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Baton Rouge Alarm Monitoring

Custom Security Systems never uses subcontractors or an answering service for monitoring your home or business.  All of your calls go directly to our Baton Rouge-based operators without pre-dial delays, 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Our monitoring station is certified each year by Underwriters Laboratories.






Why Local Alarm Monitoring?

Working with Baton Rouge’s emergency responders for over 36 years has given Custom Security a distinct advantage over out-of-state companies.  Operators here are knowledgeable about the procedures and protocols used by city and parish law enforcement when dispatching and responding to alarms.  They are familiar with the layout of the city and know how to pronounce street names when they have to dispatch.  Our operators also know about criminal activity within our area, as well as weather conditions. Another advantage of Custom Security’s Baton Rouge location is that all of your confidential information remains secured in one office – meaning fewer parties have access to it.

How Alarm Monitoring Works

When one of the devices attached to your alarm detects trouble, the control panel sends a signal to Custom Security’s monitoring station through a phone line, cellular transmitter or internet connection.  One of our operators responds to the signal by calling you to alert you.  When the alarm is verified, Custom Security’s operator dispatches emergency responders.  If the alarm was set off accidentally, after confirming with the account holder, the operator will disregard it.

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Alarm Monitoring Without a Phone

If your household is like most, there are multiple cell phones and the land telephone line is rarely used. The only reason you may still have it is for your security monitoring.  With Custom Security Systems’ Customlink cellular transmitter, you no longer need a phone line to have your alarm monitored.  Having Customlink eliminates the expense of a home phone and saves you hundreds of dollars per year.  By adding this wireless option, you have an advantage should phone lines be damaged, downed or cut.

UL-Listed Monitoring

Each year, Custom Security Systems is listed with Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) as a monitoring station that consistently meets their high standards.  UL is a global organization known for its independent testing of public safety products and services.  Custom Security receives an on-site visit from a UL representative who evaluates the security of our facility, observes monitoring procedures, tests equipment, ensures system redundancies and assesses staff capabilities and knowledge.


Ul Certified Monitoring


  • Many years ago, I started having problems with burglaries. The thefts were fairly petty, but the damage to the buildings were quite costly. So, when I started looking for a security company, Custom Security stood above the rest. They have low rates, installation costs are reasonable, and they are located in Baton Rouge. Custom Security also helped me with special applications regarding the monitoring of my refrigeration system. Custom Security has provided reliable security and peace of mind for many years.
    — Perry Seaman, Leo's Ice Land

  • I just wanted to let you know that we have had Custom Security for many years and we have never encountered a problem that was not immediately addressed. If we have ever had an issue, our technician, Charles Houghton, has always been there to help us. We appreciate your services and we look forward to many more years with Custom Security.
    — Ivy Duplessis, Manager At Bayou State Credit, LLC

  • At our restaurant, Derek Chang's Koto, we are definitely pleased with efforts of Custom Security to know we are protected. When it comes to keeping my business safe, no one makes me feel more secure than Custom Security Systems. They gave me a real peace of mind that if I am not there my restaurant is still safe, as well as being very prompt when issues have occurred in the past. We would recommend Custom Security Systems to anyone we know. The staff is always friendly and professional. They will get the job done right!
    — Derek Chang, Derek Chang's Koto

  • We have been using Custom Security for our security and monitoring needs for over 8 years now. We have continued to use them over the years because of their attention to detail and excellent customer service. They have always been prompt and thorough anytime we have needed them. Whether it was a false alarm or something serious, they have always let us know that we are important to them and that our safety is their #1 priority. We will continue to use Custom Security, not only because of the excellent customer service and consistency they have shown, but also because they provide us with what really matters, peace of mind.
    — Angelo Amos, President At Computer Heaven

  • I want to personally thank you for providing me with your state-of-the-art detection systems for over 17 years. As a Baton Rouge based business owner, I really appreciate that you are also locally owned, allowing me to have an excellent rapport with your associates. Your operators are very courteous and professional, your sales team is always responsive and accommodating, and most of all, I appreciate their confidentiality. I trust your services have been vital in keeping my family and me safe and I look forward to our continued association for many years to come.
    — Thomas Turner, Turner Industries

  • When we decided to change our alarm monitoring system to a different company than the one we had been using, we asked others who they would suggest. The large majority of our friends said Custom Security was the best. We recently had our alarm monitoring service upgraded and switched to Custom Security Systems. From the initial consultation to the install, we could not be happier. Custom Security took time to explain the system thoroughly. They have answered all of our many questions and have allowed us to feel safe and secure. Due to our own mistakes (user errors), we have had a few false alarms. An operator calls us within seconds, and it is cleared without any issues. Every employee of Custom Security that we have dealt with has been friendly, personal, helpful, professional and overly competent. MidSouth Insurance Agency highly recommends Custom Security Systems!
    — Margaret May, Owner At MidSouth Insurance Agency

  • Since we opened our business 6 years ago, Salon Eden has been a customer of Custom Security Systems. They have been wonderful for our business – giving us peace of mind that it is protected when we are closed. Recently, we had to terminate an employee and the staff at Custom took the time to walk us through resetting codes, and even going the extra step to make sure we reset passwords (which we wouldn’t have thought to do). The individual attention they give and the local service are icing on the cake. We think everyone in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas should give this locally-owned business a try - you can’t afford not to. You won’t regret it.
    — Mary Verlander, Owner At Salon Eden

  • We use Custom Security for our business and home. We couldn’t be happier with the installation services and monitoring. We have 2 business locations, one in Central and one in Zachary. Custom Security gives us peace of mind that our business and home is protected 24/7. Corey, our sales representative, is always very courteous and instrumental in coordinating any changes or additions that we may have. The 24/7 monitoring staff is always very quick to call or send help if needed. Whether out to dinner or on vacation, we know our home and business are in good hands. Thank you for the services and peace of mind that you provide.
    — Jared David, Owner At Wholesale Pool Supplies

  • Jimstone Co. has been dealing with Custom Security since 1998. We have always been happy with the service and products we’ve received. Call-back response on alarms is always immediate and handled properly. We’ve recently expanded our security system due to new construction, and are very happy with the results. If we have a problem, a Custom Security tech shows up right away. The service we have received throughout the years has always been great and we would not think about using another security company.
    — Donna Gibbons, Owner At Jimstone Co.

  • As one of the owners of Diamond Mazda, Inc. I would like to say that we have enjoyed a 25-year relationship with Custom Security. Custom Security has taken care of all our security needs on several of our commercial buildings as well as our personal homes. I personally would trust no one else with my security needs.
    — Kelly Barnett, Owner At Diamond Mazda

  • I have used Custom Security for my house security system needs for over 15 years.  During that time, they have consistently provided me with outstanding professional service.  When I accidentally set off my alarm, the phone is already ringing with their call to me - before I can dial them.  When I call them, calls are answered quickly by a person.  I always recommend Custom Security to my friends and family.
    — Rob Jenkins, Baton Rouge Resident

  • Here at McDonald Tire, we have our security and cameras installed and monitored by Custom Security. We have been more than happy with the service they have provided us for the past five years. I trust them to help protect both my business and my home. The cameras and monitoring system they provide helped the Baton Rouge Police identify and arrest a man that broke into our shop. Your staff is extremely knowledgeable and prompt with all services. I highly recommend Custom Security.
    — Ben Robinson, McDonald Tire

  • After having been with another security company for 30 years for my home and business, I made the decision to change to Custom Security.  It was one of the best moves I have made in a long time!  The sales and service personnel are tops!  They are always willing to take care of my needs without any delay.  Custom installed a video monitoring system for my business, and I love it.  It is a good feeling to know even when I am not on location that I can see everything that is going on.  Being as I run a childcare/preschool, the parents feel more comfortable, too.  The new security system that Custom installed was a time-saver for me.  I now control the system rather than having to call another city and they make the entries.  I would recommend Custom Security to anyone wanting a top-notch company to work with. -  
    — Toni B. Turnley, Kids Count

  • Custom Security Systems of Baton Rouge updated my existing alarm system 7 years ago. We were delighted with the whole service we received. Their sales team was very knowledgeable and the upgrade they recommended is fantastic. They also provide us the monitoring service which gives my wife and I peace of mind that our family and belongings are safe and secure. Fortunately, we have not had a break-in, but when our system is accidentally set off they are quick to respond. Custom Security Systems is a delight to deal with and I highly recommend them.
    — Don DeBenedetto, Prairieville Resident

  • Custom Security has protected my home and family, along with 4 pieces of rental property, for over 20 years. We deal with a number of different service companies, and Custom Security is at the very top when it comes to efficiency, honesty, and accuracy. I love it when I get a straight answer to a question, and Custom Security has delivered every step of the way. We live in an older home, so wiring was a difficult and complicated task, but the installers (and my salesperson) took on the challenge and completed it on time and on budget. As one of our family members grew older, Custom Security fixed her up with a remote medical device. She used this many times over the years and it was truly a life-saving device. This is a group of caring professionals. I would highly recommend Custom Security to anyone who needs a security system installed or wants great, LOCAL monitoring on an existing system.
    — Steve Storey, Baton Rouge Resident