Find tips to stay safe from an alarm business in Central Louisiana.

Tips For Living Alone From Your Local Alarm Business

As your local alarm business, we know about staying safe. And even in this modern day and age, we can’t stress enough the importance of safety when you live alone. But by taking the right steps, you can live alone safely and securely. Discover more with Custom Security Systems and find out how you can stay safe as you live alone in the Baton Rouge area. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Living alone is possible in Baton Rouge, but it just means you have to be careful. As your trusted local alarm business, we’re happy to help. First things first—meet your neighbors. As a community, it’s important to get to know your neighbors and to watch out for each other. The next thing is to be aware of your surroundings. Before leaving the house or coming home, take a quick glance outside. And lastly, make sure to use your system and the locks. Get into the habit of arming your security system when you’re away and lock your doors even if you’re only going for a walk around the neighborhood. After all, anything could happen while you’re away.

With Custom Security, You’re Never Alone

It’s important to not make it obvious that you live alone. These few simple steps can help deter those who mean to do you harm.

  • Park on one side of the driveway. By not parking in the middle, you make it look as if you’re expecting another car to pull in.
  • Use only your last name on a mailbox. If you just use your first name or even your full name, and it’s more obvious that you’re living on your own.
  • Avoid posting about it on social media. You should always limit what you put on social media, and avoid commenting that you live alone. This could put you at risk.

Night Safety

It’s pretty easy to feel unsafe during the night in Baton Rouge. We’re here to offer you a few tips and tricks to help you feel safer at night.

  • Leave your keys on the nightstand. Do you hear a bump in the night that makes you worried that somebody is there? Grabbing your keys and making your car alarm go off might be just enough to scare off any impeding Intruders.
  • Have a keyfob for your security system. Make sure that your keys also have a key fob that connects to your security system. That way you have a panic button in case of an emergency.
  • Utilize motion sensor lights. These technological wonders aren’t just for helping you when you don’t have your flashlight in hand. Motion sensor lights also help scare off any possible intruders. Also, it might just be enough to make them think that somebody is home, even when you aren’t.
  • Have a support system. Living alone also poses potential dangers outside the home. For example, something may happen to you outside of the home, and nobody would know because you live alone. One great way to combat this is by having a support system that you can text or call when you get home so that someone knows that you are safe. 

Want More Tips From Our Alarm Company?

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