Security camera from a smart home company in Baton Rouge

10 Smart Home Tips From a Security Company in Baton Rouge

The holiday season is a time for celebration and spending quality moments with loved ones. It’s also a time when your home security should be a top priority. At Custom Security Systems, we understand the importance of keeping your home and family safe this season. With the help of a smart home system from our security company in Baton Rouge, you can integrate intelligent controls for safety and convenience. Here are 10 ways to make the most out of your smart home system during the holidays.

1. App Widget: Streamlined Control at Your Fingertips

Take advantage of the widget for our app to simplify your interactions. Set up a single button on your phone’s home screen to quickly access frequently-used features. Whether it’s unlocking a door, turning on holiday lights, or arming the system, this widget makes it effortless and efficient.

2. Voice Shortcuts: Command Your System With Ease

Harness the power of voice shortcuts by integrating your smart home system with Siri, Alexa, or other smart home devices. Using voice commands to unlock doors or illuminate the house with holiday lights is ideal for multitasking during holiday preparations. This feature is especially helpful for vision-impaired family members, providing a convenient alternative to manual arming.

3. Android Auto™: Secure Your Home on the Go

For Android users, the Android Auto™ integration offers a seamless connection to your smart home and security controls from your car’s built-in display. Easily activate “Home” and “Away” scenes, control garage doors, and receive real-time alerts—all with minimal distractions, allowing you to focus on the road while staying connected to your home.

4. Smart Locks: Streamline Security Measures

If you have a smart home system from our security company in Baton Rouge, we can include smart door locks as part of your system to simplify the arming process. This feature allows your locks to arm the system and secure your door simultaneously. Additionally, create temporary user codes for holiday guests, offering a secure and convenient entry method during their visit.

5. Arming Reminder: Never Forget to Secure Your Home

Ensure a safer home with the Arming Reminder feature. Set up reminders based on a schedule or proximity to automatically arm your system. Receive notifications and take immediate action directly from the notification, making it easy to secure your home even when on the move.

6. Scenes: One-Touch Automation for Multiple Tasks

Simplify your holiday routines with customizable scenes—a feature that lets you perform multiple tasks with a single button or voice command. For example, create a “Bed Time” scene to arm the system, lock doors, close the garage, turn off holiday lights, and set the thermostat to a cozy sleeping temperature.

7. Places: Smart Automation Based on Location

Use Places to set up smart home automation rules based on your smartphone’s location. Create Geo-Fences within the app to automate devices like lights, switches, thermostats, and garage openers, ensuring your home is secure and energy-efficient when you arrive.

8. Keypad Shortcuts: Quick and Convenient Arming

Save time and effort with keypad shortcuts. Arm your system with a simple key press—such as #2 for “Away” or #3 for “Stay”—eliminating the need to enter the entire code. This user-friendly option is perfect for families, businesses, or holiday guests who may not be familiar with the complete alarm code.

9. Bluetooth: Hands-Free Disarming for Convenience

Experience hands-free disarming with Bluetooth capabilities on our all-in-one system. Connect up to five smart devices, allowing you to disarm the system effortlessly, even when your hands are full with holiday packages, groceries, or precious bundles of joy.

10. Functional Doorbell App: Welcome Guests from Anywhere

Our doorbell camera app offers more than just visual verification of guests. Greet holiday visitors from anywhere, unlock the door, and disarm the system—all from a single screen. This feature ensures a warm welcome for your guests, even if you can’t be there in person.

Gift Yourself a Smart Home System From Our Security Company in Baton Rouge

Maximizing the potential of your smart home system is vital to a safe and stress-free holiday season. If you’re looking for a reliable smart home system from a security company in Baton Rouge you can trust, contact Custom Security Systems at 225-927-5535 or make an appointment online. Our expert team is ready to assist you with smart home installations and offer guidance on utilizing your system to its full potential. This holiday season, prioritize security and convenience with Custom Security Systems.