4 Holiday Safety Tips To Keep The Season Merry

4 Holiday Safety Tips To Keep The Season Merry

The holidays are a busy time full of merriment, joy, family time, and fun decorations. But with so much going on, sometimes our normal home security practices can get lost in the shuffle. This can lead to devastating results, such as a home burglary or a fire. But you shouldn’t have to worry about these issues this holiday season. Take a look at these holiday safety tips and see what can be done to keep your home and family safe this holiday season. 

Have a Fire Extinguisher on Hand

Having a fire extinguisher in the home is essential to your family’s safety. But how should you go about getting and setting up your fire extinguisher? It’s actually a little more complicated than you may think.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the location of your new fire extinguisher is important. Take a look at your home. What’s the chance of a fire starting in this room? A room with brick walls and little-to-no electrical sources should be a less likely place for a fire to start. On the other hand, a room with wooden walls, several electrical outlets, and candles scattered around is looking pretty toasty. The same goes for kitchens, attics, and other places where a fire can start easily. 

In addition, did you know that there are actually four different types of fire extinguishers? Specifically, Class A, B, C, and D. 

  • Class A: Puts out fires fueled by average combustible materials, such as wood.
  • Class B: Used on flammable liquids such as oil or grease.
  • Class C: Only good for electrical fires.
  • Class D: Made for use on flammable metals.

It’s imperative to keep this information in mind when you’re choosing the right fire extinguisher for your home or rooms.

Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

The holiday season has us all using candles more. Either for heat or just the holiday spirit! But unattended candles can have devastating consequences. It’s smart to just keep these lit for a few hours at a time, where you can see them, and away from anything flammable. Or for a safer alternative, use flameless candles! From a distance or within a candle holder, these artificial candles offer a realistic appearance without the worry of a safety hazard.  

Keep Your Tree Safe

Both real and fake trees can find themselves in flammable situations. We all know how flammable wood is, especially when the tree begins to dry out. But on the other hand, artificial trees aren’t 100 percent safe either. Unless the tree is made out of flame-retardant material, electrical failures and lighting issues can cause a fire. This is why it’s also smart to keep your tree lights shut off regularly and when no one is home. If you opt for a fake tree, look for a “fire resistant” label on its packaging.

Watering your Christmas tree regularly can also prevent fire hazards. Not only will it extend the life of your tree and, with luck, reduce pine needle fallout, but it can also keep your tree from drying out and becoming even more flammable. While a dry tree will immediately catch on fire, a well-hydrated tree will not ignite as easily. This will either successfully prevent a house fire or give you enough time to alert your local fire department.

Get the Right Security Company on Your Side

Fire isn’t the only concern this holiday season. There are also a few grinches out and about, looking for homes to hit on the holidays. But with the right security system in place, you can keep your home and family safe this winter season! 

Luckily, Custom Security Systems is here to help. Our smart systems can tie together your alarm system, fire system, doorbell, locks, and more! Contact us today and let’s begin putting together your security system.

Follow These Holiday Safety Tips and Stay Safe This Winter!

Staying safe during the holidays is everyone’s priority. Take a look at our blog for more holiday safety tips like this, or give us a call at 225.927.5535. We’re more than happy to have a conversation with you about your family’s safety.