Hurricane season is coming! See how you can better prepare your home and home security system with Custom Security.

Prepare Your Home Security System for Hurricanes!

We’re getting deeper and deeper into the storm season, and everyone is getting ready with sandbags, food stocking, and more. But there’s more that you should do to prepare for the upcoming weather. A good home security system can help keep you safer and more aware during a hurricane! But how? Find out what our home security system can do for you and schedule your setup today.

No Power? No Problem!

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to strong storms is power outages. And when it happens, wouldn’t your home security system go out as well? This isn’t so with systems from Custom Security! In the event that your power goes out, your security system uses a backup battery to continue the job. Most batteries last about 24 hours, so it would be helpful to have extra on hand, just in case. Once power is restored, the battery recharges. Not sure how to change the battery? Take a look at this helpful YouTube video to better understand and be ready just in case the power goes out. 

But there are other ways to be prepared with a power-related emergency. For example, you can set up your security system mobile app to alert you to power outages and restorals. This is best for the moments that you aren’t in town and can’t tell until later. Then you can send someone over to make arrangements for moving pets and perishable items.

We also suggest you add a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for your camera system. This gives you about 20 minutes of power, so your DVR keeps recording. This is a great option for both homes and businesses, especially for insurance purposes in case something happens, such as a tree falling on your building. 

Other Ways to Stay Safe

Power isn’t the only concern when it comes to storms. In order to prevent false alarms during a storm, make sure to close your storage or shed doors tightly and lock them, if possible. Heavy winds could blow them open and ruin anything inside. Additionally, we suggest that you take the time now to program our monitoring station’s number into your cell phone so you know when we’re calling. Many people these days don’t answer their phones to numbers they don’t know. 

Of course, there’s also the concern about gas, carbon monoxide, and other inhalants during a storm. Many people have chosen to get a generator, but the recent storm has also taught us that generator use can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Generators should be either outside of your home, or in the garage only if you leave the door open so that harmful gases can get out. Some other sources of carbon monoxide to watch out for during a storm include charcoal or gas grills, gas or propane-powered saws, and gas ranges. Luckily, carbon monoxide detectors are battery-powered. Meaning they will work even when the power is out so you can stay safe.

Because each home is different and has its own needs, we suggest you sit down and make a game plan with your family to see what can benefit your home, including adding a home security system. Contact us if you need any help with determining the right system for your household!

Get a Home Security System With Custom Security

No matter if it’s before, during, or after the storm—we’re here to help you! If you need help with your home security system or would like a free quote, give us a call at 225.927.5535. One of our staff members will be in touch with you shortly to discuss what we can do for you.