Home Security Cameras

Not long ago, having home security cameras was considered a luxury, available only to a few.  Now, cameras are affordable and more people are adding them to their home security systems. In addition to enhancing security, video offers homeowners assistance with their daily routines. For instance, use cameras to be sure a package has arrived or that the kids have made it safely home from school.


Using Cameras for Security

Whether you’ve had an incident or if you just want to use them as a tool to detect events, Custom Security Systems has a cameras that suit your needs. Outdoor cameras can verify the identity of visitors and spot potential risk near areas like swimming pools. Adding cameras with infrared technology allows you to view nighttime activity outside your home. Instead of putting yourself in possible danger, use your smartphone to see what’s happening outside. Use indoor cameras near entrances to monitor comings and goings of loved ones. Camera systems can be set up to record to a DVR so that you can archive and review footage or can be set up for live view as events happen.




Using Cameras for Convenience

Camera systems add a layer of security, but for many, they become part of their daily routine. Want to know what the people are doing when you are not at home?
Use remote-view cameras to:
  • Check on in-home workers (cleaning services or caregivers)
  • Know if people are in your home without permission (kids/babysitters having friends over)
  • Check up on pets during the day
  • See if packages have been delivered to your door



24/7 Color Cameras

When it comes to selecting the right security camera, the amount of options can be overwhelming. But if you’re looking for quality, high-definition cameras to add to your security system, look no further than the LTS 24/7 Color Cameras. See the difference for yourself!
  • Same Location
  • Same Time of Day
  • Same Weather Conditions


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