Door Knockers Want You to Switch Security

Here’s What You Should Know

Each year our area is bombarded by companies that use interns to knock on doors to sell you security. We call them security door knockers. The companies they work for do not have local monitoring stations or on-call service departments. The tactics some of them use to get you to switch should make you think twice about using them for your family’s security. They may tell you that your equipment is outdated or that it cannot be upgraded. We want to remind you that we can upgrade systems we monitor with features like cellular communication, home automation, touch screen keypads, and system control from your smartphone. If you ever have questions about your system or service, or want to update it, give us a call anytime at 927.5535.



Beware Security DoorknockersWe’ve encountered these doorknockers in just about every neighborhood in and around Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, they have convinced some of our subscribers to switch, which has given us an opportunity to have a firsthand account of the tactics these companies use.

Fire System
If you opted to add a fire system to your security system, you’ve made a wise choice. However, when these takeover companies switch your services, they may replace the hard-wired system that includes smoke and heat detectors with just one smoke detector to cover the entire house. By doing this, they are leaving most of your house and attic unprotected and vulnerable.

Low Battery
These companies typically use the existing control panel as a power source when they switch your services. They connect the panel to an electronic circuit board which is connected to their keypad. What you should know is that by setting your keypad up this way, they are eliminating the warning you get when you have a low battery. You won’t know when your battery is about to give out, until you need backup battery power and realize there is none.


More Information from Our Subscribers
Some of our subscribers approached by these solicitors told us that the doorknockers gave them the impression that they were with Custom Security and were going around updating systems.

We had one subscriber tell us that the salesperson who came to her door was carrying a fake badge and was trying to pass himself off as someone from the State. He told her the system was out-of-date.

The company says they are local “just like Custom” and are located in Metairie, but the paperwork has a Utah address.

How to Protect Yourself
When you are approached by these out-of-state solicitors, be very careful about the type of information you reveal about what your system does and does not do. Take a lesson from one of our subscribers who was cautious. She told the doorknockers, “if you are with Custom, why don’t you know what kind of system I have?”

If you are unsure of what the salesperson tells you, get as much information as you can – including asking for a name and phone number. You can ask them for their license issued by the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal, who also warns homeowners against doorknockers. Do online research on complaints filed against the company.

If you do sign a contract with these doorknockers, be aware that as with any documents of this kind, you legally have three days to cancel the contract – even if the work has been done already. We are finding that the doorknockers are telling our subscribers to wait to call us to disconnect their services, with the assumption being that it will be past the three-day grace period.

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