Baton Rouge Alarm Monitoring


Baton Rouge Alarm Monitoring

Custom Security Systems never uses subcontractors or an answering service for monitoring your home or business.  All calls go directly to our Baton Rouge-based operators. There are no pre-dial delays and we are here, 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Our monitoring station is certified each year by Underwriters Laboratories.



Why Local Alarm Monitoring?

Working with Baton Rouge’s emergency responders for over [active-years] years has given Custom Security a distinct advantage over out-of-state companies.  With their knowledge of local law enforcement procedures, our operators respond to alarms quickly and efficiently.  They are familiar with our area and know how to pronounce street names when they have to dispatch. Our operators are also aware of local criminal activity and weather conditions. Another advantage of Custom Security’s Baton Rouge location is that your confidential information remains secure in one office so fewer people have access to it.

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How Alarm Monitoring Works

When a sensor in your home or business detects trouble, the panel sends a signal to Custom Security’s monitoring station through a landline, cellular, or internet connection.  An operator responds to the signal by calling you and verifying the alarm is real. If it is an emergency, Custom Security’s operator dispatches emergency responders to get help to you.




Alarm Monitoring Without a Phone

Most households today have multiple cell phones and the landline is rarely used. If you have a landline just for security monitoring, we have a solution.  With Custom Security Systems’ Customlink cellular unit, you no longer need a phone line for alarm monitoring.  Customlink cuts the cost of a home phone which saves you 100s of dollars per year.  With this wireless option, you won’t have to worry about lines being damaged, downed or cut.



UL-Listed Monitoring

Through Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL), Custom Security Systems meets the high standards to be classified as a UL-monitoring center.  UL is a global group that does independent testing of safety products and services.  Custom Security receives a yearly visit from a UL representative who evaluates the security of our facility and our monitoring procedures. UL also tests equipment, checks for system redundancies and assesses staff knowledge.






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