Moving tips from a smart home company serving Prairieville.

Moving Tips From Our Smart Home Company

Moving can be overwhelming, but proper security measures can make your moving process a bit safer. Custom Security Systems is your trusted smart home company. And we are here to provide tips to make the moving process safer for all.

Checking Your Doors

Let’s begin with the threshold of the home. First and foremost, when you move to a new home, you have to change the locks. So, why not change them out with smart locks? With smart locks, you never have to worry about the hassle or expense of changing them. And, it can save you from worrying about who might have a key. You simply delete a code so you always know who has access to your home. 

Continuing, make sure to check all doors and windows in your home. You want to be sure that they all have working locks and to make note of any necessary repairs or smart home upgrades. This is all for your safety.

Looking Out For the Family

If you have young children or pets, you want to be sure that your home is safe for them as well. One way to proof your home is to put covers on any electrical sockets. Additionally, make sure there are latches on any lower cabinet doors to prevent kids and pets from accessing chemicals, medicines, and other dangerous substances. While this may not seem like an issue on a cabinet that’s only filled with plastic bowls, this will protect your child from entering any cabinet filled with chemicals. Or, if any of your curtains or blinds have looped cords, hide or get rid of them. You’d be surprised how many young children can seriously hurt themselves with these.

Having a gate sensor is also a great way to keep your home safe and secure. If a gate is left open, your pet or child could escape. If you have a swimming pool that you keep gated, a gate sensor would notify you when the gate is accessed or left opened. 

Speaking of gates, make sure that any gates and railings both inside and outside the home are secure and that climbers cannot get stuck in them. This is not only to protect your property but also to protect your loved one’s safety.

The final step to safety is to make sure your new system is working and turned on at the new house when moving. But we recommend keeping the security on at your old house as well. This way, the contents of both homes are protected during the move. We believe in this so much that we’re happy to throw in an expense-free month to make sure you stay safe and secure during your move. Are you ready to stay safer with Custom Security?

Your Trusted Smart Home Company

Our team is ready to help you feel safer in your new home. Discuss your options with the smart home company professionals at Custom Security Systems. Give us a call at 225.927.5535.