How Security Systems Can Help With Fall Prevention

How Personal Security Solutions Help Seniors Stay Safer

When family members get older, some of the everyday tasks we take for granted can present new risks. Necessary activities such as cooking, bathing, or just walking around the house can become more hazardous. And a misstep or fall could lead to a serious injury when no one else is around. However, modern security technology can offer personal security solutions to keep seniors safer. At Custom Security Systems, we offer security services that go beyond keeping your home safe. Many understand the importance of fall prevention for seniors. And there are steps seniors and family members can take to better safeguard themselves against injuries at home. But when a fall occurs, the time it takes for help to arrive can be crucial. Learn which steps you may be able to take to prevent this situation from occurring. And, in the event that an emergency does happen, discover how Custom Security Systems’ services could help when time matters most.

What Makes Fall Prevention So Important?

According to the CDC, one out of five falls causes a serious injury, such as head trauma or broken bones. And, more than 95 percent of hip fractures are caused by falling, especially sideways falling. But there are things seniors can do to avoid becoming a part of those statistics.

One key thing to consider is the person’s current and previous health conditions. A serious fall can increase the likelihood of another serious fall down the line. And certain conditions, such as vitamin D deficiency, vision and balance problems, certain medications, and lasting conditions (such as stroke or arthritis) can also increase risk. If the at-risk individual has an in-home caregiver, it can be important to discuss these risks as well as steps that can be taken to minimize them.

How Can Seniors Safeguard Themselves Against Fall-Related Injuries?

Additionally, certain home modifications can also protect against injuries. These can include taking steps like installing safety rails and non-slip surfaces in bathrooms. Ensuring that the home’s lighting is sufficient can also prove helpful. However, even with these measures, some risk for falls and other injuries still persists. 

But personal security systems can provide enhanced protection. For example, you may be able to add a medical alert device to a home’s security system without increasing your monthly bill. In the event of an emergency, our local monitoring station can take quick action to get help. Wellness services can also enhance a personal security plan. This service can use a home’s sensors and motion detectors to recognize potential health issues. 

Enjoy a Greater Level of Safety and Security With Custom Security Systems

The key to fall prevention is to take a proactive approach. Custom Security Systems is dedicated to keeping clients safer with innovative technology and reliable monitoring services. To learn how we could keep your home or a loved one’s home safer, call us at 225-927-5535 or use our chat feature to speak with a representative. Experience greater peace of mind with Custom Security services today!