3 Benefits of Home Automation in Baton Rouge

 3 Benefits of Home Automation in Baton Rouge 

With the technology continuing to develop around us, the level of security possible for property owners has increased with the help of home automation. Protecting your home has never felt easier. The best part? While home automation makes home security feel easier, it is still achieving new levels of security unparalleled in previous systems. Learn the three benefits of home automation in your Baton Rouge home with the experts of Custom Security Systems

Home Automation in Baton Rouge Gives You Surveillance at the Touch of a Button!

Home automation refers to a protection system that offers user-friendly ways to stay connected to many household security devices. This is done by connecting everything protecting your home, like alarm systems and motion detectors, together to be controlled via your mobile device. Alerts will provide a notification on your phone when there is any sign of suspicious activity or when certain events occur. Through the app on your cell phone, you can investigate the alert, check security cameras, turn on alarms, lock and unlock doors, and more. 

In case of the worst-case scenario, these features help you streamline the process of response to danger and can help minimize possible fallout. Altogether, these amazing features help you achieve a constant level of surveillance and the ability to respond regardless of where you may be in the world. 

Relax With Health and Wellness Automation!

Another benefit of home automation in Baton Rouge is less focused on warding away unpleasant situations and more focused on protecting the ones we love. Many people use door cameras and smart doors to allow friends and family to come and go as they please while remaining secure. They use the cameras to check in on loved ones and at-home services while away. 

Even with a user-friendly system, less technology-oriented individuals like older generations may feel overwhelmed by the idea of home automation despite the many benefits. Luckily, for those trying to look out for senior loved ones, home automation has wellness and health systems. Custom Security System’s health system gives peace of mind to both loved ones and at-risk individuals with our medical alert devices. These devices are easily accessible as key chains, wristbands, belt clips, and more. With the help of the Custom Security System’s local monitoring station, you can have 24-hour assistance whenever you need it, sending emergency dispatch straight to your home. 

Another feature offered by Custom Security Systems is Wellness services. We can add this to your existing personal plan and allow you to pinpoint potential health issues and monitor activity and behaviors. This is done through motion detectors and sensors to gauge routines and behavior. Loved ones can access this through the smartphone app and learn about wellness through a series of reports categorized by levels of normalness. Many people add cameras called Wellcam to this system to get live pictures and clip notifications of events as they unfold. It even allows you to contact loved ones using a direct connection through the touch of a call button. With these wellness and health home automation services for your Baton Rouge home, you can connect with loved ones in a deeper, safer way. 

Save Money With Light and Climate Routines 

Not only does this help you control the security of your home, but it also helps you increase awareness of the cost of utilities like electricity bills. Home automation allows you to control appliances, lighting, and thermostats with climate control and light control using smart home technology. With the app, you can establish schedules and remotely control devices in your home. No more forgetting to turn the lights off before you leave and accidentally leaving them on all day! 

Interested in Home Automation in Baton Rouge? 

If you are interested in home automation systems for your Baton Rouge home, Custom Security System is the right company for the job. We have been serving the people of Louisiana since 1977 and operate our own locally operated UL-Listed monitoring station for 24 security. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of home automation, please call us at 225-927-5535 for a free quote. Don’t wait to enhance your life and security.