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How Can Security Camera Installation Help Neighborhoods in Prairieville, LA?

Whether you live in a gated community or a residential area governed by a Homeowners Association, neighborhood security systems can provide an added layer of comfort. Custom Security Systems can install cameras around your home and even a central camera at the entrance to your neighborhood. These cameras not only act as a warning to intruders, but they also offer easy viewing no matter where you are. Let’s discuss a few reasons to consider security camera installation in Prairieville, LA, for your neighborhood and personal property.

Neighborhood Security Cameras Ward Off Intruders

As with any noticeable security system, choosing security camera installation for your neighborhood in Prairieville, LA, can be a crime deterrent. If any unsavory individuals decide to venture into your subdivision, expertly placed cameras may discourage a crime from being committed. This can be especially effective in preventing vehicle break-ins. In 2020, car theft was responsible for $7.4 billion in losses. Security camera installation around your home or neighborhood can help ward off burglars and protect your property.

According to, homes with security systems are 300% more likely to experience a break-in. While Custom Security Systems recommends having a home alarm and camera system for individual homes, we can also protect your neighborhood with entry cameras that complement the design and aesthetic of the area. No bulky cameras are needed—just aesthetically pleasing yet effective security systems.

Security Systems Protect Public Spaces in Your Neighborhood

Who can check your neighborhood security system? Most often, your Homeowners Association (HOA) will have access to the camera feed. Checking camera footage is simple with our easy-to-use smart device application. Your HOA can simply open the app to remotely check your security cameras anytime, anywhere. This is also a smart security option for public areas in a neighborhood, like playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, or basketball courts. Our experts can position cameras to monitor gates and access areas for additional safety. 

Specific Camera Placement Can Catch License Plate Numbers

Not only do neighborhood security cameras monitor activity in your subdivision, but they also allow you to retrieve video as necessary. If break-ins, vandalism, or other crime occurs in your neighborhood, our cameras are set up to capture high-quality video. This comes in handy for gathering the clearest possible picture of intruders, their vehicles, and even their license plate numbers. And, our cameras are even designed to capture these details in the dark, complete with time stamps for added evidence. When it comes time for your security camera installation in Prairieville, LA, our experts will provide end-user training, software setup, and calibration of the camera to make sure it’s functioning optimally.

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