Business Access Control: Go Beyond the Card Swipe

Business Access Control: Go Beyond the Card Swipe

Your business is home to confidential information and valuable inventory. Add greater security measures to your company with business access control systems from Custom Security Systems! These security platforms can be essential to ensuring that your network and physical building remain safe from breaches. With features like authenticated access, locking schedules, and more, you can help to keep your employees, documents, and vital assets safe from the wrong hands. Learn more about secure accessibility solutions and how your business can benefit from blended access control and security systems.

Set Your Own Locking & Unlocking Schedule

You don’t want your company left vulnerable to unauthorized individuals. This is where authenticated gate and door access and regular locking schedules can help! With business access control systems, you can easily set schedules to lock and unlock your doors. Authorize administrators, IT staff, and security management within your digital portal to monitor daily activity, grant access, or edit your daily locking schedule.

This automated feature eliminates the need for employee keys. Your workers can enter the building with a simple access code or swipe of a card. And since these codes are controlled from within your business access control system, you can delete codes in the case of an employee leaving the company or being dismissed. This provides an added layer of security to keep your business safer. Reception areas can also be set up for approved entry or easy unlocking through the smartphone application. And, you can also access your locks and security system remotely through our application. Arm your system and lock your doors easily whether you are onsite or remote.

Cut Down on Unauthorized Entries

Many businesses, such as hospitals and authorized buildings, have doors that automatically lock once they close. This is a great measure for added security. But, there are still ways that this feature can be overridden. The door may be left cracked or propped open, or multiple people may enter at once regardless of whether they are authorized. Business access control systems can help to cut down on this piggybacking! With our automated systems, you can be alerted when a door is left ajar or held open for longer periods. This system can also keep note of when a wrong code has been entered or an unauthorized attempt has been made to enter your building. 

Business access control systems pair well with security systems. Together, these systems can help to protect your business, employees, and inventory while also cutting down on unwanted visitors or foot traffic. With computer-based management, you can track data such as employee hours on- or offsite. If you are interested in finding the right security features for your business, contact the professionals at Custom Security Systems today!

Find Your Perfect Business Access Control System Today

Custom Security Systems can help your business reduce security risks with customized access control systems. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our comprehensive services, from card readers to managed access systems and monitored gate entry. Make an appointment with us online or call us at 225-927-5535. We look forward to discussing our many security solutions to help your business stay secure and function optimally!