Add video surveillance to your commercial alarms in Baton Rouge.

4 Ways Adding Video Surveillance to Commercial Alarms Protects Your Business

As a business owner, security should always be a top priority. If you have installed commercial alarms in your Baton Rouge company, consider taking your security measures to the next level by adding video surveillance. This addition can provide a wide range of benefits that can help to enhance security, convenience, and peace of mind for business owners. Learn why incorporating video surveillance from Custom Security Systems is a wise investment for your company.

1. Enhance Security With Commercial-Grade Cameras

Commercial-grade cameras provide high-quality footage that can help business owners detect and prevent security threats. Now, with the latest technological advancements, these cameras offer features such as custom video motion detection settings and video alerts. If your alarm system is triggered, the cameras automatically record the activity and send alerts to your mobile application. By monitoring the footage, you can quickly identify and respond to security threats.

2. Convenient Monitoring With Mobile Apps

Gone are the days when business owners had to be physically present at their establishments to monitor security footage. With the help of mobile apps, you can watch high-definition footage 24/7 from your smartphone or tablet. Set a customized stream of specific areas within your company, or even monitor multiple business locations within one surveillance dashboard. This feature offers flexibility and convenience, allowing business owners to check in on their establishment anywhere in the world.

3. Prevent False Alarms With Video Analytics

Commercial alarms provide peace of mind for Baton Rouge business owners, their employees, and customers alike. However, one of the most significant drawbacks of traditional alarm systems is that they can be triggered by false alarms, such as weather or shadows. With intuitive video surveillance and analytics, your security cameras can detect when cars or people approach your business. And, their smart detection capabilities prevent false alarms caused by rain, sleet, and shadows. This feature also allows business owners to customize alerts based on specific events, such as when a person enters a restricted area or when a delivery is made after business hours.

4. Business Activity Analytics

Another valuable feature of video surveillance is Business Activity Analytics. This feature can heat map high-traffic areas in your property, provide a queue monitor in business or clinic lobbies, and monitor places where crowds gather. This data can help business owners optimize operations and make informed decisions. For example, by monitoring the areas where customers spend the most time, business owners can be notified when longer than average wait times for customers occur in their business and adjust the placement of products or signage to increase sales.

For Video Surveillance & Commercial Alarms in Baton Rouge, Choose Custom Security Systems

Adding video surveillance to your commercial alarm in Baton Rouge is a smart investment for any business owner who wants to enhance their security measures. With commercial-grade cameras, convenient mobile app monitoring, video analytics, and business activity analytics, company owners can rest easy knowing that their establishment is secure. Contact Custom Security Systems today to learn more about how we can help you protect your business. Make an appointment online or call us at 225-927-5535 for a free quote. Let us answer your questions and help customize your company’s security solutions!