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How a Home Security System From Our Alarm Company Near Prairieville Works

When you think of a home security system, front door cameras and alarm systems may spring to mind. However, this is far from the full features that you can discover from our home alarm company near Prairieville! Custom Security Systems protects your home inside and out from intruders, damage, fires, and even carbon monoxide. When you choose a home security system from our company, you can enjoy these additional safety features and more.

Internal Sensors

Disaster can strike when you are away from home or even as you sleep. With internal sensors, you can protect your home, belongings, and loved ones from harm, especially when you’re most vulnerable. Our home alarm company can equip your Prairieville home with fire systems for carbon monoxide, smoke, and heat. When these sensors detect unnatural levels, an alarm will sound to alert you to danger. When fire or carbon monoxide is present in your home, time is of the essence. These sensors can save the valuable time you need to move your pets and family outside while first responders make their way to your home.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are a fantastic addition to your home security system for outdoor safety. These sensors monitor infrared energy to detect when humans or animals are within range of your home. When a body moves within range, the motion detector will trigger your alarm to sound off the intruder, and this can also be set to alert our Baton Rouge alarm monitoring system. We even offer pet immune motion detectors, this way small creatures won’t set off false alarms.

Broken Glass Alarms

Add glass break detectors to your home security plan to detect damage or attempted home invasion. These sensors can monitor sliding glass doors, glass panels on doors, and other windows around your house. These alarms detect the sound and vibration of breaking glass. In the case of a broken window, an alarm will be set off at your home and an alert will be sent to our 24/7 monitoring system. Our home alarm company can help you figure out the best placement for these detectors in your Prairieville home and set the proper sensitivity for each sensor. 

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Your home protects your loved ones and belongings. Add an extra layer of safety to your Prairieville property with the help of our home alarm company! From security cameras to motion detectors and more, Custom Security Systems makes sure that your house is protected whether you are home or away. To speak with one of our experts, call 225-927-5535 today. Reach out to us to learn more about our security features and smart home capabilities. We’ll help you determine the best selections for your needs.