Learn seven smart uses for your security cameras in Baton Rouge.

7 Smart Uses of Security Cameras in Your Home

Security cameras remain one of the most effective tools available to homeowners. With recent advancements in technology, there are now more options than ever for security cameras in your home. Security cameras can benefit a Baton Rouge homeowner in numerous ways! Learn seven smart uses of home security cameras that you may not have considered before with Custom Security Systems.

1. Monitor Activity When You’re Away 

Security cameras are commonly used while away from home, allowing homeowners to watch their property from a remote location. Cameras can help ensure everything is safe and sound, deter criminals, and alert homeowners of suspicious activity. 

Additionally, parents can keep an eye on their children by checking the footage from the cameras. For instance, they can verify if their kids arrived home safely from school or receive a clip notification when the security system is disarmed. Another popular smart security camera for families is the Wellcam. It connects your family even when you are away and offers many benefits. Learn about more family security options here

2. Keep an Eye on Pets

For pet owners leaving their pets alone for extended periods, security cameras can provide a way to monitor their activity remotely beyond Baton Rouge. Custom Security understands how finding the right system can make a difference in pet care. Setting up multiple cameras around the house allows pets to be watched from various angles. This helps owners stay connected with their pets and ensure they are safe and comfortable.

3. Monitor Delivery Drivers 

Security cameras in Baton Rouge can be beneficial for those who frequently order or receive packages. By installing smart doorbell cameras, homeowners can prevent porch theft and ensure that their deliveries arrive safely. With 64% of Americans falling victim to doorstep theft in 2021, doorbell cameras are becoming vital to home security. For more information on preventing doorstep theft, check out our helpful blog post.

Doorbell cameras offer additional benefits beyond preventing porch piracy. Homeowners can use the cameras to identify who’s at the door before opening it, providing an additional layer of security.

4. Monitor Home Services

Homeowners often hire cleaning services but can’t oversee the process due to schedule conflicts. Installing security cameras provides a way to monitor the service’s activity and ensure they’re doing their job correctly and efficiently. This eliminates the worry of potential exploitation by home services when homeowners aren’t present, providing peace of mind.

5. Deter Vandalism

To deter vandals from targeting your property, strategically placing security cameras around your home can be effective. Criminals are less likely to take action if they know they could be caught on camera. After all, no criminal wants to get caught red-handed! 

All areas of your home can be securely monitored 24/7 by high-tech surveillance equipment, even when you’re not there yourself! Plus, with Custom Security’s 24/7 local alarm monitoring, your home benefits from an around-the-clock guard. 

6. Monitor Driveways and Garages

To enhance security for your property, add outdoor cameras to large driveways or attached garages. This guards against burglaries or vandalism and allows you to observe the driveway safely. This could be useful for many occasions, such as delivery drivers or family members traveling late into the evening!

7. Catch Intruders in the Act 

Having security camera footage available gives homeowners an added layer of protection by helping catch intruders in the act! Having video footage available afterward could still allow law enforcement officers to identify the culprits. If an unidentified individual sets off your alarm our monitoring system will receive an alert. Then, we will contact you for a description of the intruder to share with dispatchers. This evidence can make it much easier for police officers to track down suspects quickly.

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Security cameras are an incredibly powerful tool for homeowners for so many reasons! Custom Security Systems provides Baton Rouge residents with reliable solutions to protect what matters most. So consider installing extra surveillance equipment around your property with the help of Custom Security Systems. If you have any questions, please send us a message online or call 255-927-5535.