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Don't let demolition damage the wiring of your Baton Rouge smart home system.

8 Things You Should Know When Renovating Your Home

When renovating your home, the excitement of creating a fresh and updated living space can overshadow some important considerations. If you have an integrated Baton Rouge smart home, you’ll want to ensure that your renovation project doesn’t inadvertently disrupt the functionality of your security system or smart home setup. Learn how Custom Security Systems can help you navigate these challenges with eight crucial things to remember during your home renovation.

1. Be Wary of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances, metal roofing, mirrors, and other metallic elements may look sleek in your renovated space, but they can interfere with WiFi or Z-Wave communication. This interference could affect the performance of your smart home devices. Custom Security Systems can help by installing special equipment to compensate for these issues, ensuring your smart home remains reliable.

2. Landscape Changes Can Block Cameras

If your renovation project includes landscaping changes like new fences or plant installations, take care not to obstruct the view of your security cameras. Proper camera positioning is crucial for surveillance. Ensure your landscaping plans don’t inadvertently create blind spots that compromise security.

3. Cover Up Smoke Detectors

Construction projects can generate dust and debris that may interfere with smoke detectors. It’s essential to protect your smoke detectors during renovations by covering them. Just remember to uncover them when construction is complete to ensure they function correctly in case of an emergency.

4. Make Sure Demolition Doesn’t Damage Wiring

During demolition and construction, there’s a risk of damaging wiring, including the wires that connect your smart home devices. To avoid this issue, work closely with your contractors to identify and protect existing wiring. Custom Security Systems can also assist in evaluating and safeguarding your wiring infrastructure.

5. Window Replacement Can Affect Security Sensors

If your renovation involves window replacements, your security sensors will likely require attention. You may need to add new sensors to the windows or simply reconnect existing ones. If you have wired sensors, it’s a good idea to ask your window company to leave two inches of wire so that our installation team can easily reconnect your sensors.

6. Consider Upgrades to Your Baton Rouge Smart Home System

While you’re revitalizing your home, why not consider upgrading your Baton Rouge smart home system? Custom Security Systems offers a range of smart home solutions, including touchscreen keypads, smart locks, lighting controls, garage automation, thermostat management, doorbell cameras, and more. These upgrades can enhance your home’s security and convenience.

7. Consider Adding Flood Sensors

If your renovation includes new flooring or if you live in a water-prone area, consider adding Water Dragon flood sensors to your smart home system. These sensors can help you stay updated on water usage and detect potential issues like freezing pipes, slow leaks, or abnormal water flow rates. It’s an investment in peace of mind and proactive home protection.

8. Let Custom Security Systems Test Your System

If you’re unsure whether any of the changes you’ve made during your renovation might affect your smart home or security system, it’s a smart move to call Custom Security Systems for testing. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure your system is functioning correctly. If we don’t receive your signal, we can arrange for a service technician to investigate and resolve any issues.

Give Custom Security Systems a Call Today

As you renovate your home, remember that Custom Security Systems is here to help you safeguard and upgrade your Baton Rouge smart home system. Don’t let your renovation disrupt the security and convenience you’ve come to rely on. Reach out to us at 225-927-5535 or make an appointment online. You can trust us to keep your smart home functioning smoothly before and after your renovation project.

Protect your Baton Rouge home inside and out with smart home systems.

How Baton Rouge Smart Home Systems Secure Your Home’s Perimeter

With advancements in integrated home security technology, ensuring the safety of your home has become easier than ever. Homeowners now have access to advanced security solutions beyond traditional alarm systems. Baton Rouge smart home systems provided by Custom Security Systems offer a comprehensive approach to protecting your home’s perimeter. Let’s explore how security cameras, Perimeter Guard™ alarm systems, outdoor Z-Wave light technology, and Flex I/O sensors work together to protect your home from vandalism, theft, and intrusion.

24/7 Security With Outdoor Cameras

Security cameras are the backbone of any security system. With smart home systems, you can keep a watchful eye on your property at all times. High-definition 24/7 Color Cameras capture detailed footage and provide real-time monitoring, allowing you to respond quickly to suspicious activity. Doorbell cameras are also a great option for monitoring visitors and capturing evidence of porch theft. Record and archive footage from these cameras night and day, and view it with ease from your smartphone or other smart device. 

By strategically installing cameras around your property, you can create a visible deterrent for potential intruders. And if an incident does occur, the recorded footage can serve as valuable evidence for law enforcement agencies. Talk with the experts at Custom Security Systems to discuss your options for adding exterior cameras to your Baton Rouge smart home systems, ensuring the best outdoor protection and peace of mind.

Advanced Protection With Perimeter Guard™ Alarm Systems

Custom Security Systems provides line-crossing cameras and Perimeter Guard™ alarm systems to further protect your home’s perimeter. Crossing through these cameras’ lines of sight will send an alert to your smart device to alert you to activity. You can also set a customized sound with Perimeter Guard™ as a warning to deter unwanted visitors. This is also a great option to enhance pool safety around your home. By integrating line-crossing cameras and Perimeter Guard™ into your Baton Rouge smart home system, you can defend against potential intruders, protect your family, and safeguard your property around the clock.

Smart Outdoor Lighting With Outdoor Z-Wave Light Technology

Lighting plays a crucial role in home security. Adding Z-Wave lights to your Baton Rouge smart home systems can further enhance your outdoor safety measures. Z-Wave smart lighting can be installed around your property with a variety of smart technology, including: 

  • Smart switches
  • Smart bulbs
  • Smart outlets
  • Relays
  • And plug-in modules

These can then be programmed to turn on automatically with specific triggers. Set certain times for these lights to turn on and off, or set them to light up when motion is detected. This smart lighting system provides a well-lit environment in and around your home during nighttime hours.

This smart lighting system offers several benefits. These lights deter crime by making your property less attractive to criminals who prefer to operate in darkness. Additionally, well-lit surroundings may ensure better visibility for security cameras, enhancing their effectiveness. And, if you have children or pets who may wander outside unsupervised, these lights can help add an extra layer of safety around pools and play areas.

Comprehensive Exterior Monitoring With Flex I/O Sensors

Enhance your home security by expanding beyond outdoor cameras and lighting systems. Flex I/O cellular sensors are an advanced perimeter security solution for protecting your loved ones and property. Install these weather-resistant sensors on pool gates, storage sheds, or outside doors. 

You can even install these sensors on valuable items like bikes, lawnmowers, and other outdoor items that may be vulnerable to theft. If one of these doors is opened or your valuables are moved, you will receive an instant notification on your smart security app. With alerts for suspicious activity, the Flex I/O can give you peace of mind knowing that your property and outdoor belongings are secure.

Protect Your Property With Baton Rouge Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems can help protect homeowners from much more than traditional break-ins. Features like video surveillance, Perimeter Guard™ alerts, Flex I/O sensors, and Z-Wave smart lighting technology offer unique ways to deter intruders and keep valuables safe. They also provide the perfect way to protect unsupervised loved ones, pets, and outdoor belongings. 

To develop an individually tailored system for your specific needs, contact the professionals at Custom Security Systems. Call 225-927-5535 or make an appointment online. Reach out today and let us create a comprehensive Baton Rouge smart home security system that protects your home from the inside out!

smart home app on tablet

5 Advantages of Working With a Smart Home Company

Smart home automation systems offer convenient solutions for a variety of needs. From controlling your lighting and thermostat to receiving essential notifications about your home security system, smart home automation provides additional protection and connection whether you are close to home or out of town. Are you interested in upgrading your home’s technology to a smart system? Discover five benefits of smart home automation from Custom Security Systems, your trusted security company in Baton Rouge.

1. Home Automation Can Increase Home Security

Have you ever left home and wondered if you armed your security system? Smart home automation systems eliminate this worry. With smart technology from our home automation company in Baton Rouge, you can remotely arm and disarm your security system from your phone or smart device. And for added security, smart home systems even allow homeowners to lock and unlock doors from virtually anywhere. Whether you are allowing family or guests to enter your home while you’re away or ensuring that your home is safely locked and armed, smart home automation is a convenient way to enhance security.

2. A Smart Home Gives You Convenient Control

What if you could control features within your home from a single phone application? With smart home systems from our trusted security company in Baton Rouge, you can. With a comprehensive smart home system, homeowners can manage a variety of controls no matter where they are. 

Adjust your thermostat to be comfortably warm when you get home on a chilly winter day. Turn on your indoor or outdoor lights if you are returning home after dark. Or, control security features such as arming your security system, locking your doors, and checking video camera surveillance. With smart home systems, you have control of these features at your fingertips.

3. A Smart Home Company Delivers Peace of Mind

It’s natural to worry about your home or family while away. But with smart home automation, you can stay connected to your home and provide your loved ones with additional security. Receive notifications on your smart device when activity is detected within your home. This includes the opening of doors or windows or alerts for smoke or carbon monoxide detection. Or if you have elderly loved ones living at home, get medical alerts and activity monitoring sent straight to your phone. And with Custom Security Systems’ 24/7 local monitoring, we are always available to dispatch first responders to your home in case of an emergency.

4. Smart Home Automation Can Lower Energy Bills

With rising energy costs, leaving your air conditioner running or leaving a light on during the day can contribute to an expensive monthly bill. But thanks to precise AC & lighting controls through our smart, app-controlled home automation systems, you can have full control over environmental settings in your home! 

Using a smart thermostat, you can set your air conditioner to a comfortable setting while you are out for the day. Then, as you head home, simply change the thermostat through the app so you can be greeted with perfect temperature. And with lighting controls, you can remotely switch on your lights right when you need them to prevent wasted energy.

5. Home Automation Keeps You Connected to Your Home

With the ease of smart home automation, you can quickly and easily control various features within your home. Not only can you access these capabilities from your smart device, but you can also customize your connected services to send important notifications. From a low security system battery to an opened liquor cabinet or gun safe, your app-connected system can make you immediately aware of questionable occurrences within your home. 

Contact a Helpful Smart Home Company in Baton Rouge

Interested in building a comprehensive smart automation system for your home? Choose the smart home company in Baton Rouge that you can trust. Custom Security Systems can help you build the right home security and automation system to meet your needs! Call us at 225-927-5535 for a free quote. Or, make an appointment with one of our helpful representatives to discuss our full range of capabilities.

3 Benefits of Home Automation in Baton Rouge

 3 Benefits of Home Automation in Baton Rouge 

With the technology continuing to develop around us, the level of security possible for property owners has increased with the help of home automation. Protecting your home has never felt easier. The best part? While home automation makes home security feel easier, it is still achieving new levels of security unparalleled in previous systems. Learn the three benefits of home automation in your Baton Rouge home with the experts of Custom Security Systems

Home Automation in Baton Rouge Gives You Surveillance at the Touch of a Button!

Home automation refers to a protection system that offers user-friendly ways to stay connected to many household security devices. This is done by connecting everything protecting your home, like alarm systems and motion detectors, together to be controlled via your mobile device. Alerts will provide a notification on your phone when there is any sign of suspicious activity or when certain events occur. Through the app on your cell phone, you can investigate the alert, check security cameras, turn on alarms, lock and unlock doors, and more. 

In case of the worst-case scenario, these features help you streamline the process of response to danger and can help minimize possible fallout. Altogether, these amazing features help you achieve a constant level of surveillance and the ability to respond regardless of where you may be in the world. 

Relax With Health and Wellness Automation!

Another benefit of home automation in Baton Rouge is less focused on warding away unpleasant situations and more focused on protecting the ones we love. Many people use door cameras and smart doors to allow friends and family to come and go as they please while remaining secure. They use the cameras to check in on loved ones and at-home services while away. 

Even with a user-friendly system, less technology-oriented individuals like older generations may feel overwhelmed by the idea of home automation despite the many benefits. Luckily, for those trying to look out for senior loved ones, home automation has wellness and health systems. Custom Security System’s health system gives peace of mind to both loved ones and at-risk individuals with our medical alert devices. These devices are easily accessible as key chains, wristbands, belt clips, and more. With the help of the Custom Security System’s local monitoring station, you can have 24-hour assistance whenever you need it, sending emergency dispatch straight to your home. 

Another feature offered by Custom Security Systems is Wellness services. We can add this to your existing personal plan and allow you to pinpoint potential health issues and monitor activity and behaviors. This is done through motion detectors and sensors to gauge routines and behavior. Loved ones can access this through the smartphone app and learn about wellness through a series of reports categorized by levels of normalness. Many people add cameras called Wellcam to this system to get live pictures and clip notifications of events as they unfold. It even allows you to contact loved ones using a direct connection through the touch of a call button. With these wellness and health home automation services for your Baton Rouge home, you can connect with loved ones in a deeper, safer way. 

Save Money With Light and Climate Routines 

Not only does this help you control the security of your home, but it also helps you increase awareness of the cost of utilities like electricity bills. Home automation allows you to control appliances, lighting, and thermostats with climate control and light control using smart home technology. With the app, you can establish schedules and remotely control devices in your home. No more forgetting to turn the lights off before you leave and accidentally leaving them on all day! 

Interested in Home Automation in Baton Rouge? 

If you are interested in home automation systems for your Baton Rouge home, Custom Security System is the right company for the job. We have been serving the people of Louisiana since 1977 and operate our own locally operated UL-Listed monitoring station for 24 security. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of home automation, please call us at 225-927-5535 for a free quote. Don’t wait to enhance your life and security.

Why You Need a Smart Home Company | Denham Springs, LA

Why You Need a Smart Home Company

In this day and age, home security is more important than ever. But, the rise of technology allows us to be more alert and safer than ever. Of course, that being said, you still need to be aware of what you need and find what works for you and your home security. Take a look at what our smart home company can do for you and your home in Denham Springs, and stay safe the smart way.

Staying Up to Date With Security Features

We know that it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your security needs. However, with today’s technology, what does that look like? Well, why don’t we take a look?

Your door is your home’s first line of defense. A doorbell camera is especially helpful in times when you aren’t sure who’s at your door. You can even take pictures if necessary for later identification. In addition to that, there are also smart door locks that you could consider. With these, you can have a passcode to enter, which you can change up to or have as many as 30 users, so you know who exactly has gone inside. Of course, there are also cameras that you can set up either inside or outside the home. Because these are connected to your home security system, you can connect to all of these simply by opening the app on your phone. With connectivity at the base of all of these features, you can have a much easier time being on top of your home security.

More Than Security

However, you have to keep in mind—smart living is about more than just security. And we are able to meet these needs with our smart home services. In addition to the items listed above, there are other helpful services that can help you stay on top of your home’s needs.

For example, you may be the kind of person who wants your thermostat to be very specific. However, you can’t stay on top of your thermostat at all times. Even if you’re miles away, you can take care of it. But it doesn’t just stop with a thermostat either. You can also utilize features like these for your garage, your lights, and more. Functionality and automation are at your fingertips, and it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you and your family. Get in touch with the right smart home company for you and begin automating your home.

Trust Our Smart Home Company to Keep You Safe

With modern technology, safety is at your fingertips. Let’s make your safety easier together. Get in touch with us as your choice smart home company, and let’s update your home in Denham Springs today.

Do you have a question for one of our professionals before we begin? No problem. Call us at 225.927.5535 to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives. If you already have something in mind, you can also call to get a FREE quote! Custom Security is here to help you with your family’s safety and wellbeing.

Learn how to set schedules for your smart home security.

How to Set Schedules for Your Smart Home Security

In this age of smart technology, your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even smart TV can be incorporated into your home’s security system. With Custom Security Systems, all you need is our app and our integrated home security devices! Use our smart device app and Z-Wave devices to easily set schedules for your smart home system and enjoy greater peace of mind wherever you may be. Smart home security systems are convenient, interactive ways to protect what matters most. Here are our tips to make your home smart.

First, What Are the Benefits of a Smart Home Security System?

Smart home security systems allow you to keep an eye on your home whether you are across town or away on vacation. These systems monitor your home, your pets, and your children to ensure that your loved ones and belongings are secure. With Custom Security Systems’ Z-Wave technology, you can link your various smart devices to your home security system! This means that you can not only receive security alerts, but you can also control your lights, thermostat settings, and even lock your doors remotely.

Need Help Setting Schedules for Your Smart Home System?

Z-Wave is the hub of your smart home. With our technology from Custom Security Systems, you have options to take care of your home while you’re away. This technology allows you to control multiple devices around your home through smart technology. Through wireless communications, smart items—including locks, thermostats, televisions, security cameras, and more—can be controlled with ease through a smart application. Once you have installed these Z-Wave devices, simply download the Custom Security Systems application and further customize your security settings to meet your needs! Here’s how you can customize your home:

Smart Door Locks

Have you ever locked your key inside your home or forgotten to lock your door when leaving? Our smart door locks help to take the stress of your home security off your shoulders. Up to 30 users can set personalized key codes to manually enter into your doorknob’s keypad. Or, you can lock or unlock your door remotely. Our smart locks can also be set to auto-lock when you leave. These settings are available to provide you with extra peace of mind, especially for the security of your children or senior adult residents.

Smart Climate Control

Control your smart thermostat and adjust the temperature to a comfortable setting before you get home from work with your smart device. Set thermostat schedules for when you are home, going to sleep, waking up, and away. You can even access Geo-Services to adjust your temperature depending on how close you are to home! The best part? These smart temperature settings may help homes and businesses save up to 20% on their energy bills!

Smart Lighting Control

If you work late-night shifts or are returning to your home late at night, smart lighting control is available to greet you when you get home. Rather than entering a dark house, you can program your Custom Security smart system to turn your lights on as you arrive. You can also set them to turn off when you leave to prevent costly energy bills. Within our app, you can schedule what time of day your lights should turn on and off. With the help of our smart lighting control, you’re never left in the dark—literally.

Set Up Smart Home Security Today!

Are you ready to set up smart home security? Get in touch with us at Custom Security Systems today! Call 225-927-5535 for a free quote and to determine the right smart systems for your home. We make sure that your smart home systems are fully integrated for easy use. And for added comfort, we offer 24/7 alarm monitoring to ensure that your home is always safe and sound. Protect your home today!