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With these helpful facts about doorbell camera installation baton rouge, you can be alert to all deliveries and more!

3 FAQs About Doorbell Camera Installation

One of the most effective ways to upgrade your security is through doorbell camera installation for your Baton Rouge home. With ever-increasing technological advancements, doorbell cameras have become an essential part of home security systems. In this in-depth guide from Custom Security Systems, we will explore the top FAQs about doorbell camera installation, providing you with valuable insights to ensure a seamless and secure setup process.

1. Why Invest in Doorbell Cameras? 

A doorbell camera is a smart device that combines a traditional doorbell with a high-definition camera. It allows you to see and communicate with visitors at your front door through your smartphone or a connected device. With motion detection and real-time alerts, you can keep a close eye on your property, even when you’re away. Doorbell cameras also act as a deterrent to potential intruders, providing you with a sense of control over your home’s security.

But is this technology worth the investment? Here are compelling reasons to consider doorbell camera installation for your Baton Rouge home:

  • Enhanced Security: Doorbell cameras act as a frontline defense for your home. They allow you to see who’s at your door, even if you’re not home. This helps to deter package theft using package detection, identify suspicious individuals, and keep unwanted visitors at bay.
  • Convenience: With remote access through your smartphone, you can answer the door and interact with guests without being physically present. You can manage visitors efficiently at work, on vacation, or simply in another room.
  • Evidence Collection: In the unfortunate event of a break-in or other incidents, the recorded footage from your doorbell camera can serve as crucial evidence for law enforcement and insurance claims.

Homeowners who invest in doorbell camera installation services in Baton Rouge often report they wish they had started the process sooner!

2. How Do You Choose the Right Doorbell Camera? 

Selecting the right doorbell camera ensures seamless functionality and enhanced security. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Video Quality: Look for a doorbell camera with high-definition video resolution, ensuring clear and crisp images of visitors and potential intruders.
  • Field of View: A broad view is essential for comprehensive coverage. Choose a camera that captures a wide area around your front door.
  • Night Vision: Opt for a doorbell camera with infrared or night vision capabilities to maintain visibility even in low-light conditions.
  • Two-Way Audio: Two-way audio functionality allows you to communicate directly with visitors or delivery personnel through your smartphone.
  • Integration with Smart Home Systems: Ensure the doorbell camera is compatible with your existing smart home setup, enabling seamless integration with other devices.

Of course, the specific features of your dream doorbell camera will vary depending on your unique needs. However, these are significant factors to consider before scheduling doorbell camera installation services in Baton Rouge. Fortunately, Custom Security Systems offers doorbell cameras that feature the latest technology in home security. 

3. Why Should I Opt for Professional Doorbell Camera Installation in Baton Rouge Instead of Doing It Myself? 

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect doorbell camera for your needs, the next step is installation. Here’s a comparison between professional and DIY installation:

  • Professional Installation: Opting for professional doorbell camera installation in Baton Rouge can ensure a seamless and reliable setup. Experienced technicians from Custom Security Systems will handle the entire process, including wiring, mounting, and connecting the camera to your home network. This approach guarantees proper placement and optimal functionality. Or, we can install a wireless doorbell camera for effortless installation where there was not a previous doorbell. Plus, if anything needs to be corrected, a team member is only a call away to check it out!
  • DIY Installation: DIY installation may seem appealing to some homeowners, but it comes with certain challenges. Properly mounting and wiring the camera requires technical expertise. And, any mistakes could compromise your security setup. Additionally, the system’s warranty or ongoing technical support may not cover DIY installations, and you could find yourself in a situation where phone or on-site services may not be available if and when you need them.

Generally speaking, professional installation ensures a seamless and accurate setup, maximizing the camera’s performance and reliability. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to handle any challenges that may arise during installation, saving you time and effort.

For those seeking a hassle-free installation, get in touch with Custom Security Systems today for dependable, expert service!

4. Are There Privacy and Security Concerns?

While doorbell cameras are designed to enhance security, it’s crucial to address privacy and security concerns. To safeguard your home security, make sure to implement the following measures:

  • Secure Wi-Fi Network: Ensure your home Wi-Fi network is password-protected and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Password Management: Set strong and unique passwords for your doorbell camera app and connected devices.
  • Privacy Zones: Use privacy zone features to block certain areas from being captured by the camera to protect your family’s privacy.

These precautions can keep unwanted users from accessing your devices. Our doorbell cameras are designed to integrate with various smart home systems, including existing security setups. This allows you to create a comprehensive and interconnected security ecosystem.

Secure Your Baton Rouge Home With Doorbell Cameras 

Don’t wait any longer to enhance your home security with a state-of-the-art doorbell camera. Contact Custom Security Systems today for a professional installation that will bring you peace of mind and reliable protection. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in making the right choice for your Baton Rouge home security needs. 

Secure your home with Custom Security Systems and enjoy the comfort of a safer living environment. Contact us today by calling 225-927-5535 or messaging us online. Custom Security Systems is dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions tailored to your needs. Safeguard your home and loved ones with our advanced doorbell camera systems in Baton Rouge.

4 Benefits of Having a Doorbell Camera in Baton Rouge

 4 Benefits of Having a Doorbell Camera in Baton Rouge

Your doorbell can do more than alert you to friendly visitors. Why not choose a smart doorbell complete with a camera to monitor front door activity? Learn how installing a doorbell camera at your Baton Rouge home can benefit your safety, budget, and security. Then, schedule an appointment with the home security experts from Custom Security Systems for an installation!

1. Capture Video of Break-Ins, Robberies, or Vandalism

A doorbell camera is one of the first lines of defense for your Baton Rouge home. According to Value Safe, around 44% of Americans have had packages stolen at some point in their lives, especially off their doorstep. Video surveillance of suspicious visitors, roaming animals, or front door robberies is valuable evidence to send to your local authorities. These cameras, especially when paired with other connected home features, can greatly increase your home’s safety. And in addition to recording video, the presence of these cameras can also deter intruders from approaching your property.

2. Protect Those Waiting at Home

Are you leaving children or your spouse at home while you’re gone? Having a doorbell camera that you can monitor from a smart device allows you to keep them safe even while you’re not at home. Easily check who rings your doorbell, whether they are a caregiver, food delivery driver, or unexpected guest. And with two-way audio capabilities, you can also communicate with the person waiting outside. These features can give both you and your family peace of mind until you are back at home.

3. See Who Visits Your Home When You’re Away

From running kids to and from extracurriculars to taking care of errands and hobbies, you may spend a significant amount of time away from home. Whether you are out for an afternoon, gone on vacation, or away on a work trip, stay connected to your home with Custom Security Systems. With a doorbell camera and other purposefully placed surveillance around your Baton Rouge home, you can keep an eye on who visits your property—even uninvited guests. If you are expecting a delivery, you can be notified as soon as your package arrives. Or, take note of anyone looking through your front windows while you’re out. Let your doorbell camera act as a second set of eyes!

4. Add Value to Your Property

Your landscaping, exterior finishes, and location all add value to your home. But did you know that installing video monitoring can increase your property value, too? Not only will this make your home more attractive to prospective buyers, but you may also save some money on your monthly insurance payments. Having a home security system complete with a doorbell camera and alarm system may result in discounted Baton Rouge homeowners insurance. This can range from 2% to 15% off your premium. If you are looking to sell your home or are interested in reducing your monthly costs, consider increasing your property value with a doorbell camera and security system!

Schedule an Installation for a Doorbell Camera in Baton Rouge Today!

Answer your door, monitor your home, and stay notified with a convenient doorbell camera from Custom Security Systems! If you are interested in speaking with an installation technician, give us a call today at 225-927-5535. We’d love to tell you more about our home security technology, from fire alarms to smart home controls. Stay connected to your home with doorbell cameras, and trust that our 24/7 Baton Rouge monitoring system is looking out for you, as well.

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Why Upgrade To A Doorbell Camera?

With everyone slowly going back to the office and getting out of the house more, many worry about their home’s safety while they’re gone. But with the proper tools in place, there’s no need to worry! Whether you have an already well-guarded home or are new to home security, a doorbell camera can only add to your home’s security. But, how does a doorbell camera compare to other security options available? Find out with the pros at Custom Security Systems!

Feel Secure, Even When You’re Not Home

You might be asking, “How can a doorbell help me feel safe?” With a doorbell camera, you can safely see who is at the door from your current location, whether you’re inside the home or not. If there is ever an unwanted guest at your door, the doorbell camera is a good visual heads up.

In addition, a doorbell camera can be a great way to protect your assets. These days, we see packages and mail being stolen right off front porches. A Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera comes with a built-in motion sensor as well, so you can see if anyone comes up to your door any time of the day. Protect your assets with the right doorbell camera from Custom Security Systems. 

What Can A Doorbell Camera Do For You?

Smart technology has been making our homes easier and easier to manage, including our security. And while doorbell cameras are one of the newer features on the market, many people now swear by these products, protecting their assets and giving them peace of mind. 

At Custom Security, our doorbell camera does more so you can be as safe as possible.

  • Notifications when the doorbell rings. What if you’re not home, or you’re somewhere that you can’t hear the ring of your doorbell? With a doorbell camera, now you can know when someone is at your door.
  • Talk to visitors. With a doorbell camera, you can easily talk to visitors at your door. Even when you’re home you can tell the mailman to put the package on the porch swing. Or, you’ll be able to tell your visiting friends you’re on your way to the door. Either way, you can talk to your visitors and they’ll never know if you’re home or not.
  • Set the lights to turn on when someone presses the doorbell. With this feature, you can get a good view of whoever is on your doorstep. If someone unexpectedly shows up, you can find out who it is more easily and feel safe through and through. On the other hand, if a potential thief is at the door and the lights turn on, it can deter them.
  • Unlock your door. Not home in time to greet the sitter? Thanks to the doorbell camera, you can use the app and a smart door lock to open the door from anywhere. 

Utilize The Power Of Your Phone

As with most smart home appliances, you can now use them from anywhere with your own mobile phone. With our app, you can check your camera from anywhere, at any time. Not only that, but you can also review video clips and snap photos of visitors. This is especially handy in moments of need. What if your photo is what helps the police catch your package thief? Discover more about our app—and how it can revolutionize your home—with Custom Security!

Get Your Own Doorbell Camera with Custom Security Systems

Equip yourself with the security you need from a company you can trust: Custom Security Systems. We’ve been protecting south Louisiana for over 43 years, 24-hours a day. Discover more about why our customers love Custom and see how we can help you. 

If you have any questions about our doorbell cameras or other security tools, give us a call at 225.927.5535. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have.