Personal Security Solutions

For us, security doesn’t stop with an alarm system. Personal security devices and services add another layer of protection to your system. Custom Security Systems offers traditional medical pendants and keyfobs, but with Wellness services, you’ll get a more proactive approach to personal security and independent living.

Medical Alert Systems

Get peace of mind with the addition of a medical alert device to your security system. These water-resistant devices are easy to use and are available in a panic button, wristband, key chain, pendant, and belt clip. In most cases, these can be added to your current alarm system without increasing your monthly bill. Our local monitoring station provides 24-hour assistance and can dispatch emergency medical first responders for you.


In addition to using a medical alert device, you can also add Wellness services to your personal security plan. Wellness helps pinpoint potential health issues by using motion detectors and sensors to gauge activity and behaviors.

Loved ones can have access to reports through a smartphone app. These reports categorize activity and behavior as normal, above normal or below normal.

Add a Wellcam to the plan, and you get a live picture or clip notifications of events. With the touch of a call button on the camera, you also create a direct connection to a loved one. For more information, watch the video below.

Watch the Wellcam video