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3 After School Safety Tips From an Alarm Company Serving Baton Rouge, LA

Many parents would love to be home when their children finish the school day, but it may not be realistic for their work schedules. With children alone for a few hours in the afternoon, parents may be anxious about their safety and security.  Thankfully, the experts at Custom Security Systems are ready to share a few recommendations for keeping your family until you can return home from work. Here are three after-school security tips from an alarm company serving Baton Rouge, LA.  

1. Install Locks for Smart Doors

With after-school schedules bringing kids home before parents, many households might resort to hiding a key somewhere.  Unfortunately, the first places intruders typically look for access to a home tend to be common hiding spots for keys. So your secret hiding spot might not be so secret after all. But you can minimize the risk of an emergency key by investing in smart door locks. These locks use a programmed keypad to allow individuals access to the home with a unique combination. 

Many parents are all too aware of their kids’ tendencies to lose or forget keys. Households with forgetful children can now remotely unlock and lock smart doors. With a smart lock, your child can use a code to unlock the door (or you can do it remotely for them). Some locks will even auto-lock after entry so that kids don’t forget to lock the door behind them once inside the house.

2. Remotely Check In With Security Cameras 

For families who want to check if their children arrived safely home from school, security cameras and doorbell cameras can be a huge help. Having some temporary anxiety about what’s happening at home? Quickly check the cameras to restore your peace of mind. Cameras allow you to stand guard from afar while also keeping an eye out for any rule-breaking with the app on your smartphone

3. Get Creative With Object Sensors Like Flex IO

We know Louisiana is often called the Sportsman’s Paradise. So naturally, many residents have hunting equipment like guns or other weaponry in their homes. Ideally, all firearms or weaponry should be hidden and locked away from the reach of minors. But children tend to have a curious nature as they grow up and learn about the world around them. Unfortunately, they may put themselves in danger by playing with dangerous items when no one is home to stop them. 

Luckily, homeowners can add the first cellular sensor, Flex IO, to their alarm system with the help of an alarm company serving Baton Rouge, LA. Flex IO has revolutionized the security industry because of the state-of-the-art technology used. You can now monitor your valuables without worrying about weather or range limitations. 

Your phone will notify you with an alert when even the slightest movement triggers the Flex IO sensors. So, if your child interacts with weaponry, power tools, or any other dangerous possession, you can act immediately. 

The possibilities are endless with the Flex IO. For example, you could install sensors on a pool gate or other areas of the home that may be dangerous without adult supervision. With security cameras and smart locks, you can become a fly on the wall looking out for your children until you can return home. 

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