Protect your Baton Rouge home inside and out with smart home systems.

How Baton Rouge Smart Home Systems Secure Your Home’s Perimeter

With advancements in integrated home security technology, ensuring the safety of your home has become easier than ever. Homeowners now have access to advanced security solutions beyond traditional alarm systems. Baton Rouge smart home systems provided by Custom Security Systems offer a comprehensive approach to protecting your home’s perimeter. Let’s explore how security cameras, Perimeter Guard™ alarm systems, outdoor Z-Wave light technology, and Flex I/O sensors work together to protect your home from vandalism, theft, and intrusion.

24/7 Security With Outdoor Cameras

Security cameras are the backbone of any security system. With smart home systems, you can keep a watchful eye on your property at all times. High-definition 24/7 Color Cameras capture detailed footage and provide real-time monitoring, allowing you to respond quickly to suspicious activity. Doorbell cameras are also a great option for monitoring visitors and capturing evidence of porch theft. Record and archive footage from these cameras night and day, and view it with ease from your smartphone or other smart device. 

By strategically installing cameras around your property, you can create a visible deterrent for potential intruders. And if an incident does occur, the recorded footage can serve as valuable evidence for law enforcement agencies. Talk with the experts at Custom Security Systems to discuss your options for adding exterior cameras to your Baton Rouge smart home systems, ensuring the best outdoor protection and peace of mind.

Advanced Protection With Perimeter Guard™ Alarm Systems

Custom Security Systems provides line-crossing cameras and Perimeter Guard™ alarm systems to further protect your home’s perimeter. Crossing through these cameras’ lines of sight will send an alert to your smart device to alert you to activity. You can also set a customized sound with Perimeter Guard™ as a warning to deter unwanted visitors. This is also a great option to enhance pool safety around your home. By integrating line-crossing cameras and Perimeter Guard™ into your Baton Rouge smart home system, you can defend against potential intruders, protect your family, and safeguard your property around the clock.

Smart Outdoor Lighting With Outdoor Z-Wave Light Technology

Lighting plays a crucial role in home security. Adding Z-Wave lights to your Baton Rouge smart home systems can further enhance your outdoor safety measures. Z-Wave smart lighting can be installed around your property with a variety of smart technology, including: 

  • Smart switches
  • Smart bulbs
  • Smart outlets
  • Relays
  • And plug-in modules

These can then be programmed to turn on automatically with specific triggers. Set certain times for these lights to turn on and off, or set them to light up when motion is detected. This smart lighting system provides a well-lit environment in and around your home during nighttime hours.

This smart lighting system offers several benefits. These lights deter crime by making your property less attractive to criminals who prefer to operate in darkness. Additionally, well-lit surroundings may ensure better visibility for security cameras, enhancing their effectiveness. And, if you have children or pets who may wander outside unsupervised, these lights can help add an extra layer of safety around pools and play areas.

Comprehensive Exterior Monitoring With Flex I/O Sensors

Enhance your home security by expanding beyond outdoor cameras and lighting systems. Flex I/O cellular sensors are an advanced perimeter security solution for protecting your loved ones and property. Install these weather-resistant sensors on pool gates, storage sheds, or outside doors. 

You can even install these sensors on valuable items like bikes, lawnmowers, and other outdoor items that may be vulnerable to theft. If one of these doors is opened or your valuables are moved, you will receive an instant notification on your smart security app. With alerts for suspicious activity, the Flex I/O can give you peace of mind knowing that your property and outdoor belongings are secure.

Protect Your Property With Baton Rouge Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems can help protect homeowners from much more than traditional break-ins. Features like video surveillance, Perimeter Guard™ alerts, Flex I/O sensors, and Z-Wave smart lighting technology offer unique ways to deter intruders and keep valuables safe. They also provide the perfect way to protect unsupervised loved ones, pets, and outdoor belongings. 

To develop an individually tailored system for your specific needs, contact the professionals at Custom Security Systems. Call 225-927-5535 or make an appointment online. Reach out today and let us create a comprehensive Baton Rouge smart home security system that protects your home from the inside out!