Don't let demolition damage the wiring of your Baton Rouge smart home system.

8 Things You Should Know When Renovating Your Home

When renovating your home, the excitement of creating a fresh and updated living space can overshadow some important considerations. If you have an integrated Baton Rouge smart home, you’ll want to ensure that your renovation project doesn’t inadvertently disrupt the functionality of your security system or smart home setup. Learn how Custom Security Systems can help you navigate these challenges with eight crucial things to remember during your home renovation.

1. Be Wary of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances, metal roofing, mirrors, and other metallic elements may look sleek in your renovated space, but they can interfere with WiFi or Z-Wave communication. This interference could affect the performance of your smart home devices. Custom Security Systems can help by installing special equipment to compensate for these issues, ensuring your smart home remains reliable.

2. Landscape Changes Can Block Cameras

If your renovation project includes landscaping changes like new fences or plant installations, take care not to obstruct the view of your security cameras. Proper camera positioning is crucial for surveillance. Ensure your landscaping plans don’t inadvertently create blind spots that compromise security.

3. Cover Up Smoke Detectors

Construction projects can generate dust and debris that may interfere with smoke detectors. It’s essential to protect your smoke detectors during renovations by covering them. Just remember to uncover them when construction is complete to ensure they function correctly in case of an emergency.

4. Make Sure Demolition Doesn’t Damage Wiring

During demolition and construction, there’s a risk of damaging wiring, including the wires that connect your smart home devices. To avoid this issue, work closely with your contractors to identify and protect existing wiring. Custom Security Systems can also assist in evaluating and safeguarding your wiring infrastructure.

5. Window Replacement Can Affect Security Sensors

If your renovation involves window replacements, your security sensors will likely require attention. You may need to add new sensors to the windows or simply reconnect existing ones. If you have wired sensors, it’s a good idea to ask your window company to leave two inches of wire so that our installation team can easily reconnect your sensors.

6. Consider Upgrades to Your Baton Rouge Smart Home System

While you’re revitalizing your home, why not consider upgrading your Baton Rouge smart home system? Custom Security Systems offers a range of smart home solutions, including touchscreen keypads, smart locks, lighting controls, garage automation, thermostat management, doorbell cameras, and more. These upgrades can enhance your home’s security and convenience.

7. Consider Adding Flood Sensors

If your renovation includes new flooring or if you live in a water-prone area, consider adding Water Dragon flood sensors to your smart home system. These sensors can help you stay updated on water usage and detect potential issues like freezing pipes, slow leaks, or abnormal water flow rates. It’s an investment in peace of mind and proactive home protection.

8. Let Custom Security Systems Test Your System

If you’re unsure whether any of the changes you’ve made during your renovation might affect your smart home or security system, it’s a smart move to call Custom Security Systems for testing. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure your system is functioning correctly. If we don’t receive your signal, we can arrange for a service technician to investigate and resolve any issues.

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