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11 Ways to Increase Awareness in Your Smart Home in Baton Rouge

Elevate your smart home experience in Baton Rouge with 11 strategic approaches to heighten awareness and security within your living space. From customized surveillance to home automation, we’re dedicated to making your home smarter and safer. Explore eleven options to connect your smart home’s potential new features with Custom Security Systems in Baton Rouge. 

1. Chime on Keypad

When it comes to home security, every feature counts. One such feature that often goes unnoticed is the chime sound on your keypad. This simple yet effective tool can be a game-changer for households with small children or those caring for family members who require extra attention.

Users can enable the chime sound on your keypad, and it will alert them with a short beep whenever someone opens a door or window. This auditory alert is an instant update about movements within your home, providing an additional layer of safety and assurance.

For example, this feature is fantastic in homes with young children. It’s not always possible to keep an eye on active kids every second. The chime feature acts as an extra set of ears, alerting you if your child tries to venture outside or into a room they’re not supposed to. 

Similarly, in households with elderly members, especially those prone to wandering or forgetting to secure doors or windows, the chime can provide immediate notification. 

Beyond these specific situations, the chime also enhances home security, alerting you to potential unauthorized entry. So, make the most of this feature and add an extra layer of security to your smart home in Baton Rouge.

2. Water Dragon™

The Water Dragon™ is your affordable water monitoring solution for hassle-free leak detection. This 24/7 system revolutionizes property protection with its whole-property coverage, utilizing ultrasonic pulses to identify abnormal water flow and protect against potential damage. Installation is a breeze, taking less than 10 minutes with its clip-and-zip design that fits seamlessly into tight spaces. 

However, the Water Dragon™ isn’t just about leak prevention! It’s a comprehensive water management tool. Beyond monitoring for leaks, it monitors pipe temperature and sends alerts about potential frozen pipes. Overall, the Water Dragon™ allows homeowners to gain a higher awareness of water consumption and safety in their smart homes in Baton Rouge.

3. No Show Alerts

No Show Alerts are a groundbreaking feature designed to streamline household routines. By configuring this notification system, users receive instant alerts if their security system remains armed beyond the designated disarming time. Families juggling different timely departures for school and other responsibilities away from home often find this tool invaluable. 

4. Unexpected Activity Alerts

Unexpected Activity Alerts are a revolutionary feature for smart home security in Baton Rouge. This intelligent software learns your routines, like when you typically arm and disarm your system or open doors. The real value shines when something unusual happens, triggering an immediate notification. 

For instance, if a household member disarms the system at an unusual hour, you receive an Unexpected Activity Alert. Within moments, you can check in and ensure their safety. 

Additionally, this feature is especially beneficial for households with teenagers, notifying you of unusual door or window activity without invading privacy. These alerts act as a great way to maintain vigilance when you’re not around.

5. Door Left Open Smart Home Alerts for Baton Rouge Families

The Door Left Open feature offers a dual advantage, enhancing home security and energy efficiency. Receive prompt alerts when a door is left open, whether it’s a storage area, back door, or a space containing sensitive items. 

The Door Left Open feature automatically adjusts temperature settings for those with smart thermostats, contributing to energy conservation. In fact, smart thermostats can save some homeowners as much as 20% on energy costs. 

6. Flex IO™

Incorporating cutting-edge sensors into your security system adds an extra layer of intelligence without the hassle of non-alarm events. Flex IO™ is the versatile sensor your smart home needs to send you alerts when triggered, providing timely notifications.

This technology isn’t limited to gates or doorways alone. It can be deployed to safeguard standalone assets like ATVs and lawn equipment. The moment these items are in motion, the sensor sends a notification, keeping you in the loop and enhancing the overall security of your property. Here are some of the additional features of Flex IO™: 

  • Monitors openings, closures, movements, tampering, and touches.
  • Remarkable battery life exceeding two years for worry-free protection.
  • Doesn’t rely on panels, hubs, or Wi-Fi connections—utilizes LTE cellular coverage.
  • Ideal for safeguarding workshops, garages, and sheds with long-range capabilities.
  • Quick and easy setup seamlessly attaches to doors, gates, cabinets, or valuables.

These are just some of the many benefits of Flex IO™. For more information, contact our team at Custom Security Systems to learn more about incorporating this into your smart home in Baton Rouge. 

7. Connected Car

Elevate the security of your Baton Rouge smart home effortlessly by adding your car to the same app as your alarm system. The Connected Car app is a must-have for addressing specific vehicle safety concerns. It goes beyond basic diagnostics, offering enhanced security features like location tracking and alerts for unexpected movements.

Receive maintenance alerts seamlessly and stay in the know about your vehicle’s health. The app isn’t just about car care; it’s a tool for safeguarding your loved ones. With family safety controls, easily monitor younger family members’ driving habits, from excessive speeding to sudden acceleration and hard braking.

8. WellCam

WellCam isn’t just a smart security solution. It is a versatile companion for both your senior family members and children. For the younger ones, the call button feature offers a quick and direct line of communication via the app, ensuring easy connectivity when parents are away. This not only enhances security but also reduces stress for children home alone.

Whether keeping an eye on the kids or checking in on elderly family members, WellCam’s 1080p resolution and 180-degree video capture provide a comprehensive view. Its zooming capabilities add more detail to monitoring, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Simple to set up with plug-and-play capabilities, WellCam adapts effortlessly to various monitoring needs. It’s not just a security camera; it’s a versatile tool that prioritizes the well-being of your entire family.

9. Permenter Guard

Perimeter Guard offers top-notch security for your home, combining outdoor camera video with attention-grabbing sound alerts and a flashing LED light to deter unwanted behavior. When activated, sensors trigger a loud sound alert, and the LED light instantly captures potential intruders’ attention. 

Customize the system with zone-based recording rules, adjusting tones, volume, and duration. With expert installation and support from Custom Security, trust that your Perimeter Guard™ system is optimally set up, providing cutting-edge technology and reliable protection for your home

10. Line Crossing Alerts 

Line Crossing on cameras is another feature to boost awareness to your smart home in Baton Rouge. This feature alerts you whenever a designated area, such as your driveway, pool area, or front door, is breached. It’s like having a virtual security guard informing you about specific zones on your property. This straightforward yet powerful tool enhances your security measures by keeping you connected to your smart home in Baton Rouge. Stay ahead in safeguarding your home with Line Crossing technology.

11. Package Alerts 

Smart doorbell cameras have transformed home security, with a standout package alert feature as a strong defense against theft in Baton Rouge. It provides instant SMS, email, or push notifications when a package is left, complete with a snapshot of the delivery and retrieval. 

Additionally, smart doorbells also function as communication devices. They allow you to engage with delivery personnel in real time, providing directions for safe and appropriate package placement. This interactive feature ensures your parcels are handled and placed exactly as you wish.

Moreover, smart doorbell recording capabilities are critical in documenting unfortunate incidents. If a package is mishandled, thrown, or otherwise improperly dealt with, the video footage captured by your smart doorbell becomes an invaluable asset. This critical evidence can support you in taking necessary actions, such as pursuing a replacement.

Experience the Advantages of a Truly Smart Home in Baton Rouge

Revolutionize your smart home in Baton Rouge by adding these advanced features. From heightened security to environmental consciousness, each smart home feature is tailored to complement the unique needs of Baton Rouge residents. 

Transform your living space today and embrace a future where convenience and safety converge seamlessly. Our team will help you create the secure environment your home deserves. Reach out to us by calling 225-927-5535 or making an appointment online and start elevating your security system today!