Baton Rouge Alarm Monitoring

Custom Security Systems never uses subcontractors or an answering service for monitoring your home or business.  All of your calls go directly to our Baton Rouge-based operators without pre-dial delays, 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Our monitoring station is certified each year by Underwriters Laboratories.



Why Local Alarm Monitoring?

Working with Baton Rouge’s emergency responders for over 38 years has given Custom Security a distinct advantage over out-of-state companies.  Operators here are knowledgeable about the procedures and protocols used by city and parish law enforcement when dispatching and responding to alarms.  They are familiar with the layout of the city and know how to pronounce street names when they have to dispatch.  Our operators also know about criminal activity within our area, as well as weather conditions. Another advantage of Custom Security’s Baton Rouge location is that all of your confidential information remains secured in one office – meaning fewer parties have access to it.

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How Alarm Monitoring Works

When one of the devices attached to your alarm detects trouble, the control panel sends a signal to Custom Security’s monitoring station through a phone line, cellular transmitter or internet connection.  One of our operators responds to the signal by calling you to alert you.  When the alarm is verified, Custom Security’s operator dispatches emergency responders.  If the alarm was set off accidentally, after confirming with the account holder, the operator will disregard it.




Alarm Monitoring Without a Phone

If your household is like most, there are multiple cell phones and the land telephone line is rarely used. The only reason you may still have it is for your security monitoring.  With Custom Security Systems’ Customlink cellular transmitter, you no longer need a phone line to have your alarm monitored.  Having Customlink eliminates the expense of a home phone and saves you hundreds of dollars per year.  By adding this wireless option, you have an advantage should phone lines be damaged, downed or cut.



UL-Listed Monitoring

Each year, Custom Security Systems is listed with Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) as a monitoring station that consistently meets their high standards.  UL is a global organization known for its independent testing of public safety products and services.  Custom Security receives an on-site visit from a UL representative who evaluates the security of our facility, observes monitoring procedures, tests equipment, ensures system redundancies and assesses staff capabilities and knowledge.






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