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The Evolution of Business Security Systems in Baton Rouge

A business security system is no longer just for after-hours surveillance. It is a crucial component of a comprehensive business management strategy. Today’s cutting-edge systems offer much more than past security technology. Now, these systems provide a full suite of interconnected tools designed to protect, inform, and enhance modern businesses’ profitability.

How has security for businesses evolved from standalone solutions into the sophisticated, integrated systems that companies rely on today? If you’re a Baton Rouge business owner, learn what business security features from Custom Security Systems could make all the difference for your livelihood, productivity, and peace of mind.

Smart Cameras Automation

Then: Static Surveillance

Old business security camera systems involved stationary units for video capture. Playback capabilities meant manually sifting through hours of footage, which was both time-consuming and impractical.

Now: Informed by AI

Today, business security cameras are intelligent surveillance hubs. They come equipped with features such as:

  • Heat mapping
  • AI recognition
  • And event-based tagging for easy searching

These systems no longer just record footage but also analyze, deter, and alert for enhanced safety and efficiency, especially when paired with a business alarm system. And with the convenience of mobile device access, you can view your live video feed from anywhere.

Multi-Location Security

Then: A System Per Site

In the past, securing multiple business locations meant dealing with individual security systems, often with manual access code updates and on-site management.

Now: Streamlined Surveillance

Multi-location security systems are controlled through a unified dashboard accessible by a single app. With the ability to provide permissions for employees and a consolidated view across all sites, managing security on a regional or nationwide scale has never been more straightforward.

Integrated Heating and Cooling Systems

Then: Locked Thermostats

Old thermostats presented the challenge of adjusting temperature settings remotely or during off hours.

Now: Smart Energy Management

Thermostat controls allow remote access and integration with broader business security system features. Set temperatures during off hours, saving energy, and can even halt the HVAC in case of a fire alarm, contributing to both safety and sustainability efforts.

Remote Access Control

Then: Manual Staffing

Traditional systems required dedicated personnel, computers, costly licensing fees, and replacement of physical access credentials.

Now: Digital Domains

Today’s access control is mobile-centric, allowing for smartphone-based permissions, instant toggling of credentials, and detailed access logs at your fingertips. It makes entry and monitoring more manageable and increases security with less risk of unauthorized access.

Lighting Management

Then: Manual Settings

Lighting schedules were created using physical timers or simple on/off switches, leading to inconsistencies, energy waste, and often, human error.

Now: Easy Programming

Business security systems seamlessly incorporate modern lighting technology. Lighting systems are dynamic and secure, able to sync with security settings and offset patterns to deter potential threats. They are highly customizable and can be controlled remotely for added convenience and security.

Construction Site Security

Then: Unmonitored Assets

In the past, construction sites were largely under-protected, leading to vandalism and theft of materials.

Now: Proactive Monitoring

Temporary or remote cameras offer additional preventive measures, notifying appropriate personnel of site intrusions in real time. Business security systems can even be rented for short-term projects, ensuring your valuable materials are always under watchful eyes.

Environmental Monitoring

Then: Reactive Response

Environmental hazards like power outages or water leaks were reactive discoveries, often found too late to prevent significant damage.

Now: Preemptive Alerts

Systems now offer app-driven alerts for power outages and environmental controls, allowing owners to take action before a situation escalates. Businesses can now remotely control their environmental systems, ensuring safety and continued operations.

Advanced Security Functions

Then: Basic Protection

Traditional alarms and security systems for businesses could deter but not prevent problems, leaving company owners with less security and more questions.

Now: Comprehensive Defense

Current security systems for businesses are app-controlled, offering a range of features from unique rules and user alerts to remote arming and disarming. They seamlessly integrate with other security elements, providing an advanced layer of protection and actionable data for informed decision-making.

Choose a Business Security System in Baton Rouge You Can Rely On

Modern-day security system technology gives companies a more proactive approach to security. Choose an integrated business security system designed to prevent threats and enhance your overall business in Baton Rouge. With solutions from Custom Security Systems, we tailor our technology to your company’s specific needs. Give us a call at 225-927-5535 today or make an appointment online to begin building your perfect system.

A phone showing smart thermostat controls for business energy management

How a Smart Alarm System Can Help Reduce Energy Costs for Businesses

In today’s competitive market, small businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency. One area often overlooked is business energy management. With technology from, Custom Security Systems offers a powerful solution to help manage your business’s energy use more effectively, potentially saving you money while maintaining a secure environment from a convenient app.

Understanding the Cost

Energy expenses can eat into your profits. With fluctuating prices and an increasing push for sustainability, keeping energy costs low is a priority for many businesses. 

But there is good news. Technology is on your side. Smart alarm systems combine security with efficient business energy management, tackling two major business concerns in one solution.

A Comprehensive Solution

Custom Security Systems offers state-of-the-art technology designed to provide businesses with comprehensive security coverage and advanced energy management features. 

This isn’t just about securing your premises against unauthorized access. It’s about creating an intelligent environment that’s as efficient as it is secure.

Key Features and Benefits of Business Energy Management

  • Remote Temperature Control: Have you left the office but forgot to adjust the thermostat? No problem. With a smart alarm system, you can control the temperature from anywhere, making sure you’re not wasting energy when the office is empty.
  • Lighting Schedules: With advanced commercial security systems, safety doesn’t mean leaving lights on all night. Set schedules based on business hours to light up your premises only when needed, which can help businesses reduce energy usage. 
  • Door Left Open Rule: Our thermostat’s intelligent system can auto-adjust the temperature if a door is left open, helping you save energy and maintain comfort.
  • Heating & Cooling Reports: Stay informed with monthly reports that include a graph of your HVAC runtime, system statistics, and a system report card.
  • Multi-location Management: If your business operates across several locations, managing each site’s energy usage can be challenging. With business energy management technology, you can easily view and control settings for all your locations in one convenient app.

How It Works: Business Energy Management

By integrating your business’s security system with business energy management technology, you gain immediate access to tools and insights that can lead to significant savings. Receive notifications if the thermostat is adjusted unexpectedly or if lights are left on after hours. With actionable data on the busiest hours of operation and real-time access to control settings, optimizing your energy usage becomes simple.

Making Smarter Decisions

Efficient energy management isn’t just about saving on your next bill. It’s about making smarter decisions for your business. From improving staffing efficiency to enhancing the customer experience, understanding your energy use can lead to meaningful improvements across your business. 

Plus, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability shows your customers and employees that you’re invested in a future that benefits everyone.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

At Custom Security Systems, we’re dedicated to helping businesses like yours achieve greater efficiency and security through our state-of-the-art solutions. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re ready to see how our smart alarm systems can benefit your operations.

Contact us today at 225-927-5535 or make an appointment online to learn more about our business energy management solutions. Our team is here to help you take control of your business’s future.

Take the next step towards a more secure and efficient business with Custom Security Systems. Your business’s potential is within reach.

Add video surveillance to your commercial alarms in Baton Rouge.

4 Ways Adding Video Surveillance to Commercial Alarms Protects Your Business

As a business owner, security should always be a top priority. If you have installed commercial alarms in your Baton Rouge company, consider taking your security measures to the next level by adding video surveillance. This addition can provide a wide range of benefits that can help to enhance security, convenience, and peace of mind for business owners. Learn why incorporating video surveillance from Custom Security Systems is a wise investment for your company.

1. Enhance Security With Commercial-Grade Cameras

Commercial-grade cameras provide high-quality footage that can help business owners detect and prevent security threats. Now, with the latest technological advancements, these cameras offer features such as custom video motion detection settings and video alerts. If your alarm system is triggered, the cameras automatically record the activity and send alerts to your mobile application. By monitoring the footage, you can quickly identify and respond to security threats.

2. Convenient Monitoring With Mobile Apps

Gone are the days when business owners had to be physically present at their establishments to monitor security footage. With the help of mobile apps, you can watch high-definition footage 24/7 from your smartphone or tablet. Set a customized stream of specific areas within your company, or even monitor multiple business locations within one surveillance dashboard. This feature offers flexibility and convenience, allowing business owners to check in on their establishment anywhere in the world.

3. Prevent False Alarms With Video Analytics

Commercial alarms provide peace of mind for Baton Rouge business owners, their employees, and customers alike. However, one of the most significant drawbacks of traditional alarm systems is that they can be triggered by false alarms, such as weather or shadows. With intuitive video surveillance and analytics, your security cameras can detect when cars or people approach your business. And, their smart detection capabilities prevent false alarms caused by rain, sleet, and shadows. This feature also allows business owners to customize alerts based on specific events, such as when a person enters a restricted area or when a delivery is made after business hours.

4. Business Activity Analytics

Another valuable feature of video surveillance is Business Activity Analytics. This feature can heat map high-traffic areas in your property, provide a queue monitor in business or clinic lobbies, and monitor places where crowds gather. This data can help business owners optimize operations and make informed decisions. For example, by monitoring the areas where customers spend the most time, business owners can be notified when longer than average wait times for customers occur in their business and adjust the placement of products or signage to increase sales.

For Video Surveillance & Commercial Alarms in Baton Rouge, Choose Custom Security Systems

Adding video surveillance to your commercial alarm in Baton Rouge is a smart investment for any business owner who wants to enhance their security measures. With commercial-grade cameras, convenient mobile app monitoring, video analytics, and business activity analytics, company owners can rest easy knowing that their establishment is secure. Contact Custom Security Systems today to learn more about how we can help you protect your business. Make an appointment online or call us at 225-927-5535 for a free quote. Let us answer your questions and help customize your company’s security solutions!