Neighborhood Security Camera

How Neighborhood Security Cameras Keep Families Safe

Creating and maintaining a satisfactory security system is vital to keeping your family safe. As technology continues to progress, we see more and more advances in home security, such as smart houses, Connected Car, and inventions like Flex IO. These can help families create a dome of safety while turning their property into a haven. But what about security beyond the home? What if you could have some peace of mind when your family leaves the safety of your home? Neighborhood cameras are one way to extend your security beyond the borders of your personal property. Still on the fence about neighborhood security cameras? Learn how they can help keep the families in your community safe with Custom Security Systems

What Do the Experts Think About Neighborhood Security Cameras?

Did you know Baton Rouge Police Chief Jeff LeDuff actively recommends that communities take advantage of the security benefits of these community cameras, stating, 

“I believe in having cameras in my neighborhood and in my home… Neighborhood cameras are a great investigative tool and the evidentiary significance of video in court is invaluable.” 

These cameras have provided, time and time again, invaluable resources for law enforcement during the investigation process. Even after law enforcement concludes their investigation and the case is handed to the legal system, this evidence can make or break your case when pressing charges and holding criminals responsible for their actions.

Did You Know the Presence of Security Cameras Deters Criminals?

Security cameras could decrease the likelihood of falling victim to crime. With the help of security experts like Custom Security, your community gains the protection of a 24/7 watch. Even neighborhoods that have yet to experience crime should realize their need for a dependable security system in case of the worst.

The moment a criminal spots a security camera, they are much less likely to commit a crime as they are likely to get caught. Suppose a member of the community finds themselves the victim of a crime. In that case, the aftermath of finding those responsible will not feel like finding a needle in a haystack. With the help of neighborhood cameras, the investigation is streamlined as law enforcement has access to priceless evidence to support their investigation. Security camera footage is far more reliable for identifying the suspect than a vague sketch from eyewitness accounts. 

Your Options for Neighborhood Security Cameras

For Louisiana communities looking to install neighborhood security cameras, Custom Security Systems can help build the ideal system for your security needs. In addition, there are many enhancements beyond the standard neighborhood security camera system. Here are just a few ways we can enhance neighborhood security: 

  • License Plate Cameras. These cameras allow you to keep a log of every vehicle that comes and goes from your neighborhood. In addition to capturing the license plate number, the make, model, and distinguishable features of suspicious vehicles are recorded with time stamps.
  • Overview Cameras. These 24/7 color cameras can be installed on posts throughout the neighborhood to capture a large overhead view. Additionally, they can be mounted to one post or in non-obtrusive locations to maintain environmental aesthetics. 
  • High-Quality Recordings. Recording clear images and videos during both day and night are vital to an efficient security system. Our team works with you to install the perfect combination of overview cameras and license plate cameras to capture any suspicious behavior. Due to the high quality of these cameras, they can still capture clear recordings at night. 
  • Gate Entry. In addition to the surveillance security measures, many neighborhoods choose to invest in a secure gate entry at all entrances to the community. This is an excellent way of keeping unwanted visitors away and recording visitors who enter. 
  • Full-Service Installation and Maintenance. With over 45 years of experience, Custom Security expertly provides complete installation of your security system. Maybe just simply – We can also provide on-site training to end users, retrieve video footage for law enforcement agents and manage the upkeep of the system.

Extend Your Security System Beyond the Home

Feeling safe in your community is a feeling Custom Security Systems believes everyone is entitled to experience. Allow us to help you and your community feel safer from possible threats with neighborhood security cameras and systems. Please call us at, call us at 225-927-5535 or fill out a form online. Create the safe haven you deserve with us.