Customizable Security Systems Vs. DIY Security Systems

Customizable Security Systems vs. DIY Security Systems

Security systems are easily found online and in-store for at-home setup. It’s natural to be drawn to the simplicity of a store-bought security system when you want to strengthen your home’s safety. But, while these systems are easy to come by, they don’t offer the same value as customizable security systems. At Custom Security Systems, we know the benefit of crafting the perfect system to meet your home security needs. Learn the difference between DIY security systems and custom systems to understand why an individualized system is best for your home.

What Can a Boxed System Offer?

Traditional store-bought systems are appealing for their do-it-yourself setup. These come in many packages that can include cameras, a keypad or digital lock, doorbell cameras, or motion detectors. These can be controlled through a phone application for a monthly or annual fee. A DIY system may be an easily obtainable option for a security system, but these basic features only offer baseline protection. And, customers are responsible for setup, which can be a decently complicated process.

While this is a convenient option, buyers should also be aware that DIY systems are “cookie-cutter,” or without necessary customization. Customizable security systems provide a greater range of security features and controllable benefits for your home. With Custom Security Systems, we tailor your system to fit your individual needs. After an onsite visit, we can help determine where you can benefit from greater security and develop a system that fits your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Customized Security

At Custom Security Systems, we offer customizable security packages to help you build your perfect system. This can include smart devices and wiring so that your entire home can be connected and controlled! Secure your home with an alarm, camera, and fire system. With our easy-to-use app for digital devices, you can monitor cameras and be alerted by open doors or windows, smoke or carbon monoxide detection, or strange activity captured on video. And once you develop the perfect security package for your home, our professionals take care of the installation. No hours spent reading and rereading how-to manuals needed! And should you have any questions, Custom Security Systems is available 24/7 by phone at 225-927-5535 so that we can help with any problems or concerns.

You can also integrate smart safety technology throughout your home for added comfort and security. With a smart lock and doorbell camera, you can monitor front door activity throughout the day. And, you can control your lock remotely to allow entry as needed or ensure that your home is securely locked. Smart home technology also provides remote control access, including changing your temperature settings or turning lights on to greet you as you return home. And aside from protecting your home with customizable security systems, you can also add solutions to your plan for car security, giving you the option to locate your vehicle, get alerts for speeding, and monitor maintenance issues.

With Custom Security Systems, we don’t just provide customizable security systems. We also offer 24/7 monitoring in Baton Rouge. Our operators are available even on weekends and holidays to ensure that your home is safe and secure, whether you are at home or on the road. We monitor sensors for suspicious activity and smoke or carbon monoxide detection. If our signals alert us to issues, we contact you immediately to verify before reaching out to emergency responders. Let Custom Security Systems offer an added layer of protection to your security system!

Discover Your Perfect Customizable Security Systems

Ready to craft your perfect security system to keep your home and family safe instead of relying on basic do-it-yourself systems? Custom Security Systems is ready to help you discover the right customizable security systems for your home! Give us a call today at 225-927-5535 for a free quote or make an appointment with us to learn the best features for your system. For Baton Rouge residents searching for trustworthy at-home security solutions, Custom Security is ready to assist.