7 Ways the Wellcam Smart Security Camera Helps Parents

7 Ways the Wellcam Smart Security Camera Helps Parents

As kids head back to school, it’s important to have your home security systems in place to make this transition easier! Whether you are an on-the-go parent or have late working hours, the Wellcam smart security camera keeps you connected to your children even while you’re away. At Custom Security Systems, we are dedicated to helping families stay safe and comfortable with smart and simple solutions. Here are seven reasons why this smart security camera could be a fantastic addition to your household.

1. Call Buttons Give Kids a Direct Line to Their Parents

On average, 11.3 million children spend time unsupervised after school because of their parents’ work schedules. Waiting for you to get home can be a stressful situation for your child. Sitting in the house after dark or getting an unexpected visitor at the door is an understandable source of anxiety. With the call button located on the Wellcam smart security camera, your children can reach you in seconds through the convenient phone application. Talk directly with your child and view the camera feed within the house to help your child feel secure.

2. Two-Way Voice Helps You Stay Connected

In addition to using this call button for emergency purposes, this button can provide an easy way for you to chat with your kids while they’re home alone. Do they have questions about dinner prep? Maybe they need help with their homework? Your child can simply press this button to call your phone app and speak directly with you. And with a high-quality speaker built right into the Wellcam smart security camera, you won’t have to worry about hearing anything other than a crystal clear message.

3. Zoom In on Details From Your Phone

The Wellcam records in a high-definition 1080p resolution. This means that your videos will be clear and your camera can easily detect activity within the home. As you check your video through the phone application, you can also zoom in at up to six megapixels. This way, you can see details up close, easily check other areas within the frame, and capture clear screenshots.

4. See Your Room Clearly in 180-Degrees

In addition to the Wellcam’s high-quality camera rate, this smart security camera also captures 180-degree video. This means that your video will stretch over a wider area, allowing you to see even more in one frame. With the panoramic view of this camera paired with 1080p visuals and a fantastic zoom rate, you can monitor your children’s activity as if you were standing in the room with them.

5. Change Camera Position With Ease

Need to switch the location of your camera? No problem. The Wellcam smart security camera is easy to set up and just as easy to move. Whether you need to change angles on the camera or move it to a different location altogether, the camera’s plug-and-play capabilities make it simple to relocate when needed. Put this camera in a living room, a game room, or upstairs to monitor your children’s activities while you’re away from home.

6. Get Alerts From Built-In Motion Detection

Want to make sure your kids are right where they’re supposed to be and catch any unexpected behavior? With the Wellcam’s motion detection monitoring, this smart camera can detect set patterns of activity. Say your children arrive home from school at 3:30 on weekday afternoons and head to bed by 9:00 p.m. or earlier. If our camera does not detect motion during this timeframe or even catches movement outside of your designated range, you can be alerted immediately through the Wellcam smartphone app.

7. Check Regular Activity Updates Within the Phone App

Whether you are at work or out of town, you can receive regular activity updates from the Wellcam smartphone app. See when your child comes home from school, what activities occur within the camera’s vision, and any unexpected behavior that may happen during the afternoon. Stay up to date with these daily highlights to make sure that your child is safe and on track with their daily activities!

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As a busy parent juggling work, errands, and children, back-to-school season can add another hurdle. With the Wellcam smart security camera, you can take a layer of stress off your routine! This camera safeguards your children even when you’re out of the house. If you are interested in learning more about this camera and its smart technology, contact your home security experts at Custom Security Systems. Give us a call at 225-927-5535 to find the right security solutions to have you ready when school is back in session.