Fire Systems

Installing and monitoring fire systems is only part of what do. Because of the life safety issues surrounding home fires, we encourage everyone to add fire detection to their home system. Custom Security Systems can put together a plan for your home that includes heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in high-risk areas like attics, near bedrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.  Besides providing life safety and property protection, a monitored fire system in your home can also save you money on your homeowners’ insurance.


Monitored Fire Systems:
For When No One is Home

Monitored smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors offer a greater benefit than stand-alone detectors because they can alert you to a fire when you are not at home. Custom Security Systems’ monitoring station can be your link to the fire department when receiving a signal from your system. Without monitored detectors, it may take several minutes for someone outside your home to realize there is a fire inside. By that time, your home and many of your valuables may be lost.  Another benefit of fire alarm monitoring is that it provides a safety net for a home with pets where owners cannot be present at all times.


Monitored Fire Systems:
For When Someone is Home

As devastating as losing your home and valuables is, an even more important reason to have an integrated fire system is for when you and your family are at home. Nearly 80% of all fire deaths occur when people are asleep. It is a common misconception that smelling smoke will awaken you. However, breathing in smoke and gases could put you into a deeper sleep.  Adding sirens to the fire system gives you a way to awaken your sleeping family.  However, the value of having a third party outside of the emergency to send the fire department for you is priceless.  In a situation where minutes matter, Custom Security Systems’ dispatch could mean the difference in your family’s survival.


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