Climate Control with your Security System

Many people have a programmable thermostat, but eliminate its energy-saving benefits by manually adjusting it when their daily schedules change.  Why not use your security system to control your thermostat?  It’s the one device that knows when you come and go. When you leave, set the temperature higher just by arming the system as you normally would.  No more forgetting to adjust the thermostat before you leave – the system does it for you!  Using Z-Wave technology, the ZStat thermostat wirelessly links to your security system control panel.

Conserve Energy and Decrease Costs

Fewer temperature swings leads to conservation of energy, and a reduction in energy bills.  Using the ZStat Thermostat can save homeowners and small business owners as much as 33% a year on energy costs.  Another conservation feature of the system is the keypad lockout, which prevents unauthorized personnel in businesses or kids at home from making adjustments.  The ZStat thermostat also can remind you to clean and change air filters – another way to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.  The system automatically changes from heating to cooling based on indoor temperature, and you can use the fan circulation function when neither cooling or heating is required.
Add a ZStat to Your System