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How Access Control Systems Simplify Business Security

Unauthorized access is a major threat to business security. What if you could enhance your business security both outside and inside your company? With access control systems, you can eliminate the need for hard-copy keys. And, this helps to prevent access sharing. Access and entry can be as easy as using your phone or mobile application. Learn how access control systems in Baton Rouge from Custom Security Systems can further streamline your business operations.

Access Control Systems Offer Easier Entry

Juggling sets of keys or access cards can be a hassle. But with business access control systems, you can make business entry simple! Don’t worry about providing workers with copies of keys, fobs, or cards for building entry or internal entry. Your system grants access when your employee holds their phone up to the access pads. Employees don’t even have to open an application or log into their accounts to be registered by your access system. 

With our digital access control systems, you can quickly and easily add high volumes of users to your system at once. As an employer or supervisor, you can access this list to add users or delete users as needed through the app or website. Once added to your system, you can send a text-based mobile credential invitation to your employees. They will then accept and download the application. With a simple swipe of their phones, your workers can enter your building or other rooms within your company that require authorized access.

These Systems Cut Down On Unauthorized Access

For companies that require items such as key fobs, access cards, or traditional lock-and-key entry, this can increase the risk of unauthorized access. Employees may abuse these items by sharing them with other employees or guests. Or if these items are lost, they may fall into the wrong hands. Cut down on unauthorized usage and entry with Custom Security Systems’ access control systems in Baton Rouge.

Digital access systems do not require the need for an additional item to enter. All your employees need are their smartphones! Since most individuals keep their phones on their person, all your workers need to enter will be right in their purses or pocket. Within your access control system, you can also set up entry codes individualized to each worker or authorized visitor. This cuts down on access sharing or stealing another user’s credentials.

Your Custom Security Systems expert makes setup for access control systems a breeze. We install access panels around the exterior of your business, and if you have areas within your company that require even more security or limited access, we place panels at these entrances as well. 

Our access control systems are cloud-based, making them easy to incorporate with alarm and video systems. Monitor daily access activity, view security camera footage, remotely lock and unlock doors, buzz in guests from anywhere, and more. And if an employee loses their phone or gets a new mobile device, we can set up new mobile credentials and send them straight to their phone. If you are interested in adding these additional services to your company’s security system, we would be happy to discuss your options.

Get Access Control Systems Installed in Baton Rouge

If you are ready to streamline your business security, Custom Security Systems can help you build the perfect security package for your company. With access control systems, camera monitoring systems, alarms, and more, you can rest assured that your Baton Rouge company is safe inside and out every day of the week. Give us a call at 225-927-5535 for a free quote or make an appointment online to discuss which security measures are right for you.