Selling Safety?

With Doorknockers, It’s the Opposite

We see it every year – out-of-town security doorknockers canvassing neighborhoods to find vulnerable people who will open their doors. We feel we owe it to you, our subscriber, to educate you about some of their tactics. We’ve let you know that their rates are double, sometimes triple what you pay, that they have out-of-state monitoring and that when the summer is gone, so are they. While these things are cause for concern, even more troubling is the growing trend in the deceptive practices of these summer interns, and their “get-the-sale-at-all-costs” mentality.

Toward the end of last year, one of our subscribers told us that the doorknocker who came to her house flashed a badge and said the Fire Marshal’s Office (who licenses security companies) sent him to do a security check. We’ve had several subscribers tell us that these same people came to their houses and claimed to be with Custom. Just last month, a security doorknocker was arrested in New Orleans after forcing himself into a woman’s home, where he actually laid his hands on her and refused to leave the house when asked.

There is a disturbing irony to these incidents. The very people who are trying to sell you items to secure your home have the same traits as the ones you are trying to keep out of your home. The bottom line? Don’t answer the door to someone you don’t know, especially if they want to question you about your security. If you have concerns about your security, or want to report an incident, please call us at 225.927.5535.


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