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Take Security on the Go With Connected Car

Innovations in home security have drastically improved the way we live our lives. From enhanced home protection and monitoring systems to the rise of smart homes and a greener lifestyle, technology has evolved to deliver greater security and convenience than ever before. And now you can experience these benefits inside and outside of your home! With Connected Car, you can stay updated on important information about your car in real time, wherever you may be. It’s designed to keep you and your loved ones safer out on the road, and it offers several added benefits as well. Learn more about the advantages of Connected Car with Custom Security, and see how this revolutionary technology could make your life even better.

Keeping Connected

Unfortunately, car theft is a crime that can happen to anyone. In 2019, vehicle theft or attempted theft accounted for approximately $6.4 billion in damages and property loss in the U.S. However, with Connected Car, you could keep your vehicle from becoming another statistic. Connected Car can alert you to potential theft attempts so you won’t be caught by surprise. It also features location tracking technology. This feature can help you stay aware of where your car is even if the theft attempt is successful. 

Connected Car links seamlessly with your Alarm.com-powered security system and mobile app. This allows you to receive updates regardless of whether your car is on or not. In addition, you can also receive alerts if your car is being towed or even if it sustains damage. So, if you never want to be caught by surprise when it comes to your car, Connected Car provides you with the information you need when you need it most.

Know What’s Happening When Someone Else Is Behind the Wheel

When you trust someone with your car, you naturally expect them to treat it as if you were riding right beside them. But of course, the reality is that this is not always the case. Sometimes teenagers who have just received their license may not fully understand the responsibility that comes with being behind the wheel. This can include speeding and reckless driving where the owner of the vehicle is none the wiser until there’s an accident.

But, one of the great features of Connected Car is that you can see what’s going on with your vehicle as it happens. Know when and where your excessive speeding occurs. Get alerts for hard braking and acceleration. With Connected Car’s real-time monitoring, you won’t have to wonder if your vehicle is being used responsibly. 

Additionally, there’s nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected. Connected Car can be a great choice for adults who want to ensure older loved ones are safe while driving. If their driving becomes erratic or they get into an accident, you can be alerted immediately to the situation. And, you can add that family member’s car to your own plan, even if they don’t own a security system. So you can rest a little easier knowing your family enjoys enhanced security basically whenever they travel, wherever they travel.

Experience the Benefits of Connected Car

When you want to keep your vehicle and your loved ones safer, Connected Car has the features you need. And it also brings other advantages as well, including immediate vehicle diagnostic alerts. Knowing when there’s an issue with your engine, when it’s time to refuel, and when your battery is low can help you save on towing and repairs.
So, when you’re ready to experience the great features of Connected Car for yourself, get in touch with Custom Security. Call 225-927-5535 or schedule an appointment online. Revolutionize your drive and get the safety and security you deserve with Connected Car.