerted if something unexpected happens. So feel free to check your phone even when you’re thousands of miles away! All you have to do is set up the services that fit with your lifestyle at Custom Security Systems. Let’s get you the protection you need.

Protection With Home Automation for Your Baton Rouge Home

Are you ready to protect your home to the fullest? Take advantage of our home automation services at Custom Security today. Our Baton Rouge-based security system company is dedicated to making your life easier and safer. If you have any questions for us before you begin or are looking for a free quote, feel free to call 225.927.5535. We’re more than happy to help you out!

Get expert security camera installation in Baton Rouge.

How a Professionally Installed Security Camera Can Keep You Safer

When it comes to protecting your home or business, one of the greatest advantages you can have is the ability to see potential intruders before they attempt to break in. This can give you valuable time to prepare and possibly prevent a break-in from occurring. At Custom Security Systems, we know firsthand the role that security monitoring systems play in keeping homes and businesses secure. When you add security cameras to your plan, it offers enhanced protection to your home and business. This is why we offer professional security camera installation in Baton Rouge as well as several excellent products and services to keep customers safe. So, whether you need enhanced protection or want to ensure the wellness of loved ones within your home, Custom Security offers modern and effective security solutions that can help. Learn more about our products and services to see how they could keep you, your loved ones, and your business safer.

Keeping Businesses Protected

For many business owners, the thought of a break-in can be incredibly stressful. These buildings often contain several valuable assets that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. In addition, many businesses also house company and employee documents with sensitive data, including payment and social security information. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, three out of four employees admit to stealing from their employers at least once. On average, 95% of businesses each year experience some sort of theft. Do you want to take the chance that your business becomes part of those statistics?

Your business is valuable, so naturally you want to do whatever you can to protect it. That’s where we come in. Custom Security can handle security camera installation for your Baton Rouge business. These cameras can deliver several cutting-edge features, such as:

  • 24/7 color capabilities
  • Enhanced nighttime clarity and detail
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) functionality for scanning large areas, such as parking lots
  • License plate scanning capabilities
  • LIve feed access and more

In addition, they can also provide several additional features aside from protection against burglaries. Custom Security business camera systems can help you see what your employees are up to, even when you’re off the property. You can also keep an eye on specialty equipment or even monitor register transactions in areas where money is handled.

Sleep More Soundly in a Safer Home

As important as your business is, there’s no place like home. Custom Security also offers security camera installation and monitoring services for Baton Rouge homes. They can catch detailed and high-definition footage of would-be intruders. This can give you the time to react and defend your home, and the saved footage may also be helpful for catching the culprit later on. And, since these cameras are internet compatible, you can view live feed from virtually anywhere with your phone or tablet.

Providing Quality Security Camera Installation and Services in Baton Rouge

When you want to keep your home or business protected from potential intruders, trust Custom Security for your security needs. We have been helping Baton Rouge residents enjoy safer living since 1977. And we are ready to provide services and equipment that can make your home or business more secure. To learn more about our products and services, get in touch with us! Call us at 225-927-5535 or contact us online to schedule a free appointment. Protect what you value the most with Custom Security.