Business owner checking his business security system on his smart device

The Evolution of Business Security Systems in Baton Rouge

A business security system is no longer just for after-hours surveillance. It is a crucial component of a comprehensive business management strategy. Today’s cutting-edge systems offer much more than past security technology. Now, these systems provide a full suite of interconnected tools designed to protect, inform, and enhance modern businesses’ profitability.

How has security for businesses evolved from standalone solutions into the sophisticated, integrated systems that companies rely on today? If you’re a Baton Rouge business owner, learn what business security features from Custom Security Systems could make all the difference for your livelihood, productivity, and peace of mind.

Smart Cameras Automation

Then: Static Surveillance

Old business security camera systems involved stationary units for video capture. Playback capabilities meant manually sifting through hours of footage, which was both time-consuming and impractical.

Now: Informed by AI

Today, business security cameras are intelligent surveillance hubs. They come equipped with features such as:

  • Heat mapping
  • AI recognition
  • And event-based tagging for easy searching

These systems no longer just record footage but also analyze, deter, and alert for enhanced safety and efficiency, especially when paired with a business alarm system. And with the convenience of mobile device access, you can view your live video feed from anywhere.

Multi-Location Security

Then: A System Per Site

In the past, securing multiple business locations meant dealing with individual security systems, often with manual access code updates and on-site management.

Now: Streamlined Surveillance

Multi-location security systems are controlled through a unified dashboard accessible by a single app. With the ability to provide permissions for employees and a consolidated view across all sites, managing security on a regional or nationwide scale has never been more straightforward.

Integrated Heating and Cooling Systems

Then: Locked Thermostats

Old thermostats presented the challenge of adjusting temperature settings remotely or during off hours.

Now: Smart Energy Management

Thermostat controls allow remote access and integration with broader business security system features. Set temperatures during off hours, saving energy, and can even halt the HVAC in case of a fire alarm, contributing to both safety and sustainability efforts.

Remote Access Control

Then: Manual Staffing

Traditional systems required dedicated personnel, computers, costly licensing fees, and replacement of physical access credentials.

Now: Digital Domains

Today’s access control is mobile-centric, allowing for smartphone-based permissions, instant toggling of credentials, and detailed access logs at your fingertips. It makes entry and monitoring more manageable and increases security with less risk of unauthorized access.

Lighting Management

Then: Manual Settings

Lighting schedules were created using physical timers or simple on/off switches, leading to inconsistencies, energy waste, and often, human error.

Now: Easy Programming

Business security systems seamlessly incorporate modern lighting technology. Lighting systems are dynamic and secure, able to sync with security settings and offset patterns to deter potential threats. They are highly customizable and can be controlled remotely for added convenience and security.

Construction Site Security

Then: Unmonitored Assets

In the past, construction sites were largely under-protected, leading to vandalism and theft of materials.

Now: Proactive Monitoring

Temporary or remote cameras offer additional preventive measures, notifying appropriate personnel of site intrusions in real time. Business security systems can even be rented for short-term projects, ensuring your valuable materials are always under watchful eyes.

Environmental Monitoring

Then: Reactive Response

Environmental hazards like power outages or water leaks were reactive discoveries, often found too late to prevent significant damage.

Now: Preemptive Alerts

Systems now offer app-driven alerts for power outages and environmental controls, allowing owners to take action before a situation escalates. Businesses can now remotely control their environmental systems, ensuring safety and continued operations.

Advanced Security Functions

Then: Basic Protection

Traditional alarms and security systems for businesses could deter but not prevent problems, leaving company owners with less security and more questions.

Now: Comprehensive Defense

Current security systems for businesses are app-controlled, offering a range of features from unique rules and user alerts to remote arming and disarming. They seamlessly integrate with other security elements, providing an advanced layer of protection and actionable data for informed decision-making.

Choose a Business Security System in Baton Rouge You Can Rely On

Modern-day security system technology gives companies a more proactive approach to security. Choose an integrated business security system designed to prevent threats and enhance your overall business in Baton Rouge. With solutions from Custom Security Systems, we tailor our technology to your company’s specific needs. Give us a call at 225-927-5535 today or make an appointment online to begin building your perfect system.